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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Closes Out the Month with Oktoberfest Promotion

With October wrapping up, is bringing the month to an end with the launch of its Oktoberfest tournament series. The promotional event, now celebrating its fifth edition, has already begun and will provide players with the ability to compete in a wide range of different poker styles, all guaranteeing massive cash rewards and challenging play.’s Oktoberfest series is made up of ten tournaments and comes with a total projected prize pool of $115,000. According to an official press release, the company has designed its tournament offerings with player versatility in mind, tailoring the line-up “to appeal to everyone.” Oktoberfest kicked off with a $22 buy-in, six-seat tournament (with a projected $14,000 prize pool) and will continue to provide exciting gameplay through to Sunday October 30th.’s Oktoberfest finale will be a $33 buy-in event with an $18,000 prize pool, bringing ten days of events (including Omaha, Turbo Triple Chance, Terminator and other styles of play) to an end. Those more interested in watching the last event play out than actually competing will be interested to know that the finale is scheduled for broadcast on YouTube, The Poker Channel and the site’s own video service.

Now that it’s entering its fifth year the Oktoberfest festival looks to have become a mainstay of’s autumn line-up. Players interested in getting in on the Oktoberfest action should head to now to buy their tickets or compete in special, entry-awarding satellite tournaments.

PokerStars Launches Multi-Table “Time Tourney” Tournaments

It’s always great to see a well known online poker network work to innovate its line-up of play styles and PokerStars, with its new tournament style, is looking to do just that. Time Tourneys, a line-up of multi-table tournament offerings, brings members of the site a new range of options for every level of bankroll.

Fans of multi-table play will be excited to find the new tournament style, only just launched through PokerStars. Time Tourneys are set up much like standard multi-table tournaments but feature a crucial difference: a set time period. PokerStars hopes to encourage faster play by limiting the time available in the tournament style, splitting the available prize pool at the end of a session (with amounts being paid out in proportion to stack size). Game lengths currently range from 15 to 180 minutes in order to give players as brief or as lengthy of an experience as they desire. In the press release detailing Time Tourneys, PokerStars described their aim to let “players [fit] in a Time Tourney over breakfast, in a lunch over or over the course of an evening.” The new format is also meant to be inclusive for every level of player, buy-ins starting from as low as one dollar.

To help promote its new tournament style, PokerStars has also announced the addition of Time Tourney to its Saturday Line-Up. The Saturday edition of the multi-tables have a $10,000 prize guarantee, $22 buy-in and a 120 minute time limit. Time Tourneys are available now and can be found through PokerStars’ lobby.

Titan Poker Software Upgrade

Titan Poker, one of the internet’s most popular online gaming destinations, has just announced software upgrades that will enrich its members’ playing experience. The newly updated software client brings fresh features and a new style of play to its tables alongside the BackBet side game

Players are sure to appreciate the new additions to the online poker service. Titan Poker’s software upgrade includes handy features like a (video) hand history replay option, a quick deposit button (added to virtual tables in order to facilitate quicker player account funding), an automatic re-buy option for tournament play and the ability to enter playing commands through both keyboard and mouse input. The upgrade has also optimized Titan’s tournament time banks, chat messages, stake filters and general client operation. All of this comes alongside the addition of seven card stud hi-lo cash games and the previously mentioned side game, BackBet. BackBet, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment at the tables, allows players to bet on options (like colour, suit and more) related to currently dealt cards and the hand to come. Texas Hold ‘Em games (the only style of play currently supporting the side game) with BackBet included will be specially marked.

The new features and playing options look to make Titan Poker an even better online poker option than before. Curious players can check out Titan’s software client (through a free download) for themselves to see the upgraded service first hand.

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Betfair Fall Victim to Cyber Attack, Fails to Notify Customers

Bad news has struck both online gaming giant Betfair and its user base as the company now reports on its recent trouble with cyber crime. The digital attack in question saw massive amounts of member information — some of it linked to bank accounts and security questions — being stolen by the perpetrators.

In the media fallout that has followed the cyber attack, has told press that it failed to inform its users that the attack had occurred — and that many of them would have been financially compromised by it. Sky News, in reporting on the story, alleges that some 3.1 million account names linked to security questions were stolen in the attack. 2.9 million usernames alone and almost 90,000 usernames linked to bank account information were also nabbed by the perpetrators. Betfair justified its failure to notify its customers of the attack by stating that doing so would have interfered with an ongoing Serious Organized Crime Agency investigation. The company also stated that its existing security measures had rendered the stolen data unusable.

The outrage that has followed this news is considerable and will do far more damage to Betfair’s reputation than if the company had informed its members of the security breach straightaway. Regardless of how its users feel about their site of choice now, Betfair has told press that it is taking all necessary measures in strengthening its security to ensure that a similar attack won’t take place in the future.

Paddy Power’s Casino Offering Updates with Playtech Software

Paddy Power, one of the internet’s most popular gaming networks, has just given its fans a new reason to log onto their favourite service: a software overhaul that looks to improve on the casino site’s gaming line-up and usability. The Paddy Power re-launch makes use of software developer Playtech’s library of titles and proven talent in creating new online games.

The site improvements, now available for Paddy Power members to try out for themselves, were launched this week as part of a site-wide makeover. Playtech’s technology has updated the network’s range of casino titles (including new table and card games and slots) and introduces branded content across the sites as well. Paddy Poker’s Cristopher Coyne and Denise Dunne told press that “Playtech was chosen following a rigorous selection process” and that it believes the new software “will significantly enhance our online offering.”

Playtech’s work with Paddy Power is sure to make the site’s range of betting and gaming options easier — and more enjoyable — to use than ever before. Combined with its announcement of a month-long Points Race promotion (which will award $10,000 and entry to the iPoker Online Poker Series), at its poker site, Paddy Power members are sure to be delighted with the new additions hitting the network this October.

William Hill Bingo Gives Away a Free Car a Day

William Hill Bingo, a leading online bingo network, has just announced a spectacular new promotion that looks to give away a new car every day of the month. The Win-a-Car-a-Day promo has already begun and rewards participating players with a chance to win one of the 31 cars on offer.

Throughout the entire month of October, Will Hill Bingo members can compete for their chance to take home a brand new car — a Fiat 500. Players can play for the car through online qualifiers and regular games taking place from now until the end of the month. As part of its massive, month-long promotion, William Hill also commissioned a survey (presented by journalist Kate Thornton) that looks at different opinions on luck throughout the United Kingdom. The study broke British attitudes toward luck down by region, discovering whether the population believed in the existence of luck in Scotland (only 29 percent), Northern Ireland (62.5 percent), Wales (55.3 percent), London (54.2 percent) and eastern England (52.5 percent). Overall, 69 percent of the UK population believed in the existence of luck.

The Win-a-Car-a-Day promotion is sure to drum up plenty of activity at William Hill Bingo throughout October, regardless of regional beliefs in luck. William Hill’s Anna Conley stated that the company is “looking forward to the Win-a-Car-a-Day promotion”, calling it “our biggest ever bingo promotion.”

PokerStars Team Online Signs Denmark’s Mikey “mement_mori” Petersen

PokerStars has just bulked up its roster of sponsored poker professionals by signing a new player to its PokerStars Team Online line-up. The latest addition to the team, Mickey Petersen, adds some serious talent to the company and should help PokerStars to grab some more notoriety in the future.

Mickey Petersen (who plays as ‘mement_mori’ on PokerStars) is well known by Denmark’s poker community — the nation he calls home — due to the fact that he currently holds the title of “top-ranked multi-table tournament player” in the nation. The sponsored competitor, who first became interested in card-based games through a love for playing Magic: The Gathering, has banked an enormous sum of money throughout his career (reportedly an amount in excess of four million dollars) and is best known for his proficiency at online-based poker. One of his most noteworthy accomplishments has been Petersen’s performance at the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker, a series wherein he netted roughly $300,000 over 16 cashes.

It isn’t surprising that Petersen was signed by PokerStars, given how impressive his career to date has been. Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen’s incredible talent at online poker play should help to boost the reputation of PokerStars Team Online throughout the length of his sponsorship. As Petersen himself says, “hopefully I’ll be able to build on my resume and promote both and the game in a positive light.”

Visit PokerStars For the best online Poker experience now Player Wins $100,000 PKR Masters through Satellite Entry

Some hopeful news for amateur poker players has just been provided by leading online gaming network after the close of its $100,000 PKR Masters last Saturday night. With entry into the huge event gained with a display of talent in a PKR satellite qualifier the event’s champion managed to grab an enormous cash sum through nothing more than skill and perseverance.

The winner of PKR Masters, playing under the handle ‘Vizdy’, took home a bit more than $26,000 after toughing it out against waves of competitors. Vizdy, hailing from Gateshead, was able to compete throughout almost two and a half hours of the tournament, defeating more than 400 other members and winning a huge cash reward. The player bought his way into the PKR Masters with only $1.81 (the fee for entering into the stage-one satellite that got him into the event) and made his way to the final table with a chip deficit. Despite this disadvantage Vizdy took down ‘ratmanloco’ (who held the highest number of chips going into the final), ‘Barkieboy’ (who would win the next day’s High Roller tournament) and last year’s PKR Masters’ winner, ‘Kusken777’. The stunning conclusion of the event saw Vizdy eventually triumph after 21 hands of heads-up play.’s $100,000 PKR Masters was deemed a success by the poker network. The website’s Community Manager, Dan Grant, told press that the company was delighted with Vizdy’s win and described how it was “absolutely fantastic [to] see somebody come from nowhere to put their name up in lights.”

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Bodog Implements Data Mining Blocking Solution

The European section of Bodog’s extremely popular online poker site has been plagued with data mining in the past but now the company has found a solution to this issue. Bodog has just announced that it will be taking drastic action toward blocking data miners now and throughout the rest of the year.

Data mining takes a negative toll on online poker players, amassing information on their play style in order to help give others gain an unfair advantage at the tables. While historically it has been difficult for poker networks to stamp out data miners, Bodog has revealed a novel approach that should give its players peace of mind as they compete. will now be removing full tables from its lobbies, making it impossible for potential miners to record information on players sitting in an ongoing, completely populated game.

Bodog’s spokespeople commented on data mining, alluding to the fact that the information is routinely bought by serious players in order to take advantage of others and stating that it’s a practice that “only benefits ‘professional players’ to the detriment of ‘recreational players’”. Bodog hopes that, by removing unnecessary table information, miners will avoid attempts at recording information and play at its site will remain fair.

Ladbrokes Bulks Up Game Line-Up Through Renewed Deal

Ladbrokes, operator of leading poker and casino gaming sites, has announced the conclusion of a deal that will see the addition of several new games to its service. As part of its deal Ladbrokes players are now going to be able to enjoy play that features some of the most beloved brands in the industry.

The deal in question saw Ladbrokes and its previous software provider, Microgaming renew their contract earlier this summer. This move has also given the former company access to titles from developers, Ash Gaming and Blueprint Gaming as part of its supply agreement. Members of the Ladbrokes network will now be able to play branded games that include Ash Gaming’s “Alice’s Wonderland”, “Midas Millions”, “Amazon” and “Pharaoh’s Treasure” along with Blueprint Gaming’s “Casper”, “Bejeweled 2”, “Zuma”, “Chuzzle” and “Viz.” These titles come from two of the best regarded developers working in the industry and should add some extra, quality fun to an already impressive selection of games.

It’s always exciting to see new titles added to gaming sites and fans of Ladbrokes are sure to be pleased with the newly expanded line-up. Ladbrokes’ Chief Executive Officer, Richard Glynn, told press that he believes the new additions “will complement our current and growing games portfolio” while Blueprint Gaming’s Matt Cole said that his company was “delighted to supply with leading slot-based content.”

Party Poker Debut the First Ever Pokerfest Series

Party Poker is looking to give its legions of fans yet another reason to log onto the online poker site with its upcoming Pokerfest. The festival, which runs for two weeks, will pack in 47 different events and offer up a guaranteed prize pool that comes in at an impressive $3 million.

This year’s Pokerfest marks the first edition of what Party Poker hopes will become an annual tradition. Each day of the online festival is set to include a minimum of three different events that aim to include every level of player. Styles of play will be varied, Party Poker members getting a chance to compete in no-limit hold ‘em (with and without re-buys), pot-limit Omaha (also with or without re-buys) and no-limit hold ‘em six-maximum deep-stack fixed limit. Alongside the regular events will be supplementary promotional prizes, side events, leaderboards and a number of qualifiers. All of these will lead up to the Pokerfest main event. The main event features a $640 buy-in and a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million and will take place at 1.30pm EST on 6th November.

Party Poker’s Pokerfest will kick off on Sunday, 23rd October and run through to Sunday, 6th November. Buy-ins will range wildly, starting at only $1, Party Poker stating that it wants “everyone to be a part of Pokerfest.” Interested site members with accumulated Party Poker loyalty points will also be able to use these to gain entrance to certain events.