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Valencia Grand Prix Betting 2009

Betting for the Valencia Formula One Grand Prix

2009 Formula One Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe

The eleventh instalment of the 2009 Formula One season is set to take place late this August in Valencia with the Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe.

The Valencia course hosts a unique layout with Sector One and Two of the track being composed of fairly lengthy straightaways and a few sharper turns (including the T18, T19 and T22 markers). Sector Three begins with the whiplash T24 corner and a few other demanding manoeuvres that take the competition through to the end of each lap. The circuit’s speed trap is set up near the end of Sector Two, working to slow down drivers before they move into the end of each lap.

The Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe is made up of fifty-seven laps, each circuit being 5.419 kilometres in length to make for a total race distance of 308.883 kilometres. Last year’s 2008 season saw the best time for the Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe being achieved by F. Massa with a record of 1:38.708.

Racers arrive in Valencia for the weekend of August 21st to 23rd. Friday the 21st sees two rounds of practice (Practice One from 10.00-11.30am and Practice Two from 2.00-3.30pm) with another trial set on Saturday the 22nd at 11.00am to noon before qualifying begins at 2.00pm. The Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe begins at 2.00pm on Sunday August 23rd.