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Norwegian Poker Championships in Nottingham

Norway’s strict anti-gambling laws have prohibited a
national poker tournament within the country itself so once again the best Norwegian card sharks have packed their bags for Britain in order to determine the 2008 champ.

Norwegian Poker Championships took place at Dusk Till Dawn and featured a coming together of Scandinavian and British players as they bet it out to determine the best poker competitor for the year. Exciting side events and a generally lively spirit have taken over the well known UK poker venue for the last few days as Norwegian TV covers the events for the fans at home.

British poker professionals like Pete Linton, Dave Penly and Lucy Rokach have emerged as contenders for the main event alongside Norway’s top players including Andreas Hoivold and Johnny Lodden ensuring that poker fans from both nations will have a favourite to follow.

Norwegian Poker Championships have generated a lot of buzz in Nottingham and online since the games started and many take heart in the hosting of such a high-profile affair. Dusk Till Dawn and Nottingham itself stand to drum up great business from the event as well as demonstrating the great potential that an annual repeat could have for British poker and the city.