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Absolute Poker and Cancel Pro Contracts

Bad news has hit for fans of Absolute Poker and as the two companies have just announced the termination of some of its most popular professional poker players’ contracts. The move to immediately dump some eleven pros has come as a surprise to many.

Both networks are part of Blanca Games Incorporated and Cereus Poker Network, corporations that were greatly affected by the recent American federal indictments (dubbed Black Friday) leveled at online poker sites PokerStars, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker. The indictments charged individuals associated with these poker companies with various illegal gambling activities and have resulted in massive repercussions for the involved businesses. Due to the legal fallout, Absolute Poker and have dismissed eleven of their professionals (Maria Ho, Eric Baldwin, Joe Sebok, Brandon Cantu, Prahlad Friedman, Scott Ian, Adam Levy, Dave Stann, Tiffany Michelle, Trishelle Cannatella and Bryan Devonshire). Absolute Poker and UB spokespeople attributed the firings as part of both businesses’ focus on efficiency measures. The companies, now faced with losing income from the United States, are being forced to take drastic measures in order to ensure their survival.

Absolute Poker and’s decision is a major one that is sure to send shockwaves throughout the industry. The loss of the entirety of Team UB along with one of Absolute’s top brand representatives is a sure sign of further financial difficulties to come. Statements from the Blanca Games companies were issued that expressed regrets for the sudden terminations and best wishes for the players’ futures.

Absolute Poker and UltimateBet Overhaul Tournament Leaderboards

Two of the online poker industry’s most popular sites, and, have just launched new and improved versions of their tournament leaderboard systems. The redesigned leaderboards have been overhauled in order to make payout and reward scales distribute more evenly over the entire year, giving all types of poker players more chances at taking home substantial prizes.

Both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet, sites belonging to the Cereus Network, have launched their new leaderboards in an effort to draw players in for an exciting 2011. Weekly, monthly and yearly competitions have been revamped so that payout structuring is more frequent and evenly distributed. The Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) Leaderboard competition found at both sites is the beneficiary of some of the most substantial changes. Monthly MTT leaders will now compete over a $15,000 prize pool each month with the top spot earning $5,000. The best overall player of the year at both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet will receive entry to the World Series of Poker and $10,000 in cash while the runner-up also earns a seat and $5,000. Aside from these differences, Absolute and UltimateBet have bulked up their leaderboard-based freeroll offerings and added additional cash prizes as well.

The new leaderboard system provides online poker players with a great excuse to sign up and log onto Absolute Poker or UltimateBet and should help to keep both sites viable in a crowded, highly competitive industry. The new tournament leaderboards are live now.

New Security Measure Support is Added to Absolute Poker and

Players want to know that their bankroll is secure and most online gambling networks work hard to let their members play with confidence in their protection. Absolute Poker and are two of the latest sites to increase their security by adding extra layers of privacy maintenance and user authentication measures to their platforms.

Absolute Poker and are now giving their users access to Security Token, an electronic device that can be activated and linked to an account for greater security. The Security Token makes it necessary for players to login with their password and also have the device itself on hand before being able to access their accounts. Even if a password is compromised, the Token is able to safeguard funds while a solution is enacted. With this extra layer of security in place, private information and bankrolls are as safe as currently possible: the Security Token utilizes the same technology that banks and similar institutions rely on.

The Security Token is an essential item for serious poker players with large amounts of cash kept in their online bankrolls and Absolute Poker and’s decisions to implement this protection measure is a great way to ease the minds of their high rollers. Interested online gamers can purchase the Security Token through both of these site’s reward stores and activate them in conjunction with the newly available SecureID PIN system.

Absolute Poker Gives Players the World Series of Absolute Poker

Not to be outdone by the excitement and thrills associated with the upcoming Las Vegas based 2008 World Series of Poker industry leaders Absolute Poker has announced that their site will be hosting a digital rendition of the enormous tournament.

World Series of Absolute Poker has just launched and will seek to give users the chance to play along with their favourite professionals as the site matches tournament events with their own take on the games. Nightly tournaments will award great prizes and present online iterations of the same styles being played in Vegas by the pros. Absolute has gone to considerable measures in order to make the most of their concept and fans of the WSOPs will definitely enjoy the simulation offered through the website.

The grand prize for the
2008 WSAPs will be entry into the Aruba Poker Classic this year with Absolute providing access to the fall tournament for some of the biggest winners. Aside from this there are also auxiliary cash awards and chances to receive four-week passes to Absolute’s own $150,000 Guaranteed Weekly tournament. It’s a great idea that is sure to drum up a lot of interest for poker fans who want to mirror the events of the biggest season in poker.

Absolute Poker Awards World’s Largest Bad Beat Payout

Many of the best established online poker sites have begun to offer ‘bad beat’ jackpots which seek to take a bit of the sting out of a big loss with a kick-back of reward money. Absolute Poker has long maintained their version of the award with last week seeing a record-breaking amount paid out to a player on the site.

The user, who goes by the screen name of
RiverMan1969, had his fortunes quickly reversed as his crushing defeat soon earned him a payout far larger than what the tables would have given. The gambler lost a bet with four tens by another player who had an unbelievable quad Queens. Apparently the beat was a good enough story to earn RiverMan1969 roughly $325,200, a payout which dwarfs almost every other single player bad beat jackpot yet.

Although the
$325,200 is noteworthy enough in its own right this amount was only a fraction of the $996,115 total prize shared among the other contestants playing at Absolute’s Bad Beat Jackpot rooms. With a payback worth almost one million dollars USD Absolute Poker has definitely set a mark so far unprecedented within the industry. Now that the majority of the premier internet poker businesses offer competitive bad beat jackpots betters should check out this play style for themselves and try to turn around what being a ‘loser’ really means.