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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Posts Declining Revenue, Possible Ladbrokes Buyout has always maintained a strong presence in the world of online gaming but, with the recent release of its 2010 earnings report, the former giant looks to have fallen upon hard times. Fans of the company have little to worry about, however, as another major player in internet gambling may be interested in buying out the struggling business.

Ladbrokes, one of the industry’s most successful online/land-based gaming companies, has been in talks regarding an acquisition of — a move that would give the site the kind of monetary boost it needs to continue to survive in the incredibly competitive world of online casinos. The decline in’s revenues serves to make Ladbrokes’ possible purchase an easier task. With 888 currently in a financially precarious state Ladbrokes will be able to enjoy a better negotiating position if they plan to go forward with the acquisition.

The loss in revenue throughout 2010 is, possibly, the result of 888’s decision to spend larger-than-average amounts of money on marketing and a general slump that has negatively affected all internet poker providers. Even though the website did see an increase in player growth, this new customer base hasn’t been able to counter the overall hit (a staggering 37 percent decrease) taken by the company. Both and Ladbrokes have chosen to remain silent on the potential takeover until any substantial developments have occurred.