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Wink Bingo Adds 16 New Slot Games to Website

The ever popular Wink Bingo network is increasing excitement among its members by unveiling a number of new instant-win slot games. A total of 16 fresh slot titles have been added to the already popular website in order to give Wink fans more variety for their playtime.

The new Wink Bingo slots are found in the Instant Games section of the site and include both branded and completely original titles. Popular television shows make a presence on the new games with Wink featuring slots licensed by media favourites like X-Factor, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Price is Right and more. Aside from these, the website has also released new designs such as their Beez Kneez, Dolphin Reef and Cubis slots. Every one of the 16 selections now available at Wink Bingo brings site members the same level of high quality and exceptional rewards that they’ve come to expect from their bingo and instant play site of choice.

Wink Bingo’s launch of 16 new slots is the largest simultaneous slot game rollout to ever grace a bingo site. Each of the new online slot games have also been added to the other bingo sites hosted on the Wink Bingo network (RedBus Bingo, Tasty Bingo and Posh Bingo) as well. Members of any of the four participating sites can log on today to get started in playing on any of the numerous, recently unveiled games.

Wink Bingo Increase Free Bingo Play

The free bingo trend is quickly sweeping the industry, making it increasingly necessary for the biggest of companies to follow suit and offer a larger variety of complementary play. One of the pioneers in this movement, Wink Bingo, has already proved themselves quite capable of rewarding devoted members of their site with no-cost play, and now, they’ve set out to offer even more in this vein.

Wink Bingo has set up a regular addition to their usual fare by providing several, reoccurring weekly game rooms wherein players can sit down to take part in a game and still enjoy the chance to win big without anteing up a single penny. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are now “free bingo days” as Wink Bingo opens the doors to several rooms (the 75 Ball Birthday Suit Bingo Room and the 90 Ball Free ‘n’ Easy Bingo Room) for no-money play between 6pm and 8pm. These new time slots join the already established free play games running at the site to make Wink Bingo into what is quite probably the premier complementary gaming site amoung the big players in the industry.

The decision to create even more free gaming opportunities by Wink Bingo shows an understanding and embracing of the constantly changing industry and a movement that other sites would be remiss to lag behind in. With member reward precedents being increased so greatly we can surely expect to see even more initiatives being undertaken by competing online companies in the near future.

Wink Bingo Promotes Tournament Games

The ever popular Wink Bingo has decided to provide an extra push for members of the site interested in tournament games as part of a larger effort aimed at drumming up further interest in the slot section of the site. With the nearing conclusion of the newest tournament set, Wink is hoping to make a name for itself as the best bingo site for gamers in search of more than just the traditional fare.

Come Spin with Me tournament is the newest addition to the line up of specialty offerings currently available from the venerable Wink Bingo platform. The slot game hosts a bevy of excellent prizes to encourage plenty of competition and activity at the reels in the time leading up to its conclusion. First place will reward an extremely lucky Wink Bingo member with a weekend for a family of four at Alton Towers along with five free entries to the £25,000 The Big O bingo game. Secondary prizes include volleyball sets, beach toys and more free tickets .   

Members of the Wink Bingosite need to collect tournament points by playing at applicable reels and thereby gathering chances for entry by wagering real money, securing a win or emailing Wink Bingo to explain why a given slot game is a personal favourite. Wink will have Come Spin with Me open for players and it can be accessed directly by playing at the
Secret Garden, Lost Island or Paradise Reels slots.

Wink Bingo Outline New Promotions


Wink Bingo Outline New Promos

Wink Bingo has announced their line-up of promotional events to be made available for members of the site. Accessed through the special “Summer Lovin’” tab on the main site, Wink has provided even more outstanding rewards for fans of the premier UK bingo destination.

As we’ve detailed previously,
The Big O will make a return to Wink Bingo due to popular demand and now it is accompanied by an even greater number of superb prizes and special games. New rooms have already opened for July, hosting a variety of play styles and limited time stakes and gaming options. The Free Bingo 75 and 90 Ball games will be available through the Free & Easy and Birthday Suit rooms respectively and the MoneyPenny guaranteed jackpot games will also be available throughout the coming weeks, providing the same one penny stakes and large prizes for lucky players. Lastly are two new games, Fair & Square which provides every player with the exact same number of bingo tickets for their buy-in and Speed Bingo which, like the name suggests, challenges players to become the first in the room to match any four numbers.

The current line-up of promotions should guarantee a lot of attention for Wink Bingothroughout the entire month. Plenty of large cash prizes and the introduction of numerous new games ought to give players plenty of incentive to log on consistently until the unveiling of even more special events.

Wink Bingo Detail Final Promo with ‘The Big O

Wink Bingo Detail Final Promo with ‘The Big O’

Wink Bingo has already demonstrated a fantastic line-up of monthly promo games and rewards but recent news has shown that there is still at least one more to go. The
Big O is the final bonus series being made available for the site’s set of kick-offs, at least until August brings a whole new set of entries to the catalogue.

The Big O begins preliminary events now and continues straight through until its grand finale at the end of the summer in mid-September. It hosts a guaranteed cash prize of £25,000 and is played through the 75-ball room under Wink’s special “Summer Lovin’” tab. Entry to the promotion is available through a few different methods, including pre-buy (£1 tickets) or winning admission through affiliated bingo games. Members need to accumulate a minimum of five entries to be eligible for the grand prize. The maximum number of chances that can be gained and considered for the final draw is set at an enormous 96 tickets.

Players are urged to take a look at the game now so they will have plenty of time to prepare for the event’s grand finale. With £25,000 on the line for a stake as low as five £1 tickets The Big O looks to be a great way for online bingo fans to wrap up a summer full of play. The promotion comes to a close with the announcement of a big winner on Sunday, September 13
th at 8pm.  

Wink Bingo New Promotion

Wink Bingo Wants to Give Players a Break in New Promo

A new month means a slew of new promotions from online gaming companies and Wink Bingo looks to be no exception as they get set to pull in plenty of traffic with their May line-up of rewards. After sparing no expense with the previous two month’s Mini Cooper and Tiffany diamond rewards, Wink is looking to shift gears a little bit and offer up something quite different.

The aforementioned Winktastic bonus for May, the ‘Wink Says Take a Break’ promotion should ensure a lot of interest in the weeks to come. Players at the popular bingo network will compete for the chance to win £3,000 in vacation money, a great prize considering the difficulty that many are having taking any time off from the daily grind during the economic recession. While Wink has previously awarded glittering gems, videogames and other flashy swag, May has now been set as the month for bingo players to go all out toward earning a little time off from the usual nine to five drag.

Aside from the main attraction itself, Wink Bingo has also lined up a great series of auxiliary rewards for devoted fans of the network. Regular games such as the Wink and Pound sign pattern game pump out extra Winktastic points (which can be used for anything from promotions to free merchandise and more) alongside a host of other great bingo-themed games and rewards. 

Wink Bingo Embrace Social Networking

Wink Bingo Embrace Social Networking

Not being strangers to internet trends, Wink Bingo has embraced the massively influential movement of social networking as their newest platform for gaining publicity with their site. After launching fan pages and other interactive features through a Facebook profile Wink has now gone a few steps further, ensuring continued interest through social networking promos.

Little O promotion is the first instance of this wider plan and is a marketing tactic intended to drum up interest for the Winktastic Big O £250,000 jackpot game set to take place on 13th September. Using a Facebook fan page Wink Bingo has managed to combine information with a tie-in contest in order to draw the most possible publicity from the already exciting jackpot.

The Little O promotion saw trivia questions posted on the Wink Bingo fan page. Fans answered the question via email and Wink awarded 10 free tickets to the Big O game to the first correct answer (and every tenth correct answer afterward until a limit of 100 was reached). The large number of fans added to the profile clearly demonstrates the success of such a innovative promotion.

The Little O fan page is further supplemented with other incentives as well, including giveaways like 5,000 loyalty points for every 50
th fan subscribed to the profile. Wink Bingo’s decision to factor popular social networking services such as Facebook into their marketing plans demonstrates an intelligent recognition of new media and progressive advertising.

Wink Bingo Launches Progressive Jackpot with Moneyball

Wink Bingo Launches Progressive Jackpot with Moneyball

It seems that bingo companies can’t keep up in the industry anymore without offering a progressive jackpot to help bring players to their sites for more than just the usual game of bingo itself. Wink Bingo is no exception with the release of their new gameplay title,
Moneyball, a fresh addition to the site that is set to substantially increase the excitement available every night at the network.

The new Wink Bingo progressive jackpot is a 75-ball game that takes an unusual twist on the traditional layout of these jackpots, attaching its pattern to regularly scheduled bingo games rather than existing as an entirely separate option.

Wink Bingo Players can wait to run into the Moneyball at the hangout bingo room from 7pm to midnight. The pattern will show up three times each hour and make members cross their fingers to catch all 12 required numbers during 34 calls. If not won the jackpot continues into the next game, rolling back to £250 even after it’s been awarded and assuring that no award is too small to make the luck worthwhile.

Wink Bingo Moneyball may end up being the perfect method for drawing new traffic to Wink Bingo while still keeping existing fans happy. The innovative new game certainly offers enough incentive to get players to log on to regular games during the evening hours and there is always the (at least) £100 progressive jackpot available at every 90-ball game to add to the successful network.

Wink Bingo Grabs Attention with Latest Advertisement

Wink Bingo Grabs Attention with Latest Advertisement

Wink Bingo is making big waves with their most recent advertising spot; a
Fred Astaire styled effort meant to depict the joy of a great bingo win. Using a bit of special effects and a lot of ingenuity, the advertisement is proving to be a hit with the British public as it begins to air this month across the United Kingdom.

The Wink Bingo advertisement is simple but extremely effective. It depicts a woman winning at bingo on her laptop before breaking out in a dance that has her moving across the walls and ceiling of the room, defying gravity through the apparent magic of a bingo victory. Wink Bingo set up a specially designed room for the filming of the ad with the help of effects company Artem. A trained dancer/actress was hired to perform a jubilant routine while balancing precariously against the room moving around her on a custom built, mechanical rig. Some post-production touches were added to increase the natural look of her movements but the foundation of the piece was all performed with authentic, physical efforts.

The spot was created by Spacebar Media, a relatively new company in the advertising industry. Spacebar took inspiration from a 1950s dance routine performed by Fred Astaire (the famous wall and ceiling dance) and took the idea into the 21st century with only a modest budget and some real creativity. The advertisement is entitled “Celebration” and is scheduled to run until the beginning of this June.

Wink Bingo Announces May Bonuses

Wink Bingo Announces May Bonuses

Not to be outdone by industry competitors, Wink Bingo has announced their very own line-up of fantastic rewards up for grabs throughout the month of May. The popular bingo network has readied a variety of superb incentives meant to help gaming fans celebrate the true beginning of spring alongside the Easter holiday.

Wink Bingo players will be able to take their shot at the site’s Easter promotion through a very special version of the Daily Delights game, allowing users the chance to win £150 on every night of the month at 8.45pm GMT. Monthly Madness at Wink takes on an outdoors theme as well (just in time for the beginning of real spring weather) culminating in a May 1st penny game with a guaranteed £1,000 jackpot. Registrants can pre-buy their tickets for entry into the contest at any point leading up to the game, a feature that can provide a little reminder just in case the promise of a great cash prize isn’t enough to keep the upcoming contest in the player’s memories.

Among the other May bonuses, Wink players can check out guaranteed jackpot games all throughout the month and take their shot at the over £40,000 worth of prizes being distributed across the events. With all of these incentives packed into the coming weeks, it’s definitely a great time to be a bingo player at Wink.

Wink Bingo Player Wins Mini Cooper as Promotion Closes

Wink Player Wins Mini Cooper as Promotion Closes

Wink Bingo’s “Win a Mini Cooper” promotion has come to a close with one lucky player driving away from the event with a brand new set of wheels. The contest began late in 2008 and has just finished, hosting a wealth of great stories and a dramatic series of events leading up to its conclusion.

Joanne Kane, a mother of two from Werneth, Oldham in Lancashire came out the winner of the fantastic prize and is now the proud owner of a brand new BMW Mini Cooper valued at £16,000. Kane’s win couldn’t have come at a better time — the Lancashire mum had recently lost her job before her car gave out as well. She had taken to riding a bike, being forced to do so due to a lack of steady income. Kane’s award wasn’t easy to come by however. After the “Win a Mini Cooper” bingo game played on January 1st, 2009, Kane was part of Wink’s first-ever draw as she called a full house in the same number of turns as Swindon in Wiltshire competitor, Christine. The two women entered lucky numbers for the showdown and Kane won, using her children’s birthdates along with the (decidedly fitting) date she passed her driving test.

It’s certainly one of the most interesting stories to come out of the bingo world in some time and is packed with some great details and action. Joanne Kane could hardly have deserved her prize more however. She is now receiving some well-deserved publicity in Wink Bingo’s newest viral advertisement currently running on the popular gaming site.

Wink Celebrates One Year Birthday with Special Promotion

The month of February marks the one year anniversary of Wink Bingo’s conception and rapid rise to the position of one of the world’s leading internet bingo halls. To celebrate their accomplishment over the last twelve months the company is sharing some of their success with their fans, offering up an incredibly low-entry game with a substantial and generous jackpot at stake.

Wink Bingo members will be able to take part in different promotional events being launched by the site during their full-month celebration. Aside from the previously reported, fantastic
Tiffany & Co. shopping spree, Wink, is also hosting a guaranteed £2,000 game with an unbelievably tiny, 1p entry fee. The game will be set up as a 90-Ball event with a maximum, 24p stake allowance. Winning one line awards players with £250 while two lines pay £750 and a full house carries a £1,000 prize. Although none are likely to hold as impressive a reward as the game above, Wink Bingo is also planning to line up several more one penny buy-ins at different times throughout the coming weeks.

The small stakes gaming options and large rewards make Wink Bingo a fantastic choice for online bingo fans planning to put in some playing time throughout February. Wink’s £2,000 guaranteed game will take place on February 28th at 9:30pm.

Wink Bingo Offers Up Tiffany & Co. Promotion

Wink Bingo devotees are in line for a great, high-end reward series in the next weeks as the noted Tiffany & Co. offer up a set of fabulous prizes. The famous diamond and jewellery shops have jumped onboard with Wink through a promotion that is set to culminate with the mid-month, Dinner with Tiffany, game.

Wink Bingo players will be able to vie for the
Tiffany & Co. sponsored prize throughout February— the month traditionally devoted toward love. The main event will take place on Sunday February 15th at 8pm and will see one lucky winner leave the game with a £3,000 voucher to the world renowned jewellery company. Tickets to the contest can be pre-purchased for £5 or gained through frequent play at the Wink Bingo tables.

Players can gain entry to the final event through playing at Wink Bingo regularly and accumulating points. 500 wintastic points will earn competitors one free entry into the game, a reward system that is sure to encourage frequent play. Special offers (such as sending Wink a poem about why you deserve to win or sending a photo in your most dazzling outfit) will also earn points. Points can be banked toward the Dinner with Tiffany game from now until Saturday February 14th at midnight.

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Wink Bingo Awards Massive Prize to Northumberland Resident

A Northumberland bingo player has managed to overcome the adversity of bad economic times and slim odds to become the lucky recipient of a massive prize from Wink Bingo. While the credit crunch may be getting other players away from the tables, Wink Bingo was happy to provide a generous reward and help out one of their devoted fans.

The Northumberland player,
Margaret Cregan only began to play at Wink Bingo after happening upon an advertisement while shopping at a local mall but has been a regular player for some time now. Cregan reported that rising food prices coupled with the trends of falling wages has made keeping up with bills and groceries difficult, a fact which makes her prize win especially timely. Wink Bingo awarded the woman with a year of complementary shopping at Tesco supermarkets along with the added bonus of having her fuel bills taken care of by the company.

Wink Bingo turned Margaret’s Cregan shopping patterns around with the generous prize which has allowed the woman to take at least some reprieve from her recent decision to shop for frugal groceries.
Bingo players should hit the site now for their chance to repeat Cregan’s success and produce their very own story of beating the times by striking it lucky at the Wink Bingo online halls.

Wink Bingo Offers Free Housecleaning for a Year through Contest

The latest reward in an ongoing series of promotions at
Wink Bingo has seen the successful company offer free housecleaning services to lucky winners at their site. It’s an unusual but attractive incentive for regular visitors and may ultimately drum up some extra traffic for the company.

Wink Bingo’s Super Cleaner reward started on Monday, the 11th August and runs until Thursday, August 28th at midnight. The promotion will see two lucky winners receiving four hours of housecleaning services per week for the duration of an entire year. Wink will enter the five most eligible contestants into a draw at the end of the contest period wherein the pair of winners will be randomly selected. The Super Cleaner prize is based on collections of points acquired by playing frequently at Wink, with the top five being drawn from those with the largest amounts. Players can rack up fifty points by emailing Wink and describing what they would do with their free time, sending a picture of themselves multi-tasking at home (by playing on Wink and cleaning) or by just logging on to bingo games regularly.

Aside from standard bingo play,
Wink is offering eligible points to users who join up with instant games or spot special promotional items (such as water, brooms or washing machines). The company has created an obviously targeted reward for their demographic of stay-at-home family members but anyone interested in the prize should be sure to start collecting points now.