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Full Tilt Poker Sale Given Approval by US Department of Justice

This year has been full of difficulties for online poker network, Full Tilt Poker but, for now at least, a silver lining has appeared on the company’s horizon. The good news comes in the form of the US Department of Justice approving the business’ sale, a move that may allow it to repay members and start the poker website anew.

Full Tilt Poker is set to sell its site to Groupe Bernard Tapie, a French company specializing in business recovery. The two organizations have penned an exclusive agreement that would allow Full Tilt to pay its customers the outstanding funds owed to them following the onset of the site’s legal problems. The US Department of Justice has now signed off on the deal, allowing Full Tilt Poker and Groupe Bernard Tapie to begin moving forward with the hard work of getting the gaming site back on its feet. Though the Department of Justice approval is an important first step, Full Tilt’s shareholders still have to approve of the move in order to finalize this action. Full Tilt Poker’s Chief Executive Officer, Ray Bitar released a statement to shareholders explaining how, with their agreement, “Groupe Bernard Tapie may now proceed to finalize an agreement to acquire the companies or assets that comprise”

After enduring seemingly endless trouble following the Black Friday legal indictments, receiving the go-ahead to sell Full Tilt Poker to Groupe Bernard Tapie is one of the first positive news items regarding the site in some time.

Full Tilt Poker Faces More Trouble with Lost Investors

Full Tilt Poker has had a rough couple of months, struggling to maintain its business after the world of online gaming was rocked by the Black Friday legal indictments. The situation doesn’t look to be improving for the poker company as it now faces further troubles related to securing investors.

Full Tilt Poker’s Secondary Client Provider Authorization license was recently renewed, giving industry observers hope for the business — something that was furthered after the company was able to repay a $410,000 debt. Even with these promising signs the future of Full Tilt Poker still depends greatly on its ability to obtain investment from backers, however, and this week saw a potential deal fall through. After lengthy negotiations Full Tilt Poker must now begin to scramble for new financiers, leaving its many customers uncertain of whether or not their site of choice will ever return to normal business. In a statement issued from Full Tilt’s spokespeople the poker platform apologized for “its lack of communication with its customers over the last month and a half”, citing “unexpected and complex legal and financial issues” that have kept it from repaying its site members’ debts and properly informing them of its current status.

Despite being wracked with seemingly endless difficulties, Full Tilt Poker may be able to reclaim its place as a leading poker company after its legal future is decided at its 15th September hearing with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. If the hearing goes well, securing investors should prove much easier than it currently is.

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Full Tilt Poker Reveal New Details on Legal Troubles

The legal indictments that first rocked the online poker world this April continue to have an impact on players, especially American ones. Full Tilt Poker, one of the websites most highly effected by the crackdown, is now, finally, revealing details of how it plans to recover from its setbacks.

Full Tilt Poker immediately responded to legal troubles in April by signing a deal that would allow it to give back any existing bankroll balances to its American players. Despite this agreement with U.S. authorities Full Tilt players still have not been able to access their accounts and withdraw their money. The online poker company, in response to numerous complaints regarding this problem, has revealed new details on how it plans to rectify the situation. Full Tilt Poker released a statement that apologized for its lack of communication in recent months, declaring that its many shortcomings are the result of being “ . . . too optimistic in estimating how long it would take to sort through the issues we have faced since ‘Black Friday’.” The poker company says that it has been working constantly at finding the right method for refunding the money owed to its players even though it doesn’t have a definite timeline for when this will be finished.

In the same statement, Full Tilt Poker described its efforts to raise the money necessary for paying its American members and told press that it has been forced to keep silent regarding this work because of “legal constraints”.

Full Tilt Poker Announces Online World Series of Poker Tie-In Promo

Online poker network, Full Tilt Poker, is planning to give players a great way to get into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) spirit through a special promotion. The Fantasy WSOP, beginning this week alongside the real WSOP’s 31st May kickoff, gives site members the opportunity to compete online and, potentially, take home some fantastic prizes.

Full Tilt fans are now able to try their skills against other members for their chance to win big at the Fantasy WSOP. The promotion is organized so that competitors are able to create their very own team of 15 players for inclusion in a fantasy group. Full Tilt Poker has built up a registry of more than 450 poker professionals to pick from, allowing participants to select a dream team that will either win or lose based on the actual results of the World Series of Poker’s 58 events.

Full Tilt Poker has planned a number of great rewards for those that are able to make accurate predictions in their Fantasy WSOP competition. Prizes include custom clothing and other poker gear emblazoned with the Full Tilt brand and will be rewarded to the top finisher in each of the massive tournament’s events. With the 2011 World Series of Poker looming on the horizon there are sure to be plenty of Full Tilt players that are excited to take advantage of any promotion related to the games.

Full Tilt Poker Puts a New Spin on Sit-and-Go with Matrix Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker has just announced a surprising new addition to its line-up of upcoming events by unveiling the Matrix Tournaments. Promoted as a new take on classic sit-and-go games, the Matrix Tournaments are meant to give serious poker players a more personal version of the beloved play style.

The Matrix Tournaments are, at their core, sit-and-go tournaments. The primary innovation of the games, however, is that Matrix will see players dividing their attention across four simultaneous tables while in competition with eight, recurring opponents. The tournaments offer an interesting, “grudge match” take on the usual sit-and-go formula, making competitors continuously battle against one another until only one, lone entrant is left standing. The final three positions at the table will receive standard sit-and-go pay-outs and bonuses based on performance from a Matrix jackpot set at $90. Aside from the cash on hand, Full Tilt will also award a single “Survival Point” for each of the opponents they’re able to outlast and “Knockout Points” for competitors they’re able to eliminate from play. The player that is able to collect the highest number of points, triumphing over all four tables, will be dubbed the “Dominatrix” and receive prize money from the entire Matrix pool and individual table earnings.

Full Tilt Poker’s decision to create a brand new style of tournament play will definitely please poker fans with a taste for experimentation. The Matrix Tournament promises a fresh spin on a proven style of play and should give site members a great new venue for plying their skills against others.

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Full Tilt Poker Adds Draw Poker Games with Software Update

Online poker fans have another reason to sign up at Full Tilt Poker now that the popular website has added even more modes of play to its software. The platform’s most recent update has improved more than just functionality and aesthetics at Full Tilt — it has also added new real-money play options that bring the draw poker format to website fans.

Full Tilt’s new freeplay draw poker options gives site members a great new set of ways to play at their favourite network. 2-7 Triple Draw (both fixed limit and no limit) has been developed for Full Tilt Poker along with Five Card Draw (in pot, fixed and no limit options), fixed-limit A5 Triple Draw, fixed limit 2-7 Single Draw and fixed limit Badugi styles. Each of these new play formats will feature the same high level of quality that Full Tilt Poker has become known for and some of the styles will be included in upcoming mixed game series and tournaments. Draw fans can look forward to seeing 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw and Badugi in new seven game mixes and traditionalists can avoid playing draw by sticking to Full Tilt’s original mixed options.

This software update brings a major set of new formats to Full Tilt Poker, providing a great reason for players to try their hand at the varied skill set that draw requires.

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Full Tilt Poker Cracks Down on Users with Automated Bot Programs

Massively popular online poker network, Full Tilt Poker, is launching a comprehensive crackdown on users that make use of automated bots at site tables. The move looks to keep Full Tilt users safe from cheating and ensure that all members can enjoy wagered online poker games without worrying about unfair play practices.

Full Tilt sent a mass email message to a large number of its registered players recently. Attached was an announcement that website users found running bot programs in the past and future would have (and had) their accounts permanently closed. Bots are software programs that are capable of handling automated tasks without user input. The kind of bots that sometimes show up on online poker servers are capable of running complex algorithms at fast speeds — an application that allows some users to cheat other players out of their stakes. Full Tilt Poker (and many other online poker sites) maintain anti-bot rules that puts their users in violation of website guidelines.

Full Tilt Poker also refunded funds to players that were able to prove that they had been victimized by cheating. Those that had lost money against bots had their accounts credited and any player that had witnessed unfair play were urged to contact Full Tilt’s security team. Although it’s difficult for major online poker platforms to completely safeguard their members from cheaters, Full Tilt Poker has made a positive step with their recent actions.

Full Tilt Poker Signs Tennis Player, James Blake, as Newest Brand Ambassador

Full Tilt Poker has found its newest brand ambassador in American tennis professional, James Blake. As the online poker company’s latest Friend of Full Tilt signing, Blake will act as sponsor to the site and help drive up business through participation in appearances, wearing branded apparel and more.

Yonkers, New York’s Blake has enjoyed a successful career in tennis that has seen him lead the US Davis Cup since 2001, only two years after his start as a professional athlete in 1999. During this time, Blake has maintained a record that shows 20 wins and only nine losses. He’s perhaps best known for his part in the US’s landmark competition against Russia in 2007 wherein he helped in taking the tournament four games to one by winning both of his matches. Only 32 years old, Blake has struggled to maintain his career as a tennis pro since a viral infection affected him with blurred vision and partial paralysis. Despite his ailments, he most recently appeared at this year’s US Open and made it to the third round of play.

Aside from tennis, Blake has also founded the Thomas Blake Senior Memorial Cancer Research Fund in memory of his father. He hopes to raise one million dollars for the Fund through merchandising efforts and his new position as a Friend of Full Tilt Poker will contribute.

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Full Tilt Poker Adds The Black Card Program for Dedicated Poker Players

High stakes Full Tilt Poker players are in for a real treat as the popular online gaming platform has now introduced a new range of VIP features aimed at amply rewarding points collectors with cash bonuses and more. The recently launched program is designed with the site’s higher end fan base in mind and should work as a draw for those poker players with the bankroll and skill to support more expensive tables.

Full Tilt Poker’s new feature, The Black Card, has just gone live and gives serious competitors a number of great reasons to play their very best at every game. The Black Card is aimed at a distinct demographic — those that wager higher amounts frequently — and allows these competitors to enjoy special privileges through a private store that exchanges points for cash, luxury items and branded merchandise. Full Tilt Poker requires The Black Card participants to maintain a minimum 500 points average throughout a hundred day rolling period. In order to stay enrolled in the program site members must ensure that their points balance stays at the given average and can easily monitor this through a new personal page and The Black Card status widget now found in the Full Tilt lobby.

The majority of major online poker networks seek to appeal to all types of players and Full Tilt’s decision to provide incentive for high rollers is a great step toward making their platform an attractive choice for serious competitors.

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Full Tilt Poker Announce Schedule and Details for FTOPS XVII

One of the poker world’s favourite annual events, theFull Tilt Poker’s Online Poker Series (FTOPS), has been confirmed for 2010 by organizer and sponsor Full Tilt Poker. FTOPS XVII will return this August with a massive guaranteed prize pool, a packed event schedule and plenty of action for competitors and spectators alike to enjoy.
Since August 2006 the Full Tilt Poker’s Online Poker Series has given poker professionals and fans an annual series worth anticipating. This year’s FTOPS XVII continues the trend by offering up a guaranteed $19 million in prizes over a total of 34 events. Leading up to the climatic ($640 buy-in, $3 million minimum guaranteed prize pool) Main Event itself, FTOPS XVII will feature tournaments that include Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo games, No-Limit Hold ‘Em Six Maximum Turbo and HORSE events and a two-day series that will run alongside the Main Event knockout competitions.
Amateur players looking for a chance to enter the series can begin competing in satellite tournaments at Full Tilt Poker’s now. Lucky members will be able to secure a seat while others can still vie for cash prizes and more. The website will also be hosting special freerolls and other tournaments that conincide with August’s FTOPS celebrations. FTOPS XVII kicks off on 4th August, 2010 with a $216 buy-in, $750,000 No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournament.
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Full Tilt Poker’s, Annette Obrestad Makes Controversial Comments

Annette Obrestad, one of Full Tilt Poker’s most recognizable names, recently commented on the poker world in a manner that is sure to bait controversy. Speaking out on female poker players and internet poker in general, Obrestad has put herself into the spotlight by criticizing aspects of the game through an ESPN interview.

Obrestad, only 21 years old, hails from Norway and has made a name for herself by becoming one of the youngest female players to reach such a massive level of success in the poker world.

Currently standing as the career leader in live winnings throughout Norway, Obrestad is perhaps most famous for winning a tournament without looking at her hole cards at just 18 years old but, due to her ESPN comments, the Norwegian pro may become better known for her outspoken remarks.

Obrestad covered a few topics in the poker world, criticizing live poker players (including Doyle Brunson) and stating that “… girls suck at poker” because they “…just aren’t as competitive and don’t try to learn from their mistakes.”

No public response has yet been given from either Doyle Brunson or any of the many female poker professionals that are sure to take umbrage with Obrestad’s opinion. Annette Obrestad, an enormously talented player, has still yet to clarify her remarks.

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Full Tilt Finishes FIVE Celebrations with $1.5M Guarantee

As the fifth anniversary celebrations going on at Full Tilt Poker began to wrap up members were given one last chance to help commemorate their favourite site with a massive game. The $1.5 Million Guarantee assisted in winding down the FIVE party by awarding an enormous prize to skilled players who were able to take on fierce competition in order to reach the top of the challenge.  

Some 3,315 player registered to take part in the
$1.5M Guarantee game, providing a tough road for all of those hoping to make a name for themselves as the champion of the event. Ultimately it was one Full Tilt Poker member with the username PAhrPK that took home the glory after a vicious fight for the top spot leading up to the end of the game. Although the heads-up finale occurred between two gifted players it was a relatively brief affair, PAhrPK holding K10 against second place winner blarkin’s A9 and winning with two pair against a board that ran K-3-4-10-9.

The final results saw PAhrPK leave the tables with $296,775.38 in winnings, dwarfing the second place finalist blarkin’s (still considerable) amount of $180,667.50. Third place was relatively close behind with Charles “HellaStacks” Lee netting $117,682.50. Although the rest of the placing contestants couldn’t rise above the $100K mark at the tournament Full Tilt Poker definitely aided in providing a memorable and exciting conclusion to the blowout of the FIVE anniversary celebrations for every challenger entered in the $1.5 Million Guarantee.

Full Tilt Poker Become Poker Million Sponsors

Full Tilt Poker Become Poker Million Sponsors

An unexpected turn of events has seen one of online poker’s most high profile events, the
Poker Million, switch sponsorship and fall under the wing of internet gaming network, Full Tilt Poker. The company will now be in charge of promoting and backing the prestigious television tournament when it kicks off this summer.

Poker Million was formerly sponsored by UK gaming giants, Ladbrokes but is now moving forward into 2009 with a brand new face. Matchroom Sport’s TV poker tournament entered into partnership with Full Tilt Poker as part of a multi-year contract that should ensure some stability with the event for the foreseeable future. As proof of a well-functioning relationship, the two companies have already released details regarding the launch of the 2009 Poker Million, a tournament slated to take place on July 15th at London’s Sky Sports Studios.  

British poker players are apparently delighted to host American professionals in England this summer. Most notably, Roland de Wolfe has compared the Full Tilt/Poker Million union to his “. . . best mate marrying his sister . . .” and gone on record to make boasts about “knocking out” his professional pals from across the pond (specifically, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson and edog) before showing them around his hometown.

Full Tilt Pros Make Waves at 2009 WSOP

Full Tilt Pros Make Waves at 2009 WSOP

Of all the high-profile
poker teams in attendance at the event perhaps the most impact at this year’s World Series of Poker has been felt through the combined efforts of the Full Tilt Poker professionals. Known for attracting some of the best players in the game, Full Tilt Poker Pros have already managed to pick up six bracelets at just over the halfway point of the 2009 WSOP.

Russian member, Vitaly Lunkin came first in Event #2, marking Full Tilt’s team at the first open event of the series just as Phil Ivey went on to capture his sixth WSOP bracelet and further represent the Full Tilt Poker Pros at the prestigious poker event. Full Tilt also made waves with three days that saw three different team professionals winning bracelets across a trio of tournaments. Greg Mueller and Roland de Wolfe have also helped to contribute winnings to the Full Tilt scoreboard, capturing their first WSOP bracelets at the Triple Crown and $10K World Championship Limit Hold ‘Em respectively.

Full Tilt Poker Pros have definitely proven themselves as the sponsored team to keep an eye on for the remainder of the 2009 World Series of Poker. Considering that there are still roughly fifteen games to be decided in the annual poker event Full Tilt Poker professionals should still be able to make a bit more news by taking even more victories for their sponsors.   

Full Tilt’s FTOPS XIII comes to a Close

Full Tilt’s FTOPS XIII comes to a Close

After several weeks of intense competition the 2009 edition of Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS has come to a close, unveiling bright new stars in the poker world and marking a record for the site’s venerable tournament series. Immense traffic and enormous cash prizes combined to make for a spectacular finale, all of which lead to the promise of an even larger showing for next summer’s edition.

With over 5,300 entrants to the
FTOPS XIII Main Event the tournament quickly became the largest season of the series to date. The $500+$35 buy-in Main Event ended up hosting a $2,653,000 prize pool, a massive jackpot that lead to fierce competition. “Poligraph” emerged triumphant over the event, earning $453,663 for his troubles.

Close behind was “Inoriisss” with a $315,707 finish and Kameron “Kamdini” McRay with a still impressive $225,505 in winnings. The staggering prize pools were also present in the previously mentioned NL Hold ‘Em games as top competitors took home sums as high as $102,465 (in the Knockout) and $453,687 (in the 6-Max).

Big winners were also declared in the other lead-up events as well, making rich players out of almost every competitor that managed to make their mark on the proceedings. With each year making the Full Tilt Poker FTOPS into a bigger and bigger part of the summer gaming season, fans should be excited to see the fourteenth edition play out when it is announced next year.

Full Tilt Online Poker Series Wraps Up

Full Tilt Online Poker Series Wraps Up

After an exciting series of games the eleventh edition of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series has finished up for this year. The tournament came to a close with Sunday’s Main Event, a $500+35 No Limit Hold ’Em game that saw one skilled player walk away with a new title under his belt.

The big winner of the 2009 Full Tilt Online Poker Series is Adam “csimmsux” Geyer who managed to come out on top of the tournament’s tough opponents, triumphing and receiving the grand prize.

Geyer played against a body of 5,287 registered players, making it all the way to a climatic showdown against “KAISERfknSOZE”. The two entered the Main Event’s final hands with a substantial chip-lead over the third place competitor while their own amounts were more evenly matched.

Geyer finished the showdown with
$456,056.62 while KAISERfknSOZE took home $276,245.75. Third place at the Main Event went to “PartyPimp” who received $177,643.20, a considerable sum that still falls a long way short of the showdown pool.

The game finished after nearly thirteen hours of continuous play, proving that Geyer is a player who is able to hold his own in exhausting games of attrition. While Full Tilt had set a guaranteed prize pool of
$2,500,000 for the FTOPS, the massive number of registrants eclipsed the amount to a substantial $2,643,500 by the series’ kick-off. Adam “csimmsux” Geyer’s victory is his third overall win at a Full Tilt Online Poker Series event.

Full Tilt Poker Ramps up Late Night Poker and Poker Million Qualifiers

Full Tilt Poker Ramps up Late Night Poker and Poker Million Qualifiers

It’s only been a short time since Full Tilt Poker officially signed on as the new sponsors of the Poker Million and Late Night Poker but the successful poker site has evidently been hard at work setting up tie-in games for its members.

Full Tilt Poker is hosting a number of great, upcoming events to give their users brand new competition incentives in an already packed season of high-profile brick-and-mortar tournaments. Among the imminent events are the June 15
th Full Tilt Poker Late Night Poker satellite, a $300+$22 cash satellite on June 7th and the May 31st Full Tilt Poker Million satellite. Fans will also have a chance to compete in another Poker Million tournament with the $500+$35 satellite on August 2nd. Tough competition and the shot at plenty of UK exposure should mean plenty of excitement at the Full Tilt Poker rooms for this summer’s duration.

Not only will members of Full Tilt Poker reap the benefits of the site’s new sponsorship deals but viewers should be able to as well. The wider range of expected players (qualified via satellite) at both the Poker Million and Late Night Poker should yield some truly exciting competition and possibly even a few new bright stars making their name in the game throughout the months ahead.

Lawsuit Filed Against Full Tilt Poker by Clonie Gowen

Full Tilt Poker has been making news with allegations of foul play in their decision to retract aspects of an eight-year old contract between themselves and poker pro, Clonie Gowen. A lawsuit was filed against Tiltware, LLC, Full Tilt’s parent company which named many of the popular site’s biggest stars in its description.

The dispute is over a series of conversations which took place between Full Tilt Poker executives and Clonie Gowen via telephone and a Las Vegas meeting in 2004. After supposedly firm agreements to have Gowen join Team Full Tilt Poker as the newest pro sponsor the site rescinded the offer and removed promotional material involving the player from their web pages just last week. Now that her image has been removed from the popular poker client the pro player is apparently upset with the decision. Gowen claims to have “signed” an oral contract with Full Tilt Poker but fully acknowledges that no written material was ever produced.

If the lawsuit is successful, Full Tilt Poker will be one of the many recent poker sites to make news for scandal surrounding their business. Although Pokerstars came out of a similar situation unscathed after Natalie Teltscher attempted to sue the company, Full Tilt Poker will have to be careful to handle their time in the media spotlight appropriately.

Full Tilt Poker Sponsors Blind Poker Player

Premier online poker room, Full Tilt Poker has announced the sponsorship of a new player as part of their team of reputable professionals. Hal Lubarsky, a blind American was added to the roster last week and now joins the company of many other prestigious players from the Full Tilt family.

Lubarsky has been playing poker for over thirty years but has only recently begun to make news within the industry. At last years 2007 World Series of Poker, ESPN featured an interview with the American that helped to boost his notoriety, ultimately helping to secure the Full Tilt sponsorship deal. Lubarsky wrote on the site’s forums to express his gratitude regarding being signed by the company along with his excitement about his ability to play in upcoming tournaments. He also posted thanks to those Full Tilt players who discussed and followed his career after the life-changing ESPN interview, citing them as one of the biggest catalysts toward his new opportunities as a poker professional.

The player was a regular at brick and mortar casinos in Vegas before loosing his vision. Now, with the aid of readers, Lubarsky is able to play poker again and in a much higher profile manner. His inclusion in the team (which also features such stars as Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, David Benyamine and more) is set to get Hal Lubarsky into more games than ever.

Full Tilt Host High-Stakes Games to Attract Online Pros

Full Tilt Poker has always maintained a reputation for providing excellent, high-stakes options for their players and with a recent decision to increase their upper echelon games the company has apparently remained committed to this facet of their business. Premier poker sites which offer rich gambling opportunities are also known to attract gambling pros which may have provided incentive to Full Tilt as well.

Although legendary poker professionals such as, Phil Ivey, Brian Townsend and Cole South can already be found in the high-stakes Full Tilt games the company has remained committed toward continuing to attract celebrities and rich poker fans alike. The ‘nosebleed’ section of stake offerings are already starting to increase with the addition of tables such as the recent, $500/$1,000 No Limit and $200,000 buy-ins. These stand out as a substantial increase against the formerly highest fare provided in Full Tilt’s $200/$400 No Limit rounds.

The approach is working as Full Tilt has already reported the presence of Tom ‘durr’ Dwan and World Series of Poker bracelet holder, Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond at the new tables. Although many of us don’t have the bankroll to take part in the action it’s still exciting to have a chance to watch the big players sit down at their computers.

Yuval Bronshtein Makes Poker History at 2008 FTOPS

This year’s Full Tilt Online Poker Series saw twenty-four year old poker player, Yuval Bronshtein establish a new record for the game with an unheard of showing over two online games. The competitor made history through two, consecutive tournament wins which both took place in under twelve hours of play.

Bronshtein made his mark through events #14 and #15 of the Series, a $500 Buy-in HORSE and $200 Buy-in No-Limit Hold ‘Em Turbo tournament respectively. The young player totaled an impressive $172,387 from the two games, beating out over three thousand others in the HORSE tournament and more than six hundred competitors in the No-Limit Hold ‘Em Turbo event. Bronshtein, playing under the account name, “yuvee04”, was ecstatic for his winning money but reported that he is more pleased with the notable status of a historic title than anything else. He has made waves online in the past and hopes to capture some bracelets while holding onto his record in the future.

The player has also started to breach into the world of live poker where he hopes to continue his success, having already performed admirably in last years World Series of Poker 2007. This September, Bronshtein will be traveling to Amsterdam and Austria to compete in the 2008 World Series of Poker Europe.

Full Tilt Online Poker Series IX Kicks Off

Wednesday, August 6th saw the start of the ninth annual Full Tilt Online Poker Series with a $200 No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament hosted by Allen Cunningham and hosting an impressive, million dollar guaranteed prize pool. A packed line-up of mainstay and innovative events is set to combine with high-profile hosts to offer a true poker spectacle for those in need of something to follow before the 2008 WSOP finals.

Full Tilt’s tournament series offering has always held a lot of fan attention and this year should be no different as plenty of high-stakes action has been scheduled for participating players. Among the fare is a $240 Pot-Limit Omaha/9 Knockout tournament, a $500 HORSE event, $200 Stud, $300 Mixed Hold ‘Em play and a $200 HA (meaning half PL Texas Hold ‘Em, half PL Omaha) set of games. Aside from Cunningham, a wide array of notable, internationally renown hosts have also been scheduled to oversee the games including, Max Pescatori of Italy, Jen Vörtmann of Germany, David Oppenheim, Chris Ferguson and Greg Mueller.

Interested players should log on to Full Tilt and check out the full schedule listings for themselves. Even for those only interested in watching the games, the promise of poker celebrities as hosts and the kind of competition attracted by enormous prize pools should be enough to keep things exciting.

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