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Bodog Casino Lobbies Receive an Overhaul

Fans of Bodog’s unique brand of online casino play have been delighted to find an overhaul to their site of choice’s gaming lobbies. The massive gaming company surprised its players and industry observers alike by debuting a number of fresh new ideas that look to increase convenience, making for a more enjoyable time at the various slots and tables hosted at the site.

The recently unveiled Bodog Casino lobby facelift has affected the European, Canadian and United Kingdom iterations of the site, providing great new changes for players across a wide variety of regions. These redesigned lobbies allow members to make use of simpler navigation features, game previewing (in order to show what’s occurring in ongoing games a player may wish to join) and a revamped search bar feature. Outside of game lobbies, Bodog is also bringing live dealers to its Asian sites and is currently hard at work in setting up studios, hiring hosts and designing software that will bring this new feature to its casinos in the near future.

Bodog Casino’s renovated game lobbies are sure to be appreciated by both newcomers and long-time fans of the site, ready to see some changes come to the familiar software. There’s been even better news for those hoping for further improvements to Bodog as well; the company has announced that the lobby redesign is only the first step in what spokespeople have called “a multi-tiered revamp of the entire online casino experience [that will] become the industry standard.”

Bodog Receives Gaming Licenses After Gambling Commission Proposals

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has recently put forth proposals that could change the shape of online gambling in the nation. With the future looking somewhat uncertain fans of Bodog can, at least, take heart in the latest news to come from the massive internet poker, casino and sports betting network.

Bodog has announced that, despite the Gambling Commission’s proposal, it has received licensing that will allow it to continue providing its members with both remote and local play. This move ensures that Bodog will be able to offer its services to players even if UK authorities should receive the go-ahead to shake up the industry in the future. These licenses were given to Bodog just in the nick of time. Shortly before John Penrose, the UK Minister for Tourism and Heritage, proposed bills that would require all online gaming companies to operate with domestic licensing, Bodog was able to grab their accreditation. As part of a larger strategy meant to ensure stability in the face of a changing online gambling landscape, Bodog has also told press that it will be concentrating on making a push toward using its local license to its fullest, launching “ . . . an assault on the brick-and-mortar [businesses].”

Even though British players may not be able to rest easy just yet, the news of Bodog’s ability to continue its business does demonstrate a hopeful sign for the industry’s health. Hopefully more of the United Kingdom’s top gambling platforms will receive similar licensing in the near future.

Bodog Casino Plans Baccarat Tournament

One of the most popular online casinos in the industry, Bodog Casino, has decided to launch a massive baccarat tournament. The decision to embrace the often marginalized game is part of the service’s effort to bring baccarat back to its glory days as one of the most popular casino games.

Bodog Casino will soon be launching their
baccarat contest, an event that is planned to constitute an entire month of incentive packed gaming. The contest will reward over $3,000 in cash prizes throughout its four week duration and hopefully encourage many new baccarat fans. Bodog Casino will host a leaderboard which tracks the most active baccarat players from each seven days. The top five spaces of each week receive $100 and the end of the month will reward $1,000 to the highest placing players. This ranking system encourages frequent play no matter your skill level and is an intelligent method of getting new fans on board with a game that held so many fans before the ascendency of online poker.

The game is quick to learn but difficult to master, making it an ideal choice for Bodog Casino’s latest offering. Whether you’re a complete novice or an old hand at baccarat, Bodog Casino’s promotion of the game provides a great place to dive into the beloved pastime while competing toward one of the financial rewards.

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Bodog Casino Rewards Lucky Slots Player $200,000 Prize

Howard G., a fifty-five year old Houston, Texas resident had a fantastic surprise when logging on to play ‘Victory’ slots at Bodog Casino recently. To his complete surprise the machine spun out the right combination to reward Howard a massive jackpot within seconds and drastically bulk up his wallet.

Victory slots came up as four ‘captains’ and a ‘ship’ after the reels stopped spinning which put Howard into a state of disbelief. Bodog’s slots reward the ship icon on this machine as a wildcard which automatically paid out the $5 per line bet ten thousand credits. Although $50,000 probably would have been enough to make the Texan’s day he was also lucky enough to win on a free spin which turned his ship into four-times its worth and then paid out the $200,000 total prize. It’s a fairly impressive payout considering that the Victory slots at hand weren’t even one of the ‘hotter’ progressive jackpots and that it was complete fortune which provided the enormous sum.

Bodog Casino is well known for being one of the best online venues available and for Howard G. their reputation certainly proved itself true. Several other devotees of the service have had enough luck to cash in on progressive jackpots and set payouts in recent months with Howard being only the most recent to strike it rich.

Bodog Send Lucky Pai-Gow Poker Players to Vegas

As a part of Bodog Casino’s promotion of the Pai-Gow poker style those logging on to play the relatively popular game were automatically entered into a draw toward a trip for two to any hotel in the gambling capital of America in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Georgia resident, Vince O. ultimately won the prize and brought a lucky friend, Matt along to the
Wynn Las Vegas for two nights of high-living. Bodog set the two up in style which allowed for swanky accommodations as they enjoyed the town. Vince, a Bodog Casino, Poker and sportsbook player was quick to seek out a baseball game which he had previously placed odds on as his first bet of the trip. Vince spoke to Bodog reporters with warm appreciation for the excellent prize package he randomly won. The Pai-Gow player is a devoted fan of the brand’s gaming network and told the press that he had also previously won a trip to a Palms area Bodog poker party where he met professionals, Daniel Negreanu and Mike Ditka.

As many
online casinos have begun to introduce wide varieties of ‘alternative’ poker styles Bodog’s decision to offer a prize package for Pai-Gow players was designed in order to attract greater attention to the game. With the inclusion of great playing incentives this is already proving to be a great movie for users and the company itself.