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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Approved as a CAP Portal

I am glad to say that Findabet has just been awarded the CAP Certified Affiliate Seal.

Casino Affiliate Programs Certification is assigned only to those affiliate marketing websites that meet the highest levels of quality. It is official confirmation that careful evaluation has been conducted to ensure excellence regarding:

* Independence from the gaming sites the program promotes
* Player support and assistance, including a required player request form or "contact us" email address
* Information for players that goes beyond advertising
* Total absence of any SPAM and/or Black Hat SEO techniques
* History and reputation
* Upholding of copyright standards

Wink Celebrates One Year Birthday with Special Promotion

The month of February marks the one year anniversary of Wink Bingo’s conception and rapid rise to the position of one of the world’s leading internet bingo halls. To celebrate their accomplishment over the last twelve months the company is sharing some of their success with their fans, offering up an incredibly low-entry game with a substantial and generous jackpot at stake.

Wink Bingo members will be able to take part in different promotional events being launched by the site during their full-month celebration. Aside from the previously reported, fantastic
Tiffany & Co. shopping spree, Wink, is also hosting a guaranteed £2,000 game with an unbelievably tiny, 1p entry fee. The game will be set up as a 90-Ball event with a maximum, 24p stake allowance. Winning one line awards players with £250 while two lines pay £750 and a full house carries a £1,000 prize. Although none are likely to hold as impressive a reward as the game above, Wink Bingo is also planning to line up several more one penny buy-ins at different times throughout the coming weeks.

The small stakes gaming options and large rewards make Wink Bingo a fantastic choice for online bingo fans planning to put in some playing time throughout February. Wink’s £2,000 guaranteed game will take place on February 28th at 9:30pm.

William Hill Succeeds in Enormous Fundraising Event

October of 2008 saw William Hill Bingo offering up a charity event that sought to raise money for breast cancer treatment. Now the New Year has lead to the company’s announcement of the total proceeds garnered by their fundraising promotion and the overwhelming success of their efforts.

William Hill Bingo has released information from their Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, detailing the £41,000 that donations from their three-month event yielded. The company gathered charitable proceeds through a Pink Ribbon Game series with simple donation guidelines. Any William Hill Bingo player that entered into one of the appropriately designated games was automatically assisting the company in their donations. William Hill provided ten percent of their Pink Ribbon Game proceeds to the charity along with a special £10 match for eligible new users. The final sum was officially donated to the Breast Cancer Care charity in January.

Market research has provided demographic details that show bingo as a game enjoyed by a largely female audience and William Hill Bingo was clever to take advantage of their user-base in order to support a deserving charity from an ideal platform. No word has been given yet as to whether William Hill Bingo players can expect to see a return of the charity late this year but the £41,000 donation made this month makes it seem quite likely.

Gala Coral British Poker Tour Cancelled

After persistent rumours regarding the fate of the 2009 Gala Coral British Poker Tour, company officials have notarized fans and professionals of the tournament series’ cancellation. The two year history of the GCBPT will now grind to a halt as the series has been taken off the roster for future poker events.

GCBPT Tour Manager,
Mark O’Donnell released a statement which sheds light on the decision to cancel the previously sold-out series. O’Donnell described the company’s plans to refocus their business toward different events and promotions, mainly for the online aspect of Gala’s offerings, rather than toward brick-and-mortar series. Although it is not explicitly stated in the release, many industry observers speculate that Gala Coral may be moving away from the typically expensive, tournament series of the past during difficult economic times. Gala has also made comment toward their business practice shift, describing how they now hope to provide exciting events for players of all skill and bankroll level, rather than aiming toward professionals only.

The popular series’ absence will leave a considerable gap in the usual set of poker offerings available for British gamblers during the year and is hoped to be filled by a different corporate sponsor. Interested parties are likely to arise, especially considering the lack of negative affect seen in high-stakes games, a fact supported by the
GUKPT’s success during these difficult financial times.

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Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Launched by PokerStars in Adelaide

This week sees the launch of the first leg of PokerStars’ latest event offering, the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT). The series kicks off in Adelaide, Australia on February 4th and ushers in a new geographical location for established and hopeful professional players alike to compete for recognition.

The ANZPT has its first stop in Adelaide, Australia from February 4th to the 7th and is set to continue on throughout five further locations from now through to the planned conclusion in July of this summer. Adelaide events are hosting a AUD $3,000 buy-in Main Event alongside several other, smaller buy-in No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournaments and some Omaha games. The series will take place at the Adelaide Sky Casino and is meant to serve as a testing ground for the potential of an interested, Australian and New Zealand market for large-scale gaming series.

PokerStars has seen success with the relatively recent Asian Pacific Poker Tour, a series that saw entries into Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. The finish of the 2009 Aussie Millions should guarantee the presence of many noted poker professionals eager to try their hand at the fresh tournament offerings while still within the region. Familiar names already rumoured for attendance include Australian pros, Grant Levy, Eric Assadourian and Emad Tahtouh.

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Wink Bingo Offers Up Tiffany & Co. Promotion

Wink Bingo devotees are in line for a great, high-end reward series in the next weeks as the noted Tiffany & Co. offer up a set of fabulous prizes. The famous diamond and jewellery shops have jumped onboard with Wink through a promotion that is set to culminate with the mid-month, Dinner with Tiffany, game.

Wink Bingo players will be able to vie for the
Tiffany & Co. sponsored prize throughout February— the month traditionally devoted toward love. The main event will take place on Sunday February 15th at 8pm and will see one lucky winner leave the game with a £3,000 voucher to the world renowned jewellery company. Tickets to the contest can be pre-purchased for £5 or gained through frequent play at the Wink Bingo tables.

Players can gain entry to the final event through playing at Wink Bingo regularly and accumulating points. 500 wintastic points will earn competitors one free entry into the game, a reward system that is sure to encourage frequent play. Special offers (such as sending Wink a poem about why you deserve to win or sending a photo in your most dazzling outfit) will also earn points. Points can be banked toward the Dinner with Tiffany game from now until Saturday February 14th at midnight.

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Bodog Casino Plans Baccarat Tournament

One of the most popular online casinos in the industry, Bodog Casino, has decided to launch a massive baccarat tournament. The decision to embrace the often marginalized game is part of the service’s effort to bring baccarat back to its glory days as one of the most popular casino games.

Bodog Casino will soon be launching their
baccarat contest, an event that is planned to constitute an entire month of incentive packed gaming. The contest will reward over $3,000 in cash prizes throughout its four week duration and hopefully encourage many new baccarat fans. Bodog Casino will host a leaderboard which tracks the most active baccarat players from each seven days. The top five spaces of each week receive $100 and the end of the month will reward $1,000 to the highest placing players. This ranking system encourages frequent play no matter your skill level and is an intelligent method of getting new fans on board with a game that held so many fans before the ascendency of online poker.

The game is quick to learn but difficult to master, making it an ideal choice for Bodog Casino’s latest offering. Whether you’re a complete novice or an old hand at baccarat, Bodog Casino’s promotion of the game provides a great place to dive into the beloved pastime while competing toward one of the financial rewards.

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Snooker is not really dead

I have been to the Crucible in Sheffield for the World Snooker Championships for the last few years.

Today, February 14th 2009 is the day when the online and ticket sales open for the event in Sheffield.

I phoned the box office around 1000 as the Internet ticket facility was not available and I was shocked to find that most of the tickets had already sold from the pre-allocation. There was nothing at all left to see
Ronnie the Rocket O’Sullivan.

I ended up with a ticket for match 20 & 24 as well as a ticket for the fist session of Semi Final 2.

Looking forward to the championships to start now.

UltimateBet Comes Under Fire with New Poker Controversy

UltimateBet has been forced to deal with yet another online poker controversy after a questionable hand was awarded to losing player, Phil Hellmuth. The internet gaming giant is now attempting to rectify the issue without garnering any further negative attention from the press.

Popular poker forum, 2+2, has been dealing with the controversy for some time now and subsequently forcing an examination into the matter. The scandal surrounds a showdown between
Hellmuth and an UltimateBet member with the handle, Doubleballer. At the end of a tense game between the two competitors, Hellmuth mucked his hand, ending the game but still receiving the $5,599 pot.

Hand #1162170993 has become infamous in highlighting a glitch in the UltimateBet software, sparking complaint and concern from regular players at the site who are now afraid to enter into large games where their winnings may go unaccounted for. Management at UltimateBet have blamed a recent software upgrade to the Cereus operating system which could be responsible for the problem (and be a reason for worry at Absolute Poker, Cereus’ other main client).

It’s a bad time indeed for UltimateBet to be rocked by another scandal considering the controversy the site was forced to field in previous exposés by MSNBC and the topical American news program, “60 Minutes”. Corporate spokespeople have assured the public that Doubleballer will be funded his rightful winnings and that the technical glitch will be addressed as soon as possible.

Gala Bingo Introduces Smoking Shelters

In an attempt to provide some reprieve from the massive financial hit currently afflicting brick-and-mortar bingo halls, Gala Bingo has introduced outdoor smoking shelters for fans of the game that would otherwise stay at home.

The shelters are planned to be constructed as a wooden patio deck with space heating and access to
electronic bingo playing machines. Gala Bingo has been clear about establishing their neutral stance on smoking while still recognizing their need to provide for those players who have lowered their bingo hall attendance due to the recent implementation of widespread UK bans. The Gala Bingo hall in Fenton, Staffordshire is currently equipped with a heated shelter that provides smokers with the ability to sit down at one of 32 bingo kiosks for 50p and £1 games. It’s a smart tactic which mirrors the creation of similar patios from the many pubs and clubs similarly attempting to maintain business in light of legal restrictions on indoor smoking.

Robert Jones, assistant manager of Gala Bingo in Fenton, Staffordshire spoke to press about his location’s status as the first Gala hall to host one of the shelters. Jones explained that the idea was conceived of as a method of both stimulating business and providing a social alternative to standing outside in the cold. He hopes to encourage an improved atmosphere and alternative for the many smokers put off by their previous inability to have a puff while enjoying a
game of bingo.