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Barklem Competing for UK Pub Poker Champion

The British Fossway pub in York has seen the rise of local grandmother and former Nestlé employee, Christine Barklem (known to her friends as Titch) in poker competitions. Barklem, 52 only just recently learned to play having picked up the game around the end of last summer from getting into pub rounds and has shown a natural talent at Texas Hold ‘Em.

Despite winning multiple games and racking up a good deal of local notoriety, Barklem has been rewarded with little by way of money. Her entrance into the UK Pub Poker Championship itself only rewards £100 and a trophy because of strict laws governing gambling regulations within Great Britain. Just the same Barklem has already entered into the top three hundred pub poker players in all of the United Kingdom with little less than a year’s experience under her belt – an honour not to be underestimated.

The finals of the UK Pub Poker Championship will be held this Sunday, March 30th at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn and will determine the final winner of the long weeks of intense poker playing. Barklem will surely have fans cheering her on as she goes for the title.