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Ladbrokes Poker Cleans Up Image to Stay Competitive

Ladbrokes Poker could be content to settle on its laurels the company has recently announced a site redesign which hopes to attract even more business through improved features and enticing rewards.

Ladbrokes Poker’s managing director Edward Ihre stated that although the corporation has enjoyed considerable success in the European market it wants to show users a continued attention to detail by staying a step ahead of competitors. Players will now be greeted with promotional information and industry or brand news upon logging in. The main page has been made neater and, perhaps most interesting of all, Ladbrokes has finally taken steps to streamline their poker client with the sister casino and instant play sites.

With this move poker players will now be able to see all communities merged along with receiving access to everything on the
Ladbrokes network without having to juggle passwords or accounts.

This move could attract even more attention to the service by demonstrating
Ladbrokes commitment to customer loyalty. Although the improvements may not have been absolutely necessary the corporate willingness to put money toward bettering a site which wasn’t broken in the first place demonstrates a level of care which will escalate competition within the industry, something that always leaves the fans with better services.

Jon Kalmar Brought Onto the Ladbrokes Team

Ladbrokes Poker has been making news this week with their acquisition of UK poker star, Jon Kalmar. The teams newest pro was signed after gaining notoriety as the only British player to get to the final table during the 2007 WSOP Main Event where he eventually took home $1.25 million (placing fifth in the tournament) after considering quitting from a streak of bad luck that plagued him for most of the series.

Kalmar, known as ‘Skalie’ from his online handle is enthusiastic about his inclusion in the Ladbrokes line-up. Ladbrokes Poker manager, Edward Ihre maintains that the signing was only a formal gesture for Skalie who was already a regular player at Ladbrokes online. Nevertheless the adding of a new pro like Kalmar to their roster can only mean more good publicity for the team.

Only time will tell how
Jon Kalmar fares as a member of Ladbrokes Poker but the team’s 110 players July party at the Voodoo Lounge, Las Vegas should give Skalie a chance to show off his chops. The spotlight will be on the rookie member as he hopes to use his multi-table skills and headline Ladbrokes Poker’s new promotions and tutorials in the future.