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Online Poker Player Beats Professionals

Poker Royal FlushAndreas Jorbeck took down Europe’s top poker professionals in his first ever live game, the hosted Late Night Poker 2008 tournament. Jorbeck, 36 hails from Stockholm and has been playing smaller-scale online poker for around four years, never imagining that it would take him to this level of prestige.

The final round featured players from the World Poker Tour including top champions, Roland de Wolfe, Andy Black, Ian Frazer, Eddy Scharf and Surinder Sunar among others. The event was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK and saw Jorbeck beat out de Wolfe after playing as an underdog for most of the rounds and winning an impressive $125, 000 by virtue of his win.

The Stockholm resident pressed his advantage in the finals by taking on a more aggressive approach to the play which enabled him to emerge at the top of the round, leaving the former champion de Wolfe as runner-up and 2008 Premier League Winner Black in third place.

Jorbeck is being touted as an example of the quality of online poker players as he managed to win against seasoned live-game professionals. is understandably enthusiastic about Jorbeck’s display and his show of skill in a tournament that had him barely pegged as a contender.