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Titan Poker Unveils New Team Members

Popular online gaming network, Titan Poker, has announced the addition of new professionals to their Team Titan Poker list. After a grueling international challenge, players from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, Russia and Canada are set to receive attention and a promising career as the new faces of Titan.

Each of the players has persevered through enormous competition in order to reach their current status as representatives of Titan Poker. The Final Country Tournaments wrapped up in late December after months of battle between poker hopefuls from across the globe. Now each of the winners has received a six month sponsorship via Titan and the ability to play at hand-picked land tournaments across the world for the first half of the year. The players are entitled to their entire cash winnings as well, a part of the sponsorship which is sure to aid in forming a viable poker career after their team at Titan has finished.

Titan site will soon be hosting space wherein the twelve new team members’ life in the spotlight will be detailed. These bios will track the team’s progress throughout their active games and allow visitors to read up on the player’s strategies and tips. For many of the fresh Team Titan members this will be their first opportunity to play live tournament games after years of online only practice.

Ladbrokes Bingo Wants to Pay Your Bills This January

The immensely popular Ladbrokes Games has been making waves with their bingo site’s current headlining promotional events. First out of the gate for the network’s 2009 prize offerings is the Pay Your Bills 2009 reward centred on those players who are dreading their January bills after the credit build-up affecting many after the end of last month’s holiday shopping craze.

Ladbrokes Bingo players are currently able to vie for a prize which will see the site paying the tab on their bills for every month of the year if won. Every twenty tickets purchased at Ladbrokes in the month of January (or every £2 spent on the site’s mini-games) will count as a single entry for the upcoming draw. The company is also beefing up the service for even casual online gamers by allowing every £5 spent across the entire Ladbrokes network (including the popular
poker, casino and sports betting sites) to be used toward buying a chance to win the Pay Your Bills 2009 prize.

It’s a great opportunity for all sorts of players to try for a shot at what could be the least stressful year of their lives. The bingo service will be offering the
Pay Your Bills 2009 contest from now until the month’s end (Saturday, January 31st) with the final draw taking place shortly after the event’s closing.

Foxy Bingo Kicks Off 2009 with Las Vegas Promotion

Foxy Bingo has always maintained a solid variety of promotional games for users to compete within and their recent announcement regarding a series of upcoming prizes proves that this year will be no different. Among the forthcoming events, Foxy Bingo is offering Nintendo Wii and Panasonic TV giveaways as well as the usual cash jackpots. Perhaps most exciting however is the announcement of a Las Vegas prize currently underway at the site.

Winners will receive a generous travel package from Foxy Bingo which is set to send a lucky bingo fan (and one guest of their choosing) on their way to Las Vegas, Nevada where they will be set up in style at the MGM Grand hotel for five nights in the heart of the gambling centre of the world. Players will need to watch out for an “Aeroplane” pattern which will sporadically pop up across all of Foxy Bingo’s 75-ball games during the contest period. Each bingo win within a game displaying the accompanying pattern will allow entry into the Vegas prize draw.

The series of Las Vegas prize games will wrap up by Tuesday, January 13th (with the final draw being made on Wednesday the 14th) so interested players should head over to Foxy now to enter into the action before it’s too late.

PokerStars Break World Record with Enormous Poker Game

PokerStars has made industry history with their recent offering of the largest ever online poker tournament to date. Last year’s colossal game saw the internet gaming service garner the unofficial title but now the site is able to boast their status after having verified the unbelievable figures achieved by there immensely popular games.

The main event saw PokerStars offering up a massive,
$500,000 prize pool and a low, $11 buy-in which attracted an enormous number of players to the record-breaking tournament. From the 35,000 competitors, French player, Stan34powa emerged triumphant after ten hours of tough play with a $30K reward and a place guaranteed to forever cement his name in online poker history. PokerStars’ also broke previous attendance records through their Sunday Million (16,260 players) and Sunday Warm-Up (5,836 players) games alongside the additional titles of largest sit-and-go (10,000 players) and largest simultaneous cash games (at an incredible 240,540 players).

Team PokerStars Pro,
Dan Negreanu told press that he was delighted to be affiliated with such a massive event. No word has been given yet as to whether PokerStars will attempt to beat their own records with an even larger Sunday night tournament series but it’s safe to say that the publicity from the notable $500K event will highlight the company’s place within the industry for some time to come.

Mecca Bingo Plans to Offer Increased Cellular Play

With the rapid adoption of mobile devices showing no sign of slowing down the minds at Mecca Bingo have made the intelligent decision of embracing new technology through the support of cellular play. The company has been offering some portable gambling accessibility in the past but is now set to ramp up their contribution to cell-phone gaming with new efforts.

Mecca recently announced plans to increase work on their partnership with mobile developers, Mfuse by developing better gaming options for bingo players on the go. Reports have shown a massive increase in the popularity of portable gambling play with some hundred million pounds being bet through the devices since Mecca’s unveiling of their old cellular software. The addition of casino play and extended bingo modes is meant to provide the already popular company with a leading edge on what they believe to be the next big boom in online gambling trends.

Several other companies seemed interesting in jumping on the bandwagon during the recent events of the Fifth Annual Mobile Gaming Meeting although Mecca has been making the biggest waves as they announce their upcoming work. With the aid of Mfuse, the well known bingo company is set to begin intensive production of Java-based mobile gaming options for a multitude of portable platforms with release intended for the near future.

Online Bingo Becomes Serious Contender for the Title of Top Internet Game

A recent traffic report from Google has finally called poker’s place as the top online gambling game into question. The statistics demonstrate a failing internet poker revenue stream while virtual bingo continues to increase in popularity despite a troubled economy which is affecting nearly every other business sector.

Online Poker remained the most successful online gaming choice (with massive profits and steady traffic) through until near the end of 2008’s first quarter and has only begun to fall from its once untouchable position in recent time. Internet bingo has always been a serious competitor within the gaming market but the past few months have seen the pastime almost entirely supplanting poker within the gambling world. Commentators suggest that the massive push from bingo advertisers (via popular television show spots, Google advertisement, radio and giant publicity events) may be responsible for raising mainstream awareness of the game and thus tapping into demographic markets who may have been slow to transfer their playtime to the computer.

The popularity of
bingo, especially in the United Kingdom, seems in no danger of slowing down as associated gaming corporations are rewarded with steady business profits but the future of smaller online poker services may be uncertain. With the percentage of remote gamers constantly on the rise in Britain and the closing of brick-and-mortar bingo halls forcing fans toward new methods of play, the increasing success of online bingo should continue for some time.

Head of Gala Bingo Announces Plan to Leave Company

John Kelly, head of the enormous UK gaming company, Gala Bingo has announced plans that he is set to leave his position by Christmas of this year. While previous statements had anticipated this move, the action was initially planned for some ten months later than the new date of resignation.

Although Gala Bingo is one of the biggest gambling corporations in Great Britain, Kelly has chosen to step down from his place after years of lucrative guidance.
Gala Coral (the larger group which Gala Bingo belongs to) has been led by John Kelly since 1997 and quickly became a major player within the world of internet bingo during this time. The last eleven years have seen Gala Bingo experience a large growth in revenue due to the online gaming boom and an influx of private equity owners. Kelly announced plans to continue his work as chairman of, a successful UK online reselling business for rail tickets.

Despite a substantial loss in Gala’s casino and Gala Bingo hall sectors over the past year and a half, Kelly has made it clear that the decision to leave early was of his own volition and not the result of shareholder’s influence. The corporation is sure to rebound from their loss and has already begun plans to account for the change in leadership beginning later this month. Kelly’s spot is to be filled by
Neil Goulden, the current deputy chairman of the company.