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Mecca Bingo Plans to Offer Increased Cellular Play

With the rapid adoption of mobile devices showing no sign of slowing down the minds at Mecca Bingo have made the intelligent decision of embracing new technology through the support of cellular play. The company has been offering some portable gambling accessibility in the past but is now set to ramp up their contribution to cell-phone gaming with new efforts.

Mecca recently announced plans to increase work on their partnership with mobile developers, Mfuse by developing better gaming options for bingo players on the go. Reports have shown a massive increase in the popularity of portable gambling play with some hundred million pounds being bet through the devices since Mecca’s unveiling of their old cellular software. The addition of casino play and extended bingo modes is meant to provide the already popular company with a leading edge on what they believe to be the next big boom in online gambling trends.

Several other companies seemed interesting in jumping on the bandwagon during the recent events of the Fifth Annual Mobile Gaming Meeting although Mecca has been making the biggest waves as they announce their upcoming work. With the aid of Mfuse, the well known bingo company is set to begin intensive production of Java-based mobile gaming options for a multitude of portable platforms with release intended for the near future.