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Canadian Man Wins $1,000,000 at 888.Com

888.Com’s World Poker Crown Poker tournament came to a grand close with Toronto, Ontario native, Jack Hinchley winning the live final table in Spain. After taking out over two thousand online competitors, Hinchley played against two other Canadians at the finals and defeated Michael Lawson to take home the title.

The final round saw the two competitors square off after Lawson had been slowly wearing down his opponent by betting hard against his chip lead. Hinchley won the last hand after Lawson saw the K-J-6, all hearts flop and went all in with his
ten-high flush to be defeated by the winner’s top pair call and king. He revealed after the game that his strategy involved keeping constant pressure on the other competitors and it paid off extraordinarily even though some of the play involved substantial bravado considering the huge risks.

The (now) former plumber announced plans to hand in his notice of resignation after receiving his
million dollar prize and commented that he wishes to finance his granddaughter, Victoria’s university education with part of the winnings. It is fitting that Hinchley kept her picture with him during rough hands at the table and that his good luck charm paid off in such a fitting manner.

PokerStars Poker Room Review

We have just released our review of the
PokerStars Poker Room here at

PokerStars is billed as the worlds largest online Poker Site so as you would imagine, the quality of the client and gameplay are second to none. The tournaments as well as the sit and go's at PokerStars draw huge crowds and also huge payouts.

Go straight to and play at or read our review on PokerStars here at

AOL Subsidiary Includes World Series of Poker Trips in Jackpots

Games.Com, an online casino run as a subsidiary of the enormous AOL corporation announced that they will be offering free, no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments where the top six players will receive trips to the World Series of Poker. The WSOP and AOL have long held a partnership which aims to give amateurs the shot to take home both prestige and the infamous tournament jackpots.

Greg Mills, Director of AOL Games commented that Freeroll play continues to be the most popular feature of Games.Com poker site and that this series of tournaments will have a great incentive for players hoping to make it to the WSOP. AOL will finance the winners’ trips to the main event within the US, put them up in the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino along with the main prize itself, a seat at the WSOP. The winners will be up against seasoned professionals and if they play well enough, it could mean the beginning of a great career in the poker world.

Hopefuls should practice hard before the tournaments start up if they want to be in the upper echelon of the winning players. Games are already beginning and will run until June 15th at which point the top six will be identified and ready to travel to the
2008 WSOP.

SportingBet Pays Out Enormous Jackpot to Lucky Player

Last week a Mr. K. Vasileiadis was fortunate enough to take home an enormous £748,290 jackpot after winning at a SportingBet online Casino slot machine. The company was proud to pay out the huge prize and took the opportunity to garner some brand-based publicity in awarding it to Vasileiadis.

SportingBet’s CEO paid for Mr. Vasileiadis alongside five of his family members and close friends to accompany him to London where the money was awarded. The group was also treated to a celebratory luncheon and drinks in order to celebrate the jackpot win before the prize was handed over. SportingBet gained a great reason to publicize their company as they gear up for their ten year anniversary as part of the online gambling industry. As one of the first companies to catch onto the Internet gaming craze before it took off, it is heartening to see SportingBet hold strong by awarding one of the casino gaming business’ biggest jackpots in industry history.

Vasileiadis told press that he has no plans to substantially change his lifestyle but would rather use it as a means to ensure security in his life. He apparently has no real desire to leave his current job. However, Vasileiadis is engaged and his fiancé was thrilled to hear of the win with the two now planning to have a bigger wedding than previously anticipated.

PKR.Com is set to Expand into Television

Online poker corporation, PKR has recently announced a move which seeks to branch their brand name into television by broadcasting Internet poker tournaments into more than fifteen million homes across Europe. This recent move is intriguing in its attempt to help out talented online poker players who may lack the finances to compete in bigger venues.

Their initiative into more appealing aesthetics at their virtual tables has meant that
PKR will have the look necessary toward capturing audience attention. Player avatars and special spectator views will be accompanied by game commentary (provided by PKR.Com podcast personalities, Dan ‘Danski’ Grant James and ‘Jabbawa’ Bach). PKR hopes to give non-professional players the ability to gain recognition through this exciting venture and increase their brand while their users have a greater chance of breaking into the big leagues.

Thursday nights will feature
PKR’s $100 buy-in, $10,000 jackpot tournament with Saturday hosting the $60 buy-in, ‘$20,000 Guaranteed TV Showdown’. As PKR continues to focus on taking the business of online poker to new levels via intelligent innovation, devotees of their service can continue to benefit. UK poker fans can check out broadcasts soon on Sky TV channels 157 and 842 or attempt to qualify via the PKR.Com page.

Casino Classic Review

We have just released our review of Casino Classic here at

Casino Classic is the 24th Ranked Online Casino based upon web traffic and it offers a £500 free play hour where you can play for Free with £500 and you keep all of your winnings over the initial £500 after the hour has ended.

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Full Tilt Poker Review

Play Online Poker
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Full Tilt Poker is one of the leading online Poker Rooms and boasts one of the best professional poker teams that regularly play the world poker circuits.

Full Tilt Poker are currently offering a 100% sign up bonus up to a maximum of $600, so now is the time to take advantage of this fantastic offer and ensure you sign up for Full Tilt Poker here at

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Poker Still Illegal in Washington State after Superior Court Ruling

For those keeping an eye on the state of poker gambling in one of the largest American cities, bad news was brought today in the form of a Superior Court ruling which maintains that online, money-based gambling is still illegal.

Lee Rousso, poker devotee and lawyer argued against the state’s regulation after filing a lawsuit but was ultimately defeated. Rousso maintains that the law should be appealed based on the fact that popular support is on his side instead of the governments and that legislation needs to be altered in light of this. After the court reached a decision he spoke to the press in front of the Poker Player’s Alliance, a group of almost seventy citizens led by the lawyer in their fight against what they consider to be an unjust and unconstitutional law.

Although his battle was lost this time
Rousso is not ready to give up quite yet. He announced that the matter would be brought up again, this time in front of the US Supreme Court. With the support of not only the PPA but also a great deal of the American public, Rousso could find himself successful if the matter is pushed. If Washington eventually relents it could open up a new door for many other international governments who have discriminated against online gambling practices, encouraging the growth of the business and discouraging the bad reputation of Internet betting.

Internet Gaming Industry Addresses Problem Gambling Education

In a recent move the Responsibility in Gambling Trust or RIGT has launched a thorough campaign to provide education within the field of problem or addictive gambling. While the initiative has not yet identified any corporations or companies as the source of the problem many CEOs and upper management in the gaming industry are closely watching the RIGT’s program.

The UK-based
Responsibility in Gaming Trust has requested funding from premier physical and online casinos, bingo halls, bookkeepers and poker sites with the hope that they will be able to provide help before individuals succumb to addictive gambling. John Greenway, MP and RIGT Chairman has announced that the Trust wants to establish sufficient programs to pre-empt problem gambling behavior instead of merely treating those who have already lapsed into the mindset.

Considering the immense rise in internet
gambling’s popularity it would be a smart move for gaming corporations to fully endorse such an initiative. A side effect of the Internet casino business boom is that many visitors to these services are finding it easier than ever to gamble in excess and with the RIGT’s actions it will be hard for the industry to ignore their program. Greenway has noted that the RIGT has increased their education spending by ten times what was committed in 2000 and hopes to double this amount again within the next two years.

Danish Poker Players Given Hope by Supreme Court

The question of whether private clubs can host poker tournaments was once again brought before Danish Supreme Court by effect of the political body re-opening its case against gambling today. A group of Denmark’s fervent poker fans have organized and spoken out in defense of the game’s community to great effect.

Danish poker fans were disappointed as the nation’s second largest governing body at Landsretten shot down the bill the last time it was brought to popular attention. Now, after an appeal to the decision was brought forth by the Danish Poker Federation and Frederik Hostrup, the law banning poker tournaments is up for questioning again. With the temporary repeal of the Landsretten restrictions of December 18th 2007 Danish gambling law has reverted to the old legal status wherein players can join tournaments again at their favourite clubs.

Poker gamblers all across Europe should be glad to hear the news considering the enthusiasm and talent which Danish card players bring to the continental scene. If Denmark changes legislature to allow tournaments neighboring countries may follow and lead to a less restricted and more enjoyable environment for the game to flourish within. For now, European poker players can only wait and see what time brings but if nothing else, this recent move has at least provided hope for a brighter future.

Dealtoplay.Com Centers on Social Networking with Online Poker and Casinos

As online poker continues to grow in popularity, social networking sites (akin to the enormous hits, Facebook and MySpace) seem to be the next smart business opportunity for companies hoping to profit. Advertisers and players alike are right to be excited about this new venue as Dealtoplay represents one of the premier services which could ignite a brand new service for the poker industry to foster. has recently launched their social network targeted at fans of online poker and casinos. The site is unique in that it knows it’s demographic and offers news reels and event listings tailored to those who visit. Members of can create detailed profiles as well as add or otherwise manage friend lists; whether these are people they know in real life or have formed a relationship with from chatting at Internet tables.

Only time will tell how successful this recent venture toward cashing in on the
online gambling craze will be but as of now it looks hopeful. Already stories are popping up all over Internet poker message boards describing the great friends (and even partners) that players have found through Dealtoplay. If enough users flock to the service and leaders in the community give it their endorsement then we can expect to see poker and casino themed social sites to continue in partnership with gambling networks.

CryptoLogic Signs On for another Three Years with 888 Holdings

CryptoLogic, the Irish casino software developer has renewed its contract with 888 Holdings for another three years, news that means good things for both sides of the deal. As the contract goes forward players can expect the release of new additions to familiar poker clients (supported by 888) and innovation within the conventions we have all grown familiar with.

CryptoLogic is one of the premier software developers in the world of online poker and the continued funding of their efforts by an enormous Internet gaming company like means that players can expect even better features and programs to come. The company has stated that they are now beginning work on platforms meant to further the success of their existing WagerLogic system and department. CryptoLogic also mentioned that they were excited to benefit from the strong marketing and industry reputation of 888, seeing their next three years as a great opportunity to further their place within the business.

The reassurance that these two giants will stay in partnership also reaffirms the stability of
online poker’s prevalence in the business world. 888 Holdings has made a smart move by locking down the time-proven support of CryptoLogic and we can expect their hosted sites to continue leading the pack in online poker as a result of this move.

Bad News for Dutch Gamblers Continues as Holland Issues Crackdown

This week the Dutch Ministry of Justice has issued a continuation of Holland’s war against online gambling by proclaiming a bigger and more serious effort to stop the practice than ever before. The national stance on gambling has always been strict and instead of accepting public noncompliance, the country has decided to tackle the issue with even more enthusiasm than in the past.

fifty online services have been targeted by the Ministry in initial action and several Dutch banks have been contacted with orders to cease business in attempts to stop the flow of money gambling. Without a permit, many online casinos will continue to face financial restrictions in the near future. Holland has decided to focus efforts by not only targeting national banks as the root of the problem but also compiling files on offending companies so that legal prosecution can be considered later on.

It continues to be a grim time for
Dutch gamblers as Holland seems to have decided to not only continue but actually increase penal action toward their anti-gambling laws. With this most recent action the business of online casinos and sports betting services will no doubt continue to dwindle, forcing Dutch citizens to limit their gambling options even further in the future.

Merge and PKR Introduce Innovations to the Online Poker World

The Merge Network and PKR are set to take the business of online poker by storm in new displays of experimentation and innovation. By attempting to target certain demographics and by introducing features which haven’t yet been explored in competitor’s poker offerings, these two companies are hoping to capture new audiences and introduce revolutionary practices.

Merge has gone after target demographics by appealing to sub-groups within the poker community (check out their for an example) as they also begin to incorporate a greater emphasis on social networking. PKR seems to be more concerned with the technical side of things and have centered on aesthetics and avatar functionality in their newest efforts.

By designing software engines which allow for high degrees of user customization and emotion based graphics,
PKR could set a standard which all other online casinos and poker clients will have to meet to stay in the game. With 'emote control' technology poker players will now be able to use bluffing to an advantage usually lacking online – avatars can express themselves visually to target the human aspect of betting, something that isn’t nearly as deep when only communicating in words.

The good news for
online poker players is that Merge and PKR’s attempts to raise the stakes of Internet gaming can only result in competition that leaves consumers with better and more satisfying services. Review for Sports Betting

We have just put our review of BetFred live here at

BetFred is the online site for Done Bookmakers, started by brothers Fred and Peter Done in 1967 in the UK. BetFred, and Done Bookmakers are based in Warrington, UK and have a collection of high street retail shops as well as online services.

BetFred has great odds and also super bonuses that are constantly running.

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58 Year Old Man Wins Big at National Bingo

A fifty-eight year old man has recently won a life-changing £410,000 from National Bingo while playing at Camberwall’s Gala Bingo. The winner is married with two-children and wished to remain anonymous after taking home the enormous payout last Saturday.

His plans for the money are practical as his press quote lists paying off his mortgage and providing for his two son’s university education as the first orders of business for the new funds in his bank account. The man stated that he usually played
bingo at Gala Bingo in Crystal Palace and had made that hall his home since the 1970s but due to an extremely fortunate turn of events he went to the Camberwall venue after a day shopping in Brixton.

Through a combination of the
National Bingo game prizes and the Camberwall Gala Bingo’s house reward the winner was able to cash out for such a large prize after only forty-one numbers were called. His decision to call house with the number 90 won the most substantial portion of the earnings, the National Bingo attached Platinum prize of £343, 39. The courier driver and his family are lucky to have easy minds now in light of the UK-wide financial crises with their story set to inspire many more hopefuls toward online bingo halls.

Liv Boeree Takes Title of Ladbrokes European Ladies Champion

Although many UK poker players may recognise Liv Boeree most for her participation in the Channel 5 reality show which saw her learning how to pick up the game, Boeree’s performance at the European Ladies Championship shows just how far she has come as a professional player.

Ladbrokes Poker event saw Boeree emerge as the top competitor out of fifty-two contestants all vying for the title. She took first place for the $30,000 prize and a seat at the World Series of Poker Main Event after two days of tough playing, beating out Lena Martyak at the last table.

Boeree used her time in the spotlight to comment on the concept of the Ladbrokes Poker European Ladies Championship, mentioning that the gender-exclusive tournament has gone a long way toward reaching the company’s goal of demonstrating the skill female poker players have. Ladbrokes Poker event manager, Lucy Sergides commented that the demand for the ELC has been impressive and hopes to see an increase of truly mixed-gender tables as the tournament gains publicity and demonstrates the quality of play.

Liv Boeree’s going to be a player to watch as she continues her career as one of the foremost female poker pros demonstrating a new wave of competitors in the traditionally male dominated sport.

Review of Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo
We have just completed our
review of the Virgin Bingo site.

Virgin Bingo is operated by the Virgin Brand, which was founded by Richard Branson. Virgin Bingo brings with it the trusted Virgin Brand as well as the ability to win various Virgin goodies such as Air Miles which you can use with Virgin Atlantic.

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review of Virgin Bingo as Virgin is a brand we love and trust here at

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Second European Championship of Online Poker Returns in Late May

After last December’s hosting of the first European Championship of Online Poker by Titan Poker turned out as a success, the company has decided to begin a second series starting on May 23rd.

The online tournament will last for ten days, finishing on June 1st and promises a great deal of action and quality competition for Internet players to engage in. With last year’s ECOOP paying out $2.5 million the stakes have been raised with a huge cash-out being certain to come after the Championship has been played through to the end.

Tournament hopefuls will have to put in some time on the tables to place in the ECOOP satellites or buy-in directly when the event kicks-off. Leader boards will track the best players up to the time of the Championship so expect fierce competition to emerge before the event has even started.

When the dust settles, Titan has also promised that the top hundred gamblers will be entered into a $50,000 Free Roll which starts only three days after the main event has finished. As with any major online tournament we can expect the ECOOP II to showcase many of the brightest and best upcoming and established poker players of the year, making the event one not to be missed.

Justin ‘ZeeJustin’ Bonomo Signed to Bodog

After becoming the youngest online poker player to make television at a European Poker Table and making waves by cashing out big at the World Series of Poker three times running, twenty-one year old Justin Bonomo has been signed to the Bodog poker team. He is now set to represent Team Bodog and its franchise as a promoter and representative of the successful poker company.

The Los Angeles native has only beenplaying within the spotlight for three years but is already attracting a great deal of attention and not just because of his age. Last year’s WSOP saw Bonomo play for Bodog as he climbed the ranks to the final table for the $2000 No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, finishing fourth but continuing to sport his Bodog promo clothing throughout the rest of the events.

Bonomo is excited to now join the team officially alongside big names such as Evelyn Ng and (former Survivor China contestant) Jean-Robert Bellande. This summer’s proceedings at the WSOP will determine how successfully the young player will be able to continue his impressive streak as an online poker player now sitting at physical tables. Bonomo is aiming high however as he told poker reporters that he was after nothing less than the gold bracelet itself for his new team.

Playtech Ltd. Reports Record Poker Revenue

British online gambling company, Playtech Limited reported ground breaking revenue generated from Internet casinos and poker websites today. Mor Weizer, Playtech’s Chief Executive Officer announced that the company’s earnings have enjoyed an incredible 97 percent raise from the same financial period last year (and a 19% increase from last period).

iPoker, Playtech’s online poker network, will host the second annual European Championship of Online Poker toward the end of May and in support of the continuation of the event, thecompany has decided to sign even more poker licenses as a sign of confidencethat this economic upswing will continue.

Playtech is expanding further by wayof global interests as earnings continue to increase substantially month by month. Weizer announced not only the coming addition of improvements andinnovations to their existing poker sites but also growth that seeks to break Playtech’s online casinos into Asia, a market which could further the sky rocketing business of internet poker.

Playtech Limited continues to gain momentum as a powerhouse within the world of virtual gambling the bigger picture demonstrates a bright future for the industry in general. With the proposed establishment of Asian based projects in the third quarter of this year it is likely that the great success of online casinos and online poker will be in no danger of coming to a halt anytime soon.

Norwegian Poker Championships in Nottingham

Norway’s strict anti-gambling laws have prohibited a
national poker tournament within the country itself so once again the best Norwegian card sharks have packed their bags for Britain in order to determine the 2008 champ.

Norwegian Poker Championships took place at Dusk Till Dawn and featured a coming together of Scandinavian and British players as they bet it out to determine the best poker competitor for the year. Exciting side events and a generally lively spirit have taken over the well known UK poker venue for the last few days as Norwegian TV covers the events for the fans at home.

British poker professionals like Pete Linton, Dave Penly and Lucy Rokach have emerged as contenders for the main event alongside Norway’s top players including Andreas Hoivold and Johnny Lodden ensuring that poker fans from both nations will have a favourite to follow.

Norwegian Poker Championships have generated a lot of buzz in Nottingham and online since the games started and many take heart in the hosting of such a high-profile affair. Dusk Till Dawn and Nottingham itself stand to drum up great business from the event as well as demonstrating the great potential that an annual repeat could have for British poker and the city.

Paysafecard Wants Your Bad Beat Stories

Instead of heading to your favourite poker forum to discuss your loss at online tables, Paysafecard is offering incentives to share your ‘bad beats’ with them for a chance to get your stake back in the bank.

The UK based company acts as a bridge between your money and virtual chips, and has been moving up as one of the premier services in transferring money between the Internet and your physical accounts. The
Paysafecard company is now looking to provide further incentives to get you onto their business by providing a weekly draw wherein a refund of the money gambled (and lost) is awarded on Mondays to the player with the best story of a horrible loss.

By playing at any of the provided
online casinos (Pokerstars, Partypoker, Ultimatebet and many others) and having entered a game using the Paysafecard service a failed gamble can be recorded with a screenshot and sent to [email protected] wherein stories are considered for winning the weekly refund. Luckily your identity is hidden so even by sharing your embarrassment, not everyone who visits the site has to know the humiliation suffered.

It’s a good idea to drum up further service for the company and may be just the push needed to get
Paysafecard established as the foremost electronic funds management service in the United Kingdom for the booming online poker industry.

Top Poker Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way of learning new skills. I listen to a variety of Podcasts on a weekly basis.

As more and more of us are utilising
MP3 players, and with the Apple iPod being the outright market leader, Apple came up with the term on "podcast". A Podcast is like a radio show, that you can subscribe to through iTunes, or just download the MP3 of the Podcast through the Podcast providers website. There are podcasts covering every vertical, from news, to shopping, to, of course, online poker and gambling.

I listen to a few
Poker Podcasts and I thought I would share them here for my readers.

Poker Night
The Circuit
Two plus Two Pokercast
On the Rail
Full Tilt Poker Podcast Podcast

Click the links to try out each of the podcasts.

Crown Bingo Theme Park Promotion

Crown Bingo may day promo win theme park tickets

Crown Bingo are running a Bank Holiday Monday Promotion to win tickets to a UK based Theme Park.

The Theme parks you could win tickets for are:

- Alton Towers
- Drayton Manor
- Chessington World of Adventure
- Thorpe Park
- Legoland

All you have to do it to
play in Bingo Room 2 on the 5th of May between 1800 and 2100. The winner will be the full house winner in the games nearest to each hour.

Good luck and enjoy playing
online bingo at Crown Bingo!