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Bodog Implements Data Mining Blocking Solution

The European section of Bodog’s extremely popular online poker site has been plagued with data mining in the past but now the company has found a solution to this issue. Bodog has just announced that it will be taking drastic action toward blocking data miners now and throughout the rest of the year.

Data mining takes a negative toll on online poker players, amassing information on their play style in order to help give others gain an unfair advantage at the tables. While historically it has been difficult for poker networks to stamp out data miners, Bodog has revealed a novel approach that should give its players peace of mind as they compete. will now be removing full tables from its lobbies, making it impossible for potential miners to record information on players sitting in an ongoing, completely populated game.

Bodog’s spokespeople commented on data mining, alluding to the fact that the information is routinely bought by serious players in order to take advantage of others and stating that it’s a practice that “only benefits ‘professional players’ to the detriment of ‘recreational players’”. Bodog hopes that, by removing unnecessary table information, miners will avoid attempts at recording information and play at its site will remain fair.

Bodog Receives Gaming Licenses After Gambling Commission Proposals

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has recently put forth proposals that could change the shape of online gambling in the nation. With the future looking somewhat uncertain fans of Bodog can, at least, take heart in the latest news to come from the massive internet poker, casino and sports betting network.

Bodog has announced that, despite the Gambling Commission’s proposal, it has received licensing that will allow it to continue providing its members with both remote and local play. This move ensures that Bodog will be able to offer its services to players even if UK authorities should receive the go-ahead to shake up the industry in the future. These licenses were given to Bodog just in the nick of time. Shortly before John Penrose, the UK Minister for Tourism and Heritage, proposed bills that would require all online gaming companies to operate with domestic licensing, Bodog was able to grab their accreditation. As part of a larger strategy meant to ensure stability in the face of a changing online gambling landscape, Bodog has also told press that it will be concentrating on making a push toward using its local license to its fullest, launching “ . . . an assault on the brick-and-mortar [businesses].”

Even though British players may not be able to rest easy just yet, the news of Bodog’s ability to continue its business does demonstrate a hopeful sign for the industry’s health. Hopefully more of the United Kingdom’s top gambling platforms will receive similar licensing in the near future.

Bodog Network Begins to Phase Out Data Gathering

Online poker network, Bodog, has announced its plans to begin blocking data gathering services from accessing its network. The decision is meant to put more of the site’s focus toward casual poker players by stopping the kind of data logging that mainly serves to enhance the game of professional, money-driven players.

Bodog’s move to block data gatherers was decided upon as part of a plan to bring the fun back into internet games for recreational poker players. Data gatherers like PokerDB, Shark Scope and Poker Site Scout will, now, no longer be able to create records of player activity, meaning that professional “sharks” cannot easily predict the playing style or behaviour of their opponents. The blocking systems have been implemented alongside a new lobby system with a revised interface and a more user-friendly layout. Bodog next plans to halt operator information sites from accessing its members’ play history as part of a continued effort to ensure that new and recreational players feel safe in sitting down at online tables in their spare time.

Bodog’s effort to stamp out data gatherers is likely to help the site appeal to a broader demographic in the future. Bodog Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrik Selin, told press that he believes data gatherer portals are a threat to the continued existence of online poker and stand only to stop prospective players from trying out internet gaming services.

Bodog Provide Details for July’s Mini Poker Series

Bodog Provide Details for July’s ‘Mini Poker Series’

Poker fans can be forgiven if they passed over Bodog’s big announcement, dwarfed as it was by plenty of news from the continuing Las Vegas events of the 2009 World Series of Poker. While it may have been a case of bad timing however, the Bodog Mini Poker Series is certainly an event that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The upcoming Bodog Mini Poker Series will be made up of a set of No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em games designed to capture the interest of aspiring poker players currently studying the techniques of professionals competing in the
WSOP. The thirteen individual events host a low buy-in ($10+1 each) stretched out across almost two weeks of play. Top players (within the highest thirty percent) will gain entrance to a July 21st semi-final where they will then be whittled down to the top eighteen contestants eligible to battle it out in the July 23rd final event.

Bodog Poker will be awarding a seat package to the 2010 World Series of Poker for the Mini Poker Series’ champion, a prize worth approximately $12,000 USD. Interested players without a Bodog account owe it to themselves to sign up soon so they can take part in the action-packed events. The Bodog Mini Poker Series non-final and semi-final games run from Friday, July 3
rd to Wednesday, July 15th beginning at 8.35pm EST.

Bodog Seeks Advice from Players in Improving Software

Bodog Poker is one of the network’s most popular services and they aim to keep it that way with new updates set to elevate the client above stiff competition. Bodog has always touted a devotion to their fan-base and they’re now set to prove this by using player feedback in the new design.

Users of Bodog Poker are currently being given the option to download the new beta version client and try out possible, upcoming features before giving the company their opinions. The service is attempting to address fan plea’s for a greater number of tabbed table-play (the site currently only allows three ongoing games), window re-sizing, a full-screen mode, embedded chat options along with more “quick tool” options. Those who try out the beta will be able to provide their comments and ultimately aid in shaping the future Bodog software.

Videogame and other software application designers have long relied on consumer feedback through beta testing and it’s definitely a welcome addition to the internet gambling industry as well. Giving the fans exactly what they want should ensure Bodog’s continued support and prevalence within the business and if the move proves successful we can hope to see this practice catch on as a commonplace feature. Those interested in participation should head to the website now to take part in beta play.