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60 Minutes to Attack the World of Online Poker

CBS’ influential weekly news show, 60 Minutes is reportedly turning to the world of online poker for a new expose. The issues being examined in the one hour program are not ones that should concern law-abiding internet poker players however as the news team’s investigation is set to look into those services which fail to properly monitor age verification and credit card information.

The primary focus of the episode will be in breaking down the basics of exactly how
online poker functions, a process not unknown to those players who frequent virtual tables.’s Nat Arem has expressed concern that the report may sway popular opinion toward a negative view of online poker by way of having their first introduction into the phenomenon brought by way of a sensationalist broadcast. Two past reports by the CBS team have looked at the industry before to slightly negative effect but this third attempt is rumored to be more specific in its approach of the subject.

At this point it is mostly the PR managers of
online poker corporations that are concerned with the fallout the 60 Minutes piece may have so this news should not worry the casual enthusiast. Only time and broadcast will tell exactly how severe a blow the show may have on the industry.