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PartyPoker Launch VIP Oktoberfest Promotion

Germany, the home of Oktoberfest, is always a great vacation destination for autumn holidays. Nobody knows this better than the folks at PartyPoker, the hugely popular online poker company now announcing its plans to send lucky members of its site to the festivities this October.

PartyPoker’s VIP Oktoberfest promotion is set to begin soon and will award VIP vacation packages to this year’s Oktoberfest. The promo will take the form of leaderboard races and a freeroll tournament that gives PartyPoker players a chance to test their skills against competitors in order to win a great vacation. A total of 16 Oktoberfest packages are available to the top seven finishers in two sets of leaderboards and will use the number of accumulated PartyPoints in order to determine rankings. These winners will receive two nights of accommodations at Munich, Germany’s Le Meridien hotel (for themselves and a guest), dinner and poker at the Olympic Tower, VIP access to the Hippodrom Oktoberfest event, $600 in cash and much, much more.

The first VIP Oktoberfest promotion leaderboard race kicked off last Friday (12th August) and is set to run until Sunday, 21st August. The second leaderboard race begins on 22nd August and will last for ten days. Those that play well but don’t quite reach the top spots are still eligible for a shot at grabbing an iPad2, iPod Touch or entry to a freeroll (that awards even more Oktoberfest packages) scheduled for 4th September.

Party Poker Removes Rake Charges from Multi-Table Tournaments

Party Poker, one of the sites hit hardest by the Black Friday legal indictments, is bouncing back and proving itself to its fans through an unprecedented business move — the removal of all rake charges from its multi-table tournaments. Members of the popular online poker platform will now be able to compete in the same games they’ve come to love with the added potential for extra cash rewards.

The decision to forgo the rake fee traditionally charged at all multi-table tournaments is a substantial one and will see Party Poker players competing for larger sums during the period that the special deal is on offer. Party Poker has detailed how the rake fee removal will work, explaining that the money usually collected by the hosting company will now go directly into prize pools, bulking up winnings across a wide number of small and large scale games. As a result of the move, events like the Summer Million and qualifiers for tournaments such as the GSOP Manchester will have their structuring reconfigured to accommodate the change.

Considering the bad press and legal difficulties that have resulted in the wake of the Black Friday indictments, Party Poker’s move seems like a smart one, sure to help drum up new business and win back wary fans. While the company has yet to outline exactly how long it plans to offer the rake fee removal, a Party Poker spokesperson released a statement that the site “ . . . will continue this outstanding value promotion for as long as we can.”

PartyPoker Launches First Available 2011 World Series of Poker Qualifiers

PartyPoker, one of the industry’s most successful online poker networks, has just announced its launch of a series of qualifiers for the much-anticipated 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP). The first chance for main event entry for the poker season’s biggest tournament series is open now and offers an unprecedented chance for access to the Las Vegas games.

The 2011 WSOP is looked forward to throughout the entire year by poker fans, both amateur and professional and PartyPoker, one of the series’ top sponsors, is doing its best to send new talent to the event. PartyPoker’s qualifiers will award a number of players with a fantastic prize package. Winners will receive entry to the 2011 WSOP main event, a $10,000 buy-in, $2,000 in spending money and accommodation throughout eight nights in Las Vegas, the home of this year’s tournament. The qualifiers will take the form of daily freerolls, weekly $750 satellites for first depositors and other free-to-play games that allow talented players to compete in Vegas without spending a penny.

PartyPoker has always helped its members achieve their dream of playing in the big leagues by offering substantial World Series of Poker rewards. Site members can begin trying their hand at winning a 2011 WSOP seat now through to the end of the offers on 19th June, 2011.

Party Poker Greets Winter Early with September’s “The Snowball” Promotion

Most of us are trying to keep winter out of our minds as we enjoy the last days of summer but not Party Poker. The company’s upcoming promotion, The Snowball, anticipates the arrival of colder weather as it kicks off early September, demonstrating that there may be more reason to look forward to the end of the summer than we think.

Online poker players will enjoy the chance to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout participant prizes ($5,000) and freeroll tournaments ($100,000) both up for grabs during September at Party Poker. Players are able to win 15 prizes and the entry terms set for The Snowball couldn’t be easier to satisfy. Party Poker members need only play at real money tables from 1st to 30th September to gain points that allow them to move up through levels. The greater a player’s level, the larger the amount of prizes they are eligible for. Points accumulate from level to level, allowing poker fans to snowball their chance at exceptional cash prizes.

Party Poker will be hosting The Snowball throughout the entire month of September with finals ($5,000-$50,000 freerolls) taking place at 2.30PM EST from 4th October through until 8th October. The promotion was designed for players of all skill levels and points can be earned by playing at any real money table, regardless of entry stakes.

PartyPoker Launch PokerNews Cup Australia Satellites

Never far behind the latest and greatest events in the gambling world, PartyPoker has now announced the availability of satellite games aimed at sending players to the 2009 PokerNews Cup Australia. Skilled players need to set up an account and enter the $380 or $535 buy-in games in time to take part in the exciting satellites.

PartyPoker is set to challenge competitors with a number of events aimed at getting the best members of the site on their way to global recognition (and maybe a tidy cash sum) via the upcoming PokerNews Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

One of two prize packages are available to winners in the satellite games — the $5,000 or $3,500 Package. The $5,000 Package provides the winner with entry to the Main Event, accommodation at the Crown Promenade Hotel and $1,500 in traveling money. The winner of the $3,500 Package will receive Main Event entry and accommodations at the Crown Promenade as well. Alongside these satellites, PartyPoker has also set up a $6,000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freeroll scheduled for 30
th August.

The 2009 PokerNews Cup Australia is orchestrated by the well known gaming portal/news service, PokerNews and is set to take place from 27
th September to 5th October 2009.  Events at the Cup (including a packed schedule of celebrity games, No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournaments and more) will be held at the famous Crown Casino Melbourne in Australia.

Party Poker Advertisement Banned

Party Poker Advertisement Banned

Yet another online gambling advertisement has been removed from broadcasting schedules as the ASA targeted Party Poker’s newest campaign spot. After an evaluation by the regulatory ASA committee the magazine ad was declared as misleading and was thus decided as worthy of banning from future use.

The massively popular
UK poker site recently launched an advertisement campaign in promotion of its $2 million prize pool game. After the filing of a single public complaint, ASA investigators examined the ad’s questionable content, a phrase reading “Players win more at Party Poker” and a small piece of text stating the reference of “Poker Players Research Ltd. Opinion Poll, May 08, Sample size 10,000”. The ASA released a statement regarding their final verdict that explained the rationale behind the removal of Party Poker’s spot, citing the possibility that many readers would misinterpret the advertisement as concrete proof that Party Poker has the largest number of winners amongst competing sites while this ‘fact‘ is unsubstantiated.

The ASA is notoriously critical of even remotely questionable advertisement campaigns from the online gambling industry, hoping to combat addiction through rigorous screening and censoring programs. While many of the removed ads’ offensiveness may be fairly debatable the motive behind the work is often in the interest of gamers themselves, a fact made clear by the censure of Party Poker’s aforementioned ad.

PartyPoker Kicks-Off Second Annual Women’s World Open

The second annual PartyPoker Women’s World Open is set to start this Friday, October 3rd in London and run until the following Monday (October 6th). Thirty-six poker competitors from across the world have traveled to England for the chance to take first place and a prestigious bracelet by taking down each game scheduled for this weekend.

PartyPoker has assembled a decent enough $108,000 prize pool which the players will be competing for a share of. Buy-ins are set at $3,000 and the first place winner of the entire tournament series will be rewarded with an impressive $50,000 sum. Among the contestants gearing up for play this weekend is last year’s champion, Bev Pace. She is the wife of another professional poker player (and comedian), Norman Pace and hopes to repeat her success yet again by sweeping the event. Pace managed to take down Jen Mason at the final game to retrieve the $50K prize while simultaneously establishing herself as a formidable presence in the poker world.

Although it may still only be a small event in light of the larger mixed-sex tournaments which take place during the rest of the year, PartyPoker should be commended for their work toward bringing greater visibility to those female poker professionals who are still greatly ignored in comparison to their male counterparts. The company announced that last year’s Women’s World Open received fantastic international television ratings and that the 2008 installment should prove no different.

Online Poker Player Beats Professionals

Poker Royal FlushAndreas Jorbeck took down Europe’s top poker professionals in his first ever live game, the hosted Late Night Poker 2008 tournament. Jorbeck, 36 hails from Stockholm and has been playing smaller-scale online poker for around four years, never imagining that it would take him to this level of prestige.

The final round featured players from the World Poker Tour including top champions, Roland de Wolfe, Andy Black, Ian Frazer, Eddy Scharf and Surinder Sunar among others. The event was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK and saw Jorbeck beat out de Wolfe after playing as an underdog for most of the rounds and winning an impressive $125, 000 by virtue of his win.

The Stockholm resident pressed his advantage in the finals by taking on a more aggressive approach to the play which enabled him to emerge at the top of the round, leaving the former champion de Wolfe as runner-up and 2008 Premier League Winner Black in third place.

Jorbeck is being touted as an example of the quality of online poker players as he managed to win against seasoned live-game professionals. is understandably enthusiastic about Jorbeck’s display and his show of skill in a tournament that had him barely pegged as a contender.