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Meet the Stars with 888 Ladies Bingo and Pacific Poker

Meet the Stars with 888 Ladies Bingo and Pacific Poker

888 Ladies Bingo continues to do its best to capture the attention of their demographic with their newest competition; a star-studded trip to Cannes. The “Win a Trip to Cannes” promotion has already kicked off and is unique in that it also caters to 888’s sister site, Pacific Poker.

Celebrity obsessed bingo players are sure to get excited about the
888 Ladies contest and they also enjoy an opportunity to enjoy their prize alongside a poker playing friend. The main reward is a vacation to the famous Cannes Film Festival where winners will be participating in the 888 Celebrity Charity Poker Challenge alongside film stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Entry is available by signing up at Pacific Poker and joining Poker Pals where they will receive a complementary 3,000 bingo points for supporting the poker site. Users will then be able to compete for a seat at the Cannes event and the grand prize of a £250,000 luxury villa.

The “Win a Trip to Cannes” promotion is open to both
888 Ladies Bingo and Pacific Poker members which definitely helps to make it into a great opportunity for fans of either game. The winner of the contest is allowed to bring a friend to the event so it’s a good time to be a duo of poker and bingo enthusiasts with a passion for gaming and travel.  

Vic Reeves Ends Sponsorship of 888 Ladies

After a long history of acting as the celebrity face of 888 Ladies Bingo, Vic Reeves, has left the service. The popular bingo network is now without a famous representative and is in need of a replacement endorsement figure after the end of Reeves’ twelve-month 888 Ladies Bingo contract.

Fans of the site will be disappointed to see that Reeves has moved on from his previous place as the real-life mascot of 888 Ladies Bingo but many industry observers aren’t surprised. Most celebrity representatives have a short career with bingo companies, acting as mascots for only the brief period of time their contract affords. The site is still home to several other notable celebrities however and Reeves’ spot could very well be filled by ex-Eastenders star, Joe Swash who still maintains a significant presence at the network. While Vic Reeves provided a recognizable and humorous role as 888 Ladies Bingo advertising lynchpin, Swash has also acted as an important star for promotional events such as the recent Joe Swash Valentine’s Day competition that saw the celebrity share lunch with a lucky winner.

Reeves is not the only celebrity to vanish from their duties as the face of a bingo company. Foxy Bingo recently lost Jordan (Katie Price) around the same time that Sharon Osbourne left Gala behind. Alison Hammond at Crown Bingo now stands alone as one of the few celebrities still active at a promotional level for any of the major UK bingo services.

Big Bingo Promos at 888 Ladies Bingo

It’s a good time to be a member at 888 Ladies Bingo as the site continues to ramp up their promotions while maintaining their pre-existing, excellent incentives. To celebrate the continued commitment that 888 Ladies Bingo has shown its fans, here is a list of some of the more interesting (and profitable) events to look out for in the coming weeks and months.

Many of the site’s most popular recurring events are still in place for fans to check out even as 888 Ladies Bingo adds on other, extensive bonuses. Perhaps the biggest of these is the end-of-month, guaranteed £8,888 bingo jackpot (taking place this month on Friday, February 27th). Players can sign onto the network and play a quick game for the opportunity to win the massive payout or take part in the half-hour chat before the game play itself beings, talking to others as they prepare for the big event. 888 Ladies Bingo also provides nightly £100 games (with minimum 10p stakes) alongside Wednesday evening £1,000 guarantees for a buy-in of only 50p per entry ticket.

There are a plethora of other exciting games to watch out for at 888 Ladies Bingo with new ones being added to the service almost every day. It’s well worth the time necessary for UK bingo enthusiasts to check out 888 Ladies Bingo’s upcoming promotions for their own interest.