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Italian Grand Prix Betting 2009

Betting for the Italian Formula One Grand Prix

Formula One Gran Premio Santander D’Italia 2009

With the thirteenth leg of the 2009 Formula One season bringing this year’s events nearer to a close, racers and fans alike are sure to be enthusiastic to see the results of the upcoming F1 Gran Premio Santander D’Italia 2009 in Monza, Italy.

The track is made up of extremely long straightaways that have historically resulted in fast speeds and the necessity of strategic pit stops and manoeuvring. Exceptions to the straightforward driving are found in a few tricky turns such as Sector Three’s Variante Ascari and Sector One’s Variante del Rettifilio, the latter being laid out immediately after the race’s speed trap. Each of the 53 laps are 5.793 kilometres in length for a total distance of 306.720 kilometres.

R. Barrichello holds the current record for best time with 1:21.046, an achievement established during the 2004 season when he was still driving with Ferrari as Schumacher’s teammate.

Racers arrive in Monza to compete in the Gran Premio Santander D’Italia for the weekend of September 11th to 13th. Friday the 11th hosts two rounds of practice (Practice One from 10.00-11.30am and Practice Two from 2.00-3.30pm) with one more trial run taking place from 11.00am to noon on Saturday before qualifications kick off at 2.00pm. The race itself begins at 2.00pm on Sunday the 13th.