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William Hill Bingo Site’s Redesign and New Feature Set Goes Live

William Hill’s series of site redesigns continues with the recent, official launch of Will Hill Bingo’s fresh new look. After receiving warm fan responses regarding the updates given to its poker offering’s update, William Hill has been hard at work in creating an improved service for its substantial bingo-playing fan base.

The new William Hill Bingo brings site members a host of cosmetic and functional changes that should work to make for a smoother and more enjoyable playing experience. William Hill Bingo now brings its users features that boost user friendliness and overall interactivity. New to the service is a homepage button that allows players to immediately launch their favourite rooms, streamlined navigation features that make finding well-populated games easier and the ability to sort gaming options based on current promotions and more. Will Hill has also sought to increase user interaction and feedback through a number of social media functions (like Facebook and Twitter support), improved FAQs and a review section where comments and star ratings are decided by site members.

William Hill Bingo looks better and comes complete with useful new features but fans needn’t worry about being confused with all these changes; the site layout has mostly remained the same and preserves many of the old version’s popular features. Combined with its general embrace of popular social networking trends, William Hill Bingo’s new features look to hit all the right notes for devoted players.

William Hill Launches Austrian Version of Its Successful Sports Betting Website

Austrian punters are now able to take advantage of sports betting support from William Hill as the company has released a version of its popular service specifically designed for the nation. With the addition of a brand new, dedicated domain for Austria, William Hill has set its sights on keeping an entire country of potential customers happy.

The online gambling company is going a long way toward ensuring that Austrian sports fans are able to enjoy top-notch bookkeeping services in a convenient fashion. The new William features complete support for Austrian language and currency usage and is the result of months of research and development. The site also caters beyond the cosmetic by implementing a heavy focus on Austrian football. Will Hill gives the country comprehensive support for domestic games through betting options on up to 100 pre-match or in-play matches.

William Hill has thrown plenty of weight behind the launch of the new domain. An expensive television, print and internet advertising campaign began shortly before the site went live and features the talents of former Monty Python star John Cleese endorsing the slogan, “Wetten wie die Briten!” (“Bet like the British!&rdquoWinking. There’s no word as of yet on whether William Hill has any further plans to expand its bookkeeping services to other European nations in the same manner as its Austrian domain.

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William Hill Unveils New and Improved Layout for Its Poker Site

William Hill poker players are in for an improved experience at their site of choice as the online poker platform has announced an update that seeks to boost performance and provide fans with great new features. The site revision will see the addition of fantastic tools and software functions that are designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind.

William Hill Poker and Playtech have been working hard to make their site an even bigger hit with existing members and prospective registrants by creating new features and redesigns that make play simpler than ever before. Changes include a complete poker table redesign that allows for cascading multiple tables, multi-monitor support and table resizing. Player status updates have also been revamped(with improved graphics and flashing avatars) in order to make it easier to identify an active hand or remaining time. Lastly, William Hill has also improved chat functionality by adding a side toolbar that can list statistics, hand histories, settings, commentary and notes. All of these features are customizable and allow members to tailor the platform to their specific needs.  
Each of the new features should help to further William Hill Poker’s position as one of the online poker industry’s most successful businesses. The redesign goes a long way toward making William Hill’s software amoung the most flexible currently available and should hold appeal for both serious and casual online poker players.  

William Hill Poker Offers $1,000,000 for 2010 World Cup Promotion

William Hill Poker is giving online poker players a great reason to spend a little time away from their TV sets and a little more on their computers throughout this month’s Fifa World Cup. With a fantastic $1,000,000 prize up for grabs and other promotions running alongside this opportunity, William Hill is looking like the best choice for World Cup related poker playing this June and July.

Members of the William Hill Poker site are able to compete in two of the site’s biggest promotions to date through either The $1,000,000 Challenge or an updated version of the World Cup Super Series. The $1,000,000 Challenge gives William Hill members the chance to bet on the outcome of World Cup matches, earning points through poker games and receiving cash or prizes for every accurate football game prediction. Correctly choosing 25 games awards lucky (and skilled) competitors a million dollars. The World Cup Super Series will feature added prizes that are awarded daily to players of the World Cup poker tournaments hosted on the site.

William Hill Poker’s latest promotion promises plenty of exciting competition and incentive for ambitious players with dreams of taking home the million dollar prize. The $1,000,000 Challenge is currently open and accepting players so register or log on today to get started on making your million.

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William Hill Launches New Multi-Play Bingo Rooms

William Hill Launches New Multi-Play Bingo Rooms

William Hill’s bingo site has upgraded their service offerings with a brand new set of multi-play rooms. The addition should prove welcome to members of the site and bingo fans in general, a fan base that has traditionally been known for their ability to multi-task while waiting for each call.

The multi-play addition allows William Hill Bingo players to launch four games simultaneously for intense and uninterrupted gaming. The option is now available through the Variety Room and the software has been performing extremely well since its initial launch.

William Hill has also allowed for the concurrent games to host mini-games and chat options, a move that truly allows for some of the most absorbing online bingo gaming currently available. Thus far, steady traffic has not managed to slow down any of the features or the main bingo play itself. Industry observers have lauded Will Hill for their work, citing the service expansion as a great achievement and marker of exactly the kind of innovation that internet bingo should strive toward.

March 3rd saw the multi-play bingo rooms launch with excited players flocking toward the new and exciting style of internet gaming. During the first weeks of its opening, the multi-play option has been heavily used and extremely well received by a fan base enthusiastic for a more engrossing level of play.

William Hill Succeeds in Enormous Fundraising Event

October of 2008 saw William Hill Bingo offering up a charity event that sought to raise money for breast cancer treatment. Now the New Year has lead to the company’s announcement of the total proceeds garnered by their fundraising promotion and the overwhelming success of their efforts.

William Hill Bingo has released information from their Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, detailing the £41,000 that donations from their three-month event yielded. The company gathered charitable proceeds through a Pink Ribbon Game series with simple donation guidelines. Any William Hill Bingo player that entered into one of the appropriately designated games was automatically assisting the company in their donations. William Hill provided ten percent of their Pink Ribbon Game proceeds to the charity along with a special £10 match for eligible new users. The final sum was officially donated to the Breast Cancer Care charity in January.

Market research has provided demographic details that show bingo as a game enjoyed by a largely female audience and William Hill Bingo was clever to take advantage of their user-base in order to support a deserving charity from an ideal platform. No word has been given yet as to whether William Hill Bingo players can expect to see a return of the charity late this year but the £41,000 donation made this month makes it seem quite likely.

William Hill Bingo Advertisement Banned in UK

The British Advertising Standards Authority has marked a William Hill Bingo ad as breaching the 2005 Gambling Act’s regulations. By having their television spot labeled as socially irresponsible William Hill has put itself into a position of bad publicity. The legislature established in past years has defined a series of criteria which gaming companies must adhere to in their marketing campaigns and the company has been deemed to have broken them in their most recent media offering.

UK television has recently been running the commercial in question but probably won’t be for much longer given the ASA’s verdict. The advertisement in question shows a woman anxiously waiting for her husband to leave for work and setting the clock ahead so she can rush to the computer and play William Hill online bingo. The Advertising Standards Authority has determined that such a depiction represents addictive gambling patterns where internet bingo play has to be hidden within a relationship.

William Hill countered by defending their work as nothing more than a funny play on a woman wanting to be left alone to enjoy herself the ASA doesn’t find the reply satisfactory. The legal body maintained that the advertisement was dangerous and could appeal in some way to addictive tendencies in many viewers.