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Virgin Bingo Runs Hundreds & Thousands Promotion Throughout 2010 World Cup

Members of the Virgin Bingo website will be happy to see the popular gaming platform returning to its Hundreds & Thousands promotion throughout the month of June and the beginning of July. The free jackpot competition continues to grow in value, giving lucky players the opportunity to win cash that ranges from £100 to £1,000.
As part of Virgin Bingo 2010 Fifa World Cup Free Bingo games, the Hundreds & Thousands promo continues to pay out members increasingly larger rewards. The Hundreds & Thousands competition initially started out with £100 free jackpots but went on to grow to £200 then £300 and currently sits at £500 for its semi-final stage. The Final Game conclusion to Hundreds & Thousands will peak at an impressive £1,000. The current semi-finals offer an hour and a half of free bingo and bargain bingo (along with the chance to win £500). The Final Game will take place on Sunday, 11 July as the World Cup comes to a close.  
With so many chances to win £100 to £1,000 Full Houses, bingo fans are sure to be busy online as Virgin Bingo helps celebrate the the 2010 World Cup. Virgin Bingo is also running a number of other free and reduced price games (like the Free Daily Scratchcard and cheap entry Tournament Thursdays) as regular site features, making every day a great time to play.  

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Virgin Bingo Player Wins Big at the Snow Queen Magic Progressive Slots

A lucky Virgin Bingo player has struck it rich thanks to a stroke of good fortune while playing online at her favourite gaming destination. Playing the website, the user was able to hit the jackpot on a progressive slot that had been building for some time, ultimately taking home over £50,000.

The Virgin Bingo player, using the online handle, “Milllane”, won a total of £55,000 in cash. The money was awarded through the Snow Queen Magic slot game, a progressive jackpot that had been snowballing in value for some time before the lucky user won the cash.

Milllane” was able to bring up five matching Snow Queen symbols on one of the slot’s win lines in order to qualify as a winner. She was playing ten pence stakes and received only ten percent of the total money that had amounted at the progressive jackpot. Those players that are able to win the entire, enormous Snow Queen Magic prize must have placed a maximum, one pound bet per spin.

The fortunate winner had only played online bingo for about two years when she was awarded the sizable jackpot. “Milllane” told that she plans to use the unexpected windfall to take a vacation and renovate her kitchen.

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Virgin Bingo Offer a Free Gift Giveaway

Last weekend saw Virgin Bingo players rewarded with a few chances at some complementary prizes as a part of the overwhelming new trend of free bingo sweeping the online industry. Not wishing to fall behind on the times, Virgin Vie partnered up with the online gaming network to secure a few choice prizes for devotees of the site.

The giveaway was open to all members of the site that had purchased £50 or greater in bingo tickets between Wednesday, 15
th July and the evening of Sunday, 19th July. The money did not require a straightforward £50 deposit but only the purchase of tickets, meaning that a player who had won cash in a bingo game and used it to buy up entrance to other games would still be eligible for the offered prizes. The giveaways were picked from two summer-themed options: either a Sunshine Self-Tanning Moisturizing Spray or Sun Goddess Body Crackle. Members of the site that qualified for the gifts were mailed one of the two products at the giveaway period’s end on Sunday night.

Virgin Bingo’s take on the free bingo trend was quite a bit different from those competing efforts offered up by other UK brands such as Foxy or Wink Bingo but the effect was solid enough to stir up some healthy traffic for the network. While the company still seems to be resisting the move toward a greater number of no-cost bingo games, the guarantee of a few excellent prizes for purchasing tickets from the site is a novel concept just the same.

Virgin Bingo Unveil New Slot Games

Members of the Virgin Bingo network will be delighted to find a few additional games at their site of choice now that the business’s slot offerings have been bulked up with some great improvements. The development and release of a few fresh options for fans of the virtual reels is sure to create a bit of excitement as Virgin Bingo promotes the addition.

Of the three new releases, the movie-themed
“Transformers” slot may be able to draw in the most traffic, attracting plenty of Virgin players still wishing to experience some of the excitement of this summer’s blockbuster film. The second offering, “Dungeons and Dragons” draws on the classic game with a 20x multiplier slot event which gives players the chance to try their luck at making their way to the “Dragon’s Cave”, receiving up to 180 free spins as a reward. Lastly, “Thor’s Thunder” uses themes centred on the mythical Norse god in the creation of a five-reel, twenty-line progressive slot game.

Virgin Bingo users should be sure to check in on classic slot games as well as many of these options still regularly reach massive jackpots, especially constant favourites such as
“Cleopatra” or “Triple Fortune Dragon”. The considerable line-up of old favourites and the addition of some fresh titles now open for play definitely make the slot section at Virgin Bingo well worth the attention of any member.

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