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Bodog Seeks Advice from Players in Improving Software

Bodog Poker is one of the network’s most popular services and they aim to keep it that way with new updates set to elevate the client above stiff competition. Bodog has always touted a devotion to their fan-base and they’re now set to prove this by using player feedback in the new design.

Users of Bodog Poker are currently being given the option to download the new beta version client and try out possible, upcoming features before giving the company their opinions. The service is attempting to address fan plea’s for a greater number of tabbed table-play (the site currently only allows three ongoing games), window re-sizing, a full-screen mode, embedded chat options along with more “quick tool” options. Those who try out the beta will be able to provide their comments and ultimately aid in shaping the future Bodog software.

Videogame and other software application designers have long relied on consumer feedback through beta testing and it’s definitely a welcome addition to the internet gambling industry as well. Giving the fans exactly what they want should ensure Bodog’s continued support and prevalence within the business and if the move proves successful we can hope to see this practice catch on as a commonplace feature. Those interested in participation should head to the website now to take part in beta play.

Compilation of 45 Poker Tricks

Just found a great video on YouTube that shows a compilation of 45 Poker Tricks.

Poker in the Park Festival Weekend Nears for London Gaming Fans

Poker in the Park
The game of poker has drastically increased in popularity for UK audiences in recent years and the industry has been clamoring to properly cater to the demographic both online and off. With the second World Series of Poker Europe Main Event scheduled for England this September, London has embraced card-playing fever with the Poker in the Park festival.

The events will take place over two days (Friday August 15th and Saturday the 16th) at Leicester Square in London’s
bustling casino and theater district. Poker in the Park promises to provide a fantastic weekend venture for fans of the game and demonstrates some very welcome support for UK enthusiasts who are traditionally left out from the best events. The festival will feature a chance to meet the professionals (from 4-9pm Friday and 10.30am-6.30pm Saturday), grab some autographs, attend talks, play in hourly tournaments and meet fellow poker fans.

Poker in the Park is boasting some very impressive support from land-based and online casinos with tournaments such as the Sky Poker Cup, the London Pub Poker Trophy, the Bluff Europe Championship and the England Poker League Cup among others. Poker fans should head over to the Empire Casino in Leicester during these days to take part in the festivities and show national support to help continue poker styled events at home. Launches Comprehensive UK Bingo Site Reviews has established itself as a leading review source for online casino and poker websites and has now announced their entry into the UK bingo forum with added content. Final, cumulative scores will be decided in the near future for a variety of sites along with a wealth of informative content to help users pick the bingo service which works best for them.

The site exists as the longest-running UK
online gambling review service and their addition of bingo can be seen as a long time coming. With the immense (and ever growing) popularity of virtual bingo halls, CasinoChoice has made a wise decision by expanding their reputable service into this field. The review site will soon be hosting scores based on targeted sites performance in the categories of graphics, game variety, playability, quality of promotions/bonuses and payment options as well as respective screen shots. CasinoChoice will also be adding respective screenshots and portal links for users to make their venue choices by as well as detailed write-ups and final scores.

CasinoChoice expands users are set to have a great option for all one-stop reviews and portal bonuses. The company’s reputation stems from their recommendations of only those sites which have proved safe, legal and trustworthy and this alone may be enough of a reason for novice online bingo players to check the new content out.

World Championships of Online Poker Scheduling Announced

World Championship Online Poker
As the WSOP begins to disappear from fan’s memories a new event is set to take place just in time through PokerStar’s 2008 World Championships of Online Poker. Beginning with a set of July 1st satellites on the popular website the tournaments have also been fully revealed in order to entice competitors with enormous jackpots and lots of excitement.

The WCOOP schedule was released through
PokerStars recently and unveiled some extremely high-stakes action for serious players to get into. Among the listed events are a $25,000 Heads Up game, $10,300 HORSE and No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournaments and a $5,200 Main Event. The attached guarantees are seriously impressive with PokerStars promoting money pools up to $30 million for the entire WCOOP events. Although some smaller fare has been made available to appeal to all demographics, the large buy-ins and tournament guarantees should mean that a lot of attention gets focused on the events.

Players interested in the substantial listings should be polishing their skills now as satellite events are already underway. PokerStars has promised two events a day for the entire duration of their games, ensuring that their online version of the WSOP should get the publicity it deserves The 2008 WCOOP kicks into full swing on
September 5th with a one million dollar guaranteed tournament and will continue through to the 21st.

William Hill Bingo Advertisement Banned in UK

The British Advertising Standards Authority has marked a William Hill Bingo ad as breaching the 2005 Gambling Act’s regulations. By having their television spot labeled as socially irresponsible William Hill has put itself into a position of bad publicity. The legislature established in past years has defined a series of criteria which gaming companies must adhere to in their marketing campaigns and the company has been deemed to have broken them in their most recent media offering.

UK television has recently been running the commercial in question but probably won’t be for much longer given the ASA’s verdict. The advertisement in question shows a woman anxiously waiting for her husband to leave for work and setting the clock ahead so she can rush to the computer and play William Hill online bingo. The Advertising Standards Authority has determined that such a depiction represents addictive gambling patterns where internet bingo play has to be hidden within a relationship.

William Hill countered by defending their work as nothing more than a funny play on a woman wanting to be left alone to enjoy herself the ASA doesn’t find the reply satisfactory. The legal body maintained that the advertisement was dangerous and could appeal in some way to addictive tendencies in many viewers.

Facebook and Jeff Ma Ready Launch of Fantasy Football League

Jeff Ma and business partner, Mike Kerns have announced a new fantasy football league program to be added into the enormously popular social network, Facebook as part of a strategy to spread the pastime to younger audiences. After settling down from earlier years as an MIT card-counter, Ma went on to join with Kerns as business partners and the two have gained huge support toward their newest concept, sure to attract a lot of attention.

Citizen Sports, Kerns and Ma’s company has formed a partnership with Sports Illustrated to implement the new system and plan to have it up-and-running in time for the fall and the start of the American Football (NFL) season. Ma and Kerns are hoping to bring the fantasy football leagues which pre-occupied much of their younger years to new audiences in an exciting fashion and their proposed plan was interesting enough to snag the magazine sponsorship of Sports Illustrated. The program’s destination as a Facebook feature seemed natural to all involved as fantasy leagues are typically the domain of friends who want to heighten the fun of the typical sports season. Part of the social networking approach was also to gain popularity by targeting a massive pre-existing user-base so that the game came to them instead of vice-versa.

The recent feature film,
“21” and the accompanying, source novel, “Bringing down the House” are based on MIT graduate, Jeff Ma’s real life as a card-counter. Since then he has move on to safer ventures, enjoying considerable success and international recognition with his business partner, Kerns. Citizen Sports and Sports Illustrated’s joint venture should attract a lot of attention when it launches in about a month from now.

GPS Global Nears Completion of Innovative New Casino Software

Major, international online casino, GPS Global has discussed the details of their almost complete, revolutionary new gaming software. The company’s development of a live-dealer is set to offer a substantial new concept and system for players and industry observers alike when it launches in the near future.

The information released thus far have detailed
GPS Global’s live-dealer technology which is set to offer online casino player’s further immersion than anything else currently being offered. Live dealer, elimination blackjack is planned to be the first game up for user play and will feature streaming webcam use to bring actual dealers to user’s computers. The idea behind GPS Global’s system is to demonstrate the level of involvement possible outside of traditional, brick and mortar casinos through showcasing technology and customer service at a level capable of bringing dealers right to the player.

Lawrence Davis, Director of Casino Operations at GPS Global has told press that the investment into the live dealer system is part of the company’s larger goal of providing consumers with something new from online casinos. Whether online gambling fans warm to the concept or not will have to be seen but Global’s commitment to innovative business strategies should at least pave the way for further, groundbreaking practices to come.

Ladbrokes Joins With Microgaming Poker Network to Stimulate Business

The Microgaming Poker Network is one of online gambling’s leading networks and Ladbrokes decision to join with their service is set to hold great rewards for devotees of the site. Through increased traffic and greater benefits, Ladbrokes plans to expand their tournament and cash game options for users of the poker client.

John O’Reilly, Ladbrokes Managing Director of Remote Betting and Gaming said the move to join Microgaming was a natural one for the company in that they are hoping to offer wider fare for members and stimulate growth. Through the partnership, Ladbrokes will be able to offer higher-stakes games as well as increase their potential demographic base and notoriety while maintaining their existing features. The company may have been motivated by a 6.4 percent decline in profits during the first half of 2008 but ultimately the move is a wise one which should increase the site’s popularity while allowing them the necessary movement to keep positive site elements intact. Customer service and brand-based franchising have been stated as being at the top of Ladbrokes agenda as they continue aiming for organic business growth.

Ladbrokes is already one of the premier online poker sites within the industry and their decision to join Microgaming may be just the push needed to put them on top in the near future. Players who use the site should be happy with the move and looking forward to additional content in the near future.

Natalie Teltscher Backs Out of Pokerstars Lawsuit

The 2007 World Championship of Online Poker saw industry giant, Pokerstars enter into a high-stakes lawsuit with alleged winner, Natalie Teltscher over the $1.2 million reward. Natalie, sister of poker professional, Mark Teltscher recently decided to drop the case in light of mounting evidence which would make her win impossible to legally ratify.

Teltscher’s lawsuit claim was spurred by Pokerstars refusal to issue the million dollar prize money due to her having won the tournament through someone else playing the series under her account. Pokerstars considered this a breach of agreement as Teltscher herself didn’t win the prize but rather another player who did not match the identity registered to her account name, “TheV0id”. After this information was discovered, the company moved the 2007 WCOOP second-place finalist up one position as the rightful winner of the enormous standing jackpot. Teltscher planned to contest the decision by entering into a legal dispute which would assert that she had actually played the entire tournament and was owed the sum.

Natalie Teltscher withdrew her lawsuit when faced with the investigative reports prepared by Pokerstars for the trial. The court at the Isle of Man was prepared to judge proceedings in the case but Teltscher’s removal from the dispute has dropped the issue and effectively ended the scandal with no damage done to Pokerstars reputation before the beginning of their 2008 World Championships of Online Poker.

Wink Bingo Offers Free Housecleaning for a Year through Contest

The latest reward in an ongoing series of promotions at
Wink Bingo has seen the successful company offer free housecleaning services to lucky winners at their site. It’s an unusual but attractive incentive for regular visitors and may ultimately drum up some extra traffic for the company.

Wink Bingo’s Super Cleaner reward started on Monday, the 11th August and runs until Thursday, August 28th at midnight. The promotion will see two lucky winners receiving four hours of housecleaning services per week for the duration of an entire year. Wink will enter the five most eligible contestants into a draw at the end of the contest period wherein the pair of winners will be randomly selected. The Super Cleaner prize is based on collections of points acquired by playing frequently at Wink, with the top five being drawn from those with the largest amounts. Players can rack up fifty points by emailing Wink and describing what they would do with their free time, sending a picture of themselves multi-tasking at home (by playing on Wink and cleaning) or by just logging on to bingo games regularly.

Aside from standard bingo play,
Wink is offering eligible points to users who join up with instant games or spot special promotional items (such as water, brooms or washing machines). The company has created an obviously targeted reward for their demographic of stay-at-home family members but anyone interested in the prize should be sure to start collecting points now.

Poker Bots Make Industry Observers Nervous Toward the Future of Online Play

The increased availability of downloadable poker bots is making some players and industry observers concerned for the game’s future. As access to automated programs becomes a more popular and viable option for sites and players alike many fear that the fundamentals of poker play may get lost or taken advantage of for profit.

Around the summer of 2000, programmers were first able to develop computer software which was capable of properly competing against human opponents. Eight years later algorithms have improved to the point wherein the
“Fell Omen” open-source practice bot created by University of California research, Ian Fellows is able to defeat the majority of non-professional human poker players and fellow AI. Fellows has commented on his system and discouraged its use as anything other than a device to hone skills but with the easy availability of these bots many are becoming concerned.

Man-Machine Poker event this year saw the Polaris II computer defeat human professionals and Fellows’ “Fell Open” program was likewise able to win out against sixteen other poker bots at the 2008 Computer Poker Competition. Many poker fans and industry observers following the news have noted the danger of players and unsecured sites being able to make use of advanced bots to cheat human users of money and this may inevitably force new levels of legislation and security to keep the online poker industry a safe and viable business.

Full Tilt Online Poker Series IX Kicks Off

Wednesday, August 6th saw the start of the ninth annual Full Tilt Online Poker Series with a $200 No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament hosted by Allen Cunningham and hosting an impressive, million dollar guaranteed prize pool. A packed line-up of mainstay and innovative events is set to combine with high-profile hosts to offer a true poker spectacle for those in need of something to follow before the 2008 WSOP finals.

Full Tilt’s tournament series offering has always held a lot of fan attention and this year should be no different as plenty of high-stakes action has been scheduled for participating players. Among the fare is a $240 Pot-Limit Omaha/9 Knockout tournament, a $500 HORSE event, $200 Stud, $300 Mixed Hold ‘Em play and a $200 HA (meaning half PL Texas Hold ‘Em, half PL Omaha) set of games. Aside from Cunningham, a wide array of notable, internationally renown hosts have also been scheduled to oversee the games including, Max Pescatori of Italy, Jen Vörtmann of Germany, David Oppenheim, Chris Ferguson and Greg Mueller.

Interested players should log on to Full Tilt and check out the full schedule listings for themselves. Even for those only interested in watching the games, the promise of poker celebrities as hosts and the kind of competition attracted by enormous prize pools should be enough to keep things exciting.

If you are interested,
follow this link to go straight to Full Tilt Poker.

Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Welcomes PokerStrategist’s Ambassadors

Grosvenor Poker Tour
This year’s Grosvenor UK Poker Tour is just about to reach its sixth stop and players will now have to prepare for the arrival of German PokerStrategist professional’s appearance. Five of the best poker players from PokerStrategist are entering into the tournament intent on bringing back a victory for their franchise in the tough competition.

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour started last year and is now embarking upon its second season as a new, annual tournament. The 2008 GUKPT is set to play out through nine different Grosvenor Casino venues with the final event being held at the London location. The five PokerStrategist representatives, HoRRoR, crazytalent, Unam, trader and BAndelfAnIE have all arrived to make their showing with only the first on the list having played thus far. HoRRoR has put the team off to a dismal start, failing to take money from the £150 +£15 PL Texas Hold ‘Em Freezeout he’s already played in but the rest of the players remain hopeful for their chances in upcoming rounds.

Time will tell how well the German PokerStrategist contenders fare in the rest of the tournament but for now they’re full of boasts for a big win. Whatever else happens, the professionals have had nothing but positive remarks for their poker blogs and the publicity alone should be enough to satisfy everyone involved at the event.

LaunchPoker.Com and LuckyAcePoker.Com Partnership Adds Odds Calculator to Deposit Bonus

lucky ace poker
LaunchPoker.Com is one of the best known information portals on the web and their recent partnership with LuckyAcePoker.Com has meant special rewards for their fan base. In a recently kick-started promotion, Launch Poker and Lucky Ace Poker have been able to offer a free odds calculator for qualifying users making a new deposit.

The Pokerbility brand odds calculator up for grabs essentially functions as a tip bank for poker players by reading and determining odds for their current hands. The program currently supports the majority of popular sites and is able to scan cards intelligently so that the resulting advice is statistically sound and a great form of assistance for players. Pokerbility usually retails for a little under $100 USD but readers of Launch Poker who make a deposit though the portal at Lucky Ace Poker will receive the software and a lifetime license to it for free (along with a 100% matching bonus up to $400). It’s a promotion that many will be excited about for good reason and one of the better reward incentives currently offered to online poker fans.

For serious internet poker players an odds calculator can be a great aid in increasing their success in the game and those interested in the promotion should check out the partnership now.

Online Poker Earnings Falter During Euro 2008

888 Internet Poker Bingo and Casino
888.Com have reported a substantial dip in earnings this summer due to the popularity of the Euro 2008 football series. Although the summer is often a slower time for some aspects of the internet gambling industry poker usually escapes the worst of the negative effects due to the mid-year months of big-name, high-profile card tournaments(such as the WSOPs, poker’s largest seasonal event).

The premier internet gambling company reported a significant revenue loss which is being attributed to gambler’s greater interest in Euro 2008 events however. Large numbers of card betters shifted their attention to sports gambling which has now caused 888 to further consider some of their options regarding June’s deal with Sportech and seek a greater emphasis on bookkeeping for next year’s summer. Although the company still manages considerable profits, company spokespeople have mentioned that preparation for upcoming sports-heavy months will see 888 centering on bingo and event betting while poker temporarily falters.

Luckily 888 have also released fiscal statements demonstrating the continued growth of their online bingo income and its help in restoring the losses incurred during this summer’s football tournament. The 888 ladies bingo site in particular was meant as a strategic effort to counter Euro 2008 losses. CEO, Gigi Levy commented that the financial hit was expected and that business strategy initiatives already in place have kept 888 optimistic regarding recoveries from losses and further growth in coming months.

David Saab Wins APT Philippines, Readies for Next Event in Macau

david saab asian poker tour
After becoming the champion of the first Asian Poker Tour Philippines in June and taking home $280,000 USD, David Saab has announced his attendance at the next leg of the APT in Macau. The second installment will see international professionals flocking to the enormous jackpots which are the largest ever in a global tournament.

Saab displayed impressive skills against the stiff competition in the Philippines but he remains confident for his turn in Macau. The Australian native has signed on for the continued events in Macau and its $1,500,000 prize pool guarantee (with a $500,000 minimum set for the winner) but will face even tougher opponents with the higher stakes. APT Macau will be held at the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino from August 27th to the 31st. Buy-ins are set at $5,300 USD but, as to be expected, the big players in online poker sites are providing satellite games for qualification.

After the games finish playing out in Macau the Asian Poker Tour continues onward into South Korea and Singapore while continuing to pick up fans along the way. The landmark tournament has been an enormous success so far and should continue to generate publicity as it travels south this summer. Only time will tell if Saab will be able to continue his APT success story.

British Open Golf Tournament Revives Summer Sports Betting

The summer usually means a few months of slow action for punters and bookkeepers alike but this year’s British Open has caused unusually high attention and bets within the industry. The popularity of golf and the absence of Tiger Woods, usually the annual winner of the event have lead to enormous UK and worldwide bet placements.

Although the British Open is a regular, yearly event in the golf world this summer has been atypical for the large amount of interest invested in the events. Tiger Woods’ knee injury has meant a recovery time which didn’t allow the golf star to compete in the tournament and with his absence, bets exploded accordingly. Woods presence in the British Open is historically overwhelming and betters can’t expect anything but even money due to his unparalleled skills. This July however, golfers such as Sergio Garcia were receiving 10:1 odds from premier sports betting services like Bodog.

Summer typically means a dry spell for punters and bookies with only baseball, tennis, boxing matches and golf available for the most part. The majority of major league sports are in the off season but a rare occurrence in golf has been enough to spark gambler’s interest and keep businesses booming for at least this year.

Meeting between US and EU on Online Gambling Regulations Postponed

The much anticipated meeting between American and European officials has been postponed by US delegates just a week before its scheduled date. As the future of the global gambling trade still stands to be determined many observers and businesses are understandably disappointed by further delays in proceedings.

The European Union requested time with American officials so their Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, (UIGEA) passed last October could be discussed in full. The EU currently views the UIGEA as a violation of treaties established by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and seeks a reconstitution of the laws. With the enforcement of the UIGEA many premier European online gambling corporations have seen an immense revenue and market worth loss which makes the Act in high demand for address. The decision of the case will hinge on whether or not EU officials can convince the US that their legal actions circumvent treaties preventing this type of control within the World Trade Organization’s guidelines.

If a change in the UIGEA goes forth it could mean a drastic alteration of international online gambling which will inevitably impact fan’s experience in a big way. Caribbean nation, Antigua and Barbuda was awarded an annual $21 million sum and legal privileges in their dispute with the UIGEA last December but the European decision will most likely become a much larger affair with further reaching impact. A rescheduled meeting has not yet been determined.