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iPhone HoldEm Poker Review

Being an avid Poker Player and also iPhone fan, I couldn’t wait for the new Apple iPhone 3G to be launched along with the ability to install Apps to it via the App Store.

Well, one of the apps which I have really missed on my
iPhone is a good Poker application. Now, on my Blackberry I had a great Texas Hold’Em game which I used to play quite a lot.

I had heard that the
iPod Texas Holdem game ws getting ported from the iPod to the iPhone so this was great news to me.

As soon as I got my iPhone, one of the first applications that I bought was the
Texas HoldEm Poker application.

The application has fantastic graphics and they really show the iPhone off to its full potential. There are the options for Single Player or Multiplayer. In Single Player you play against the computer and with Multi Player you can play with other iphone players over WiFi and have mini tournaments courtesy of the
iPhone Application.

One really cool aspect is that you can tilt the iphone int landscape mode and gt a landscape view of the table, similar to most
online Poker clients. Then, if you switch back to portrait mode, the screen swaps back to the view of the payers and dealer in high-res graphics.

Gameplay is fantastic as you would imagine I will be keeping a close eye on various gaming applications on the
iPhone and I cannot wait for the first brave company to produce a real-money Poker application, now wouldn’t that be just great!

Enjoy the screenshots below.

iPhone Poker iPhone Poker iPhone Pokeriphone Poker