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Merge and PKR Introduce Innovations to the Online Poker World

The Merge Network and PKR are set to take the business of online poker by storm in new displays of experimentation and innovation. By attempting to target certain demographics and by introducing features which haven’t yet been explored in competitor’s poker offerings, these two companies are hoping to capture new audiences and introduce revolutionary practices.

Merge has gone after target demographics by appealing to sub-groups within the poker community (check out their for an example) as they also begin to incorporate a greater emphasis on social networking. PKR seems to be more concerned with the technical side of things and have centered on aesthetics and avatar functionality in their newest efforts.

By designing software engines which allow for high degrees of user customization and emotion based graphics,
PKR could set a standard which all other online casinos and poker clients will have to meet to stay in the game. With 'emote control' technology poker players will now be able to use bluffing to an advantage usually lacking online – avatars can express themselves visually to target the human aspect of betting, something that isn’t nearly as deep when only communicating in words.

The good news for
online poker players is that Merge and PKR’s attempts to raise the stakes of Internet gaming can only result in competition that leaves consumers with better and more satisfying services.

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker - Video Lesson

If you, like me found it quite hard and also bewildering learning how to play Texas Holdem Poker, then I have got a treat for you. The video below is a nine minute video that takes you through learning how to play Texas Holdem Poker.

Feeling good, then have a go at the Virgin Poker Room and try your luck on the practice or real Poke Tables.

Review of Virgin Poker

We have just finished a review of the Virgin Poker Room. This is the first review of many that we plan and eventually every site that we offer on will be reviewed along with full installation instructions and information about each site.

In this first review we take the Virgin Poker Room and show you how to install the software as well as providing an in-depth review of the Poker Software from this brand that you an trust.

Be sure to give it a go and compare it to your usual Poker Room Software.

The Poker application can be directly downloaded here and the review can be found here.

Video of Poker Odds to make Winning Decisions

This Video explains how to read Poker Odds to make winning decisions.

Covered Are:

Counting Out
The Rule of 4 and 2
Calculating Pot odds
Making Winning Decisions
Implied Odds

All well worth a watch!

Video of Cool Poker Tricks

This is a rather cool video worth watching from YouTube showing some cool tricks with some Poker Chips.

Now I don't know about you but trying these always seems to end up with a pile of chips on the floor. I play hard to win these chips and I need to improve my tricks!

I will start to post more of these.

BetFair Poker Software Update


BETFAIR POKER has completed the latest in a series of upgrades to its software.

Renamed “BETFAIR POKER Plus”, the software gives customers the most significant increase in capability since Betfair Poker re-launched its own poker platform in October 2006.

Among the 25 individual enhancements is the option to choose from a selection of different views for multi-tabling. The “old” view will remain an option but customers can now spawn connecting tables, detach and re-attach tables and re-size windows.

Improve multi-tabling functionality allows for up to 15 tables to be played at the same time and graphic and resolution are vastly improved. The default view has also been enlarged to improve visibility.

"The latest upgrade offers some major customer facing improvements and we have had very positive feedback. But we won’t be resting our laurels, we’ll continue to look to the future" said Betfair’s Head of Poker, Ben Fried.

BETFAIR POKER's software development team receives input from real players and continues to work closely with customers aiming to create an approachable, intuitive and forward-thinking poker platform.

Since launching on its own poker platform, BETFAIR POKERhas made 12 software updates.

If you are into Poker, be sure to give BETFAIR POKER a try!

Learning Poker - The Winning Hands of Poker

Keeping on the Poker theme, I thought I would let you all know about a new section I have added to the site that covers the Winning Hands in the game of Poker. This handy reference page can be found by CLICKING HERE.

This section covers the winning Hands in Poker. These winning hands, in order of importance are:

  • Royal Flush

  • Straight Flush

  • Four of a Kind

  • Full House

  • Flush

  • Straight

  • Three of a Kind

  • Two Pair

  • Pair

  • High Card

Playing Poker Online at

Party Poker Online Poker

Well, I signed up for yesterday and started my online Poker playing. I will be trying every online Poker provider and providing real life reviews of the experience as well as comparing how the online games differ between different providers.

One of the main reasons I chose was that they appear to be one of the only online Poker providers that have a Poker room that natively works on Apple Mac's. I am a Mac user with a 17" MacBook Pro although I do run an application called Parallels which allows you to run Microsoft Windows on your Mac using what is called a Virtual Machine. I will be using Parallels in the future to test the online Poker applications from other online Poker providers.

Party Poker Online Poker

I found the signup very easy. I just entered my user details and created an account. I wanted to test the water with some real money so I made a small initial deposit as I wanted the thrill of playing with real money.

Once you are connected there are choices between cash games, sit and go games, and play money games. do offer numerous play money tables for you to test your Poker skills before waging real money. However, I have played on the free money tables quite a lot and the play does appear to differ quite a lot to the real money tables.

Well, I must admit that the experience does appear to be first class. This is my first journey into an online Poker Room so no doubt I will be able to compare when I sign up for my second room but up to now I am very impressed with, plus my cash winnings are at 150% of my initial deposit! Maybe beginners luck, who knows!