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Ladbrokes Bulks Up Game Line-Up Through Renewed Deal

Ladbrokes, operator of leading poker and casino gaming sites, has announced the conclusion of a deal that will see the addition of several new games to its service. As part of its deal Ladbrokes players are now going to be able to enjoy play that features some of the most beloved brands in the industry.

The deal in question saw Ladbrokes and its previous software provider, Microgaming renew their contract earlier this summer. This move has also given the former company access to titles from developers, Ash Gaming and Blueprint Gaming as part of its supply agreement. Members of the Ladbrokes network will now be able to play branded games that include Ash Gaming’s “Alice’s Wonderland”, “Midas Millions”, “Amazon” and “Pharaoh’s Treasure” along with Blueprint Gaming’s “Casper”, “Bejeweled 2”, “Zuma”, “Chuzzle” and “Viz.” These titles come from two of the best regarded developers working in the industry and should add some extra, quality fun to an already impressive selection of games.

It’s always exciting to see new titles added to gaming sites and fans of Ladbrokes are sure to be pleased with the newly expanded line-up. Ladbrokes’ Chief Executive Officer, Richard Glynn, told press that he believes the new additions “will complement our current and growing games portfolio” while Blueprint Gaming’s Matt Cole said that his company was “delighted to supply with leading slot-based content.”

Ladbrokes Pares Down Accessibility by Removing Language Support

Ladbrokes has been known for its robust language support in the past but now, with the popular gaming network’s recent decision to remove part of its feature set, this is looking to change. The company has recently announced that it will pare down its currency and linguistic support options in the near future, cutting down on aspects of its international business in order to hone its focus on select markets.

The online gaming giant is set to remove many of its current sub-sites, moving to only 13 region-specific sites, the support of 17 currencies and a step down to only nine languages. English, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Thai and German will remain but players that prefer to play in Czech, Finnish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Slovakian and Romanian will no longer enjoy Ladbrokes support. The gambling network considers the removed currencies and languages to be unessential for future success and, although this is bad news for affected markets, remaining support areas can look to enjoy bigger and better promotions in the near future.

Ladbrokes players from different markets are sure to be upset by the company’s decision to remove its previously substantial list of regional offerings. The reduction is due to Ladbrokes’ revamp of their operating plan (based on a recent review of viable online gaming regions) and is meant to strengthen support for remaining markets while minimizing corporate spending.

Ladbrokes Promotes Monthly Bounty Tournaments with Steve Davis

Successful online gambling network, Ladbrokes, has unveiled details of an exciting new promotion that aims to put its members into competition against one of the snooker world’s most accomplished players, Steve Davis. The London native will take on poker players at cash tables under the handle, “5K2”, offering a great bounty target and the chance to win even further rewards as he appears at various Ladbrokes cash tables.

Steve Davis, a six-time World Champion snooker player, will take part in an ongoing series of bounty tournaments that allow site members to take their chances in competition against the renowned athlete. Beginning on Wednesday, 18th August at 7.30, Davis will take on competitors in bounty competitions (where knocking out the snooker pro rewards the winner with £200). After Davis is eliminated from games, he will join Sit and Go tournaments or other cash tables. Players that join these games also have the chance to win a £13 Cruise Steps Tournament ticket (from 50 available tickets) that makes them eligible for a £4,000 Poker Cruise prize package.

Players that encounter Davis in competitions will be able to chat with the star about snooker, poker and more while fighting for the Poker Cruise prize. Ladbrokes’ innovative new bounty event is set to kick off on 18th August and will feature an initial buy-in of £5.50 with half-price rebuys.

Ladbrokes Bingo Celebrate Summer Holidays with New Giveaway

Although the kind folks at Ladbrokes Bingo certainly have no problem with their members staying inside to enjoy their games they’ve still been good enough to provide a few incentives to get even their most loyal fans out into the sun before the summer is over. The Summer Holidays Giveaway is aimed at doing just this, giving devoted bingo players a prize set that pretty much guarantees a great time enjoying the warmth of the season.

Ladbrokes Bingo will be giving away a number of prize sets that allow for the winner to pick from an assortment of winnings in order to create their own, specially customized reward. The prize system works by giving away vouchers to be used for a variety of different summer-themed options, a concept that allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes time for lucky winners to spend their newfound fortune. 1
st prize, for example, gives the winner £700 worth of holiday vouchers that can be spent at resorts across the UK or other specified locations throughout the world.

To enter the Summer Holidays Giveaway Ladbrokes Bingo members need to play in 90-ball bingo rooms, earning one entry to the prize draw for every 20 bingo tickets purchased during the week. Winners will be selected at the end of each qualifying period until contest’s end next month. These rewards should help create plenty of incentive for Ladbrokes Bingo members to log on to the site often from now until the beginning of September.

Ladbrokes Casino Provides Special Offer

Ladbrokes Casino Provides Special Offer

In celebration of the launch of a brand new television advertisement the immensely popular UK gaming site, Ladbrokes Casino, has decided to share a bit of the excitement with potential members through a special introductory promotion.

The offer entails an entirely
free £25 bonus to help brand new users to get a taste of the action at the virtual casino. There is no required deposit and the complementary money is automatically entered into new accounts as soon as the sign-up process is completed. Coupled with a fresh television advertisement promoting the site, Ladbrokes Casino seems to be aiming to pull in new visitors to take a spin on the network’s wide range of excellent games and services. The promotion also acts as a great way to provide incentive for existing members of Ladbrokes Poker or Bingo to sign up at the casino and branch out their gaming time at the sister site.

Ladbrokes Casino launched the special offer last Friday, April 17
th and hasn’t announced plans for the end of its promotion as of yet, a sign that may mean the generous bonus will stick around for some time to come. With more and more online gaming options popping up as competition all the time, Ladbrokes may have hit on a great way to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack with the special £25 offer.

Ladbrokes Bingo Give Away a Stash of Cash

“Ladbrokes Bingo Give Away a ‘Stash of Cash’”

Last weekend saw Ladbrokes Bingo hosting yet another great promotion with the aptly named ‘Stash of Cash’ promotion. The giveaway prompted a large traffic volume and plenty of player excitement as members of the site scrambled to find a hidden fortune.

Users of the Ladbrokes Bingo site were able to compete for the money through both Saturday and Sunday night, trying to be the lucky winners of the £6,000 total up for grabs at Ladbrokes Bingo.

The lounge bingo room held two games on each evening of the weekend, holding winning opportunities from 8-9pm and 9-10pm. Players who were fortunate enough to be playing in the right room during the awarding of the ‘Stash of Cash’ were able to win a share of the money. The cash was allocated to those bingo rooms that were able to call a win in the least amount of time possible where it was then doled out in shared amounts set at either £1,000 or £5,000.   

Ladbrokes Bingo was able to pack the site on both Saturday and Sunday night, awarding the full prize amount and creating quite a few happy players in the process.

The ‘Stash of Cash’ weekend promo proved a great hit for the online bingo hall and should only be the tip of the rewards iceberg as the site gears up for July and a new month of over-the-top prize events.

Ladbrokes Bingo Celebrates Father’s Day

Ladbrokes Bingo Celebrates Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching later this June, Ladbrokes Bingo has announced plans to help members of the popular bingo site to celebrate the Dad in their life through a special hour of gameplay. With £5,000 set to be awarded to players for only one hour the upcoming Sunday looks like it will be a Father’s Day to remember for many Ladbrokes Bingo players.  

2009 Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 21
st and Ladbrokes is hoping to bring in a big crowd as the day winds down. From 9pm to 10pm, members of the site can play in a special room with entry stakes set at a cost as low as 5p. The bingo network has guaranteed a pot of £5,000 for the event, promising bingo fans the chance to win large cash prizes with almost no risk required to join in. Jackpots will be set at an impressive £500 level meaning that there are a large number of prizes up for grabs from the £5K overall pot.

Aside from the already substantial Father’s Day promotion, Ladbrokes Bingo will also be bringing back the free games that proved such a hit with members throughout the month of May. The first three weekends of June will host free entry into Saturday and Sunday night games with players competing for the chance to win jackpot prizes at the £200 mark.            

Ladbrokes Bingo Start Off another Cash Climber Jackpot

Ladbrokes Bingo Start Off another Cash Climber Jackpot

The ever popular
Cash Climber jackpot has made a return to Ladbrokes Bingo to the delight of members of the bingo site. Users will now be able to compete in specially designated bingo games for the chance to win a fantastic prize, guaranteed to reward at least £50,000 in cash.

Ladbrokes Bingo has launched the progressive jackpot with the initial £50K and plans to contribute regular amounts in the time leading up to its award. Members of the site can try for the jackpot through special games, hoping to win a full house in a certain number of calls. Ladbrokes Bingo will regularly increase the jackpot with an additional £1,000 while bumping the number of calls at the same time.

For example, users competing for the initial £50K will have to complete a full house within 33 calls while the next turn will see £5,100 awarded to the first user to achieve a full house within 34 calls. This increase to the jackpot and calls will continue occurring until a lucky winner takes the prize home.

The Cash Climber started on Monday, March 23
rd with a large sum contributed by the site right off the bat. Now the competition will begin to heat up as site members flock to the Cash Climber games in attempts to win the massive jackpot as it continues to grow in size.  

Ladbrokes Bingo Lines Up May Promotions

Ladbrokes Bingo Lines Up May Promotions

After an exciting month of gaming for Ladbrokes Bingo players in March, the noted website is set to offer up another series of fantastic promotions this April. Through the month’s marking of Easter, St. George’s Day and Ladbrokes birthday itself, the bingo network is beginning to provide some great incentives for regular play throughout all of the coming weeks leading to May.

Ladbrokes Bingo

May celebrations kicked off with the site’s third birthday anniversary on Sunday April 5th wherein players were able to compete for a wide variety of prizes in celebration of a few great years at Ladbrokes. Although it’s over now there are still upcoming visits from ‘the bingo fairy’ to look forward to. Between April 10th and 13th players at the 90 and 75 ball rooms will have a chance to randomly win a cash prize from the £30,000 pool being distributed by ‘the fairy’.

St. George’s Day will also be enjoyed in grand form with Ladbrokes launching a free weekend of play between April 23rd and 27th. To round off the rest of the month’s promotions, players can also hope to stumble across one of Ladbrokes’ ‘Easter egg’ prizes, a free cash reward to be used in play on the website. These are just a few selections from the wide selection of promotions for fans to take advantage of throughout April so be sure to log on at Ladbrokes Bingo today and check out the other incentives for yourself.

Ladbrokes Feels the February Love

Ladbrokes Bingo has emerged as the latest bingo site to unveil a Valentine’s Day themed take on monthly promotions. February at Ladbrokes Bingo promises to host a load of fantastic gaming and prize options for enthusiastic players and should ensure that regular fans feel a bit of love from their site of choice.

The first, and decidedly most impressive, promotion offered for February Ladbrokes Bingo players is the launch of daily free games throughout the entire month of February. These games will be offered at random intervals between 7pm and 10pm and allow any member to snatch up some no-cost tickets to take into the game. The last day of the promotion (the 28th) will run the free games for the last eligible hour (9-10pm). Ladbrokes has also set up a special, £2,500 bingo game on Valentine’s Day itself, available through a private room. Users can vie for entry to this event by playing at least £35 in any of Ladbrokes’ 90-Ball rooms before February 10th. The £2,500 game itself requires no additional payment to enter.

While almost all of the biggest bingo sites are planning some Valentine’s themed event or another, Ladbrokes Bingo may be hosting the most impressive options thus far. Regular bingo players orLadbrokes Bingo members should log on today to take a look at the variety of February promotions open for play.

Ladbrokes Bingo

St. Alban’s Man Wins Big at Ladbrokes Bingo

While many are fretting about the continuing recession’s effect on their pocketbooks one St. Alban’s resident will be able to put his mind to rest after having won a massive prize from Ladbrokes Bingo.

The slots jackpot awarded to him had been accumulating for about nine months, waiting for a fortunate player to strike it rich with its cash reward.

The man, known to press as “Mr. H”, won big on a Ladbrokes Bingo slot machine after putting down a stake of only £3 for the enormous prize jackpot he ended up taking home. Mr. H played on the “Chain Reactions” slots at Ladbrokes Bingo, increasing his tiny bet into a decidedly more substantial payout of £109,467. Playing on a break during a typical work day, Mr. H was astounded to have won the prize in the same week that he was planning to celebrate his birthday.

According to Mr. H and his wife, the prize couldn’t have come at a better time. The couple has been feeling the effects of the dismal economy, having been made to cancel a ski vacation and watch their spending carefully. Now the jackpots have begun to build up again, providing enticement for any Ladbrokes Bingo hopefuls attempting to make their own success story out of a lucky game at the site.

Ladbrokes Bingo Wants to Pay Your Bills This January

The immensely popular Ladbrokes Games has been making waves with their bingo site’s current headlining promotional events. First out of the gate for the network’s 2009 prize offerings is the Pay Your Bills 2009 reward centred on those players who are dreading their January bills after the credit build-up affecting many after the end of last month’s holiday shopping craze.

Ladbrokes Bingo players are currently able to vie for a prize which will see the site paying the tab on their bills for every month of the year if won. Every twenty tickets purchased at Ladbrokes in the month of January (or every £2 spent on the site’s mini-games) will count as a single entry for the upcoming draw. The company is also beefing up the service for even casual online gamers by allowing every £5 spent across the entire Ladbrokes network (including the popular
poker, casino and sports betting sites) to be used toward buying a chance to win the Pay Your Bills 2009 prize.

It’s a great opportunity for all sorts of players to try for a shot at what could be the least stressful year of their lives. The bingo service will be offering the
Pay Your Bills 2009 contest from now until the month’s end (Saturday, January 31st) with the final draw taking place shortly after the event’s closing.

Massive Ladbrokes Bingo Promotions in Liverpool during Ad Shoot

Ladbrokes, one of Great Britain’s best known online bingo providers have launched an enormous advertising campaign in the city streets of Liverpool. The filming of an over-the-top commercial spot has already attracted the attention of a large number of city dwellers even before its slated airing on UK TV beginning next month.

The company grabbed publicity by floating giant bingo balls down the Liverpool streets to the amazement of onlookers. Giant spheres, some thirteen feet in diameter, were sent past major city landmarks where pedestrians often pushed them along their path. Video crew were set up to capture the event for the upcoming Ladbrokes bingo commercial which will soon see the footage edited to display the balls passing Liverpool landmarks such as St George’s Hall, the Steblel Fountain, the Liver Building and the Museum Steps. Ladbrokes’ Marketing Manager, Charlie Goodenough reported that his company was excited to carry out such a large-scale advertisement shoot and provide Liverpool citizens with some entertainment in the process.

M&S Saatchi were partnered with Ladbrokes to conceive the larger-than-life publicity stunt and have promised the inclusion of further edits depicting real-life renditions of bingo slang (such as the ‘two fat ladies’, ‘two little ducks’, ‘legs eleven’ calls and more). The advertising spot is intended for television use and is expected to begin regular rotation from mid-September onward.

Ladbrokes Joins With Microgaming Poker Network to Stimulate Business

The Microgaming Poker Network is one of online gambling’s leading networks and Ladbrokes decision to join with their service is set to hold great rewards for devotees of the site. Through increased traffic and greater benefits, Ladbrokes plans to expand their tournament and cash game options for users of the poker client.

John O’Reilly, Ladbrokes Managing Director of Remote Betting and Gaming said the move to join Microgaming was a natural one for the company in that they are hoping to offer wider fare for members and stimulate growth. Through the partnership, Ladbrokes will be able to offer higher-stakes games as well as increase their potential demographic base and notoriety while maintaining their existing features. The company may have been motivated by a 6.4 percent decline in profits during the first half of 2008 but ultimately the move is a wise one which should increase the site’s popularity while allowing them the necessary movement to keep positive site elements intact. Customer service and brand-based franchising have been stated as being at the top of Ladbrokes agenda as they continue aiming for organic business growth.

Ladbrokes is already one of the premier online poker sites within the industry and their decision to join Microgaming may be just the push needed to put them on top in the near future. Players who use the site should be happy with the move and looking forward to additional content in the near future.

Ladbrokes Casino Review

We have just published a
review of the Ladbrokes Casino here at Ladbrokes are a very established brand in the UK with over 2200 high street betting shops. They have chosen the Microgaming Viper Software platform for their Casino and this includes Flash based instant play games, allowing you to play on your Mac as well as PC.

The download
Casino is PC only but does have fantastic graphics and gameplay from a trusted brand.

Check out the
review of Ladbrokes Casino, or go straight to the Casino to play.