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Playtech Ltd. Reports Record Poker Revenue

British online gambling company, Playtech Limited reported ground breaking revenue generated from Internet casinos and poker websites today. Mor Weizer, Playtech’s Chief Executive Officer announced that the company’s earnings have enjoyed an incredible 97 percent raise from the same financial period last year (and a 19% increase from last period).

iPoker, Playtech’s online poker network, will host the second annual European Championship of Online Poker toward the end of May and in support of the continuation of the event, thecompany has decided to sign even more poker licenses as a sign of confidencethat this economic upswing will continue.

Playtech is expanding further by wayof global interests as earnings continue to increase substantially month by month. Weizer announced not only the coming addition of improvements andinnovations to their existing poker sites but also growth that seeks to break Playtech’s online casinos into Asia, a market which could further the sky rocketing business of internet poker.

Playtech Limited continues to gain momentum as a powerhouse within the world of virtual gambling the bigger picture demonstrates a bright future for the industry in general. With the proposed establishment of Asian based projects in the third quarter of this year it is likely that the great success of online casinos and online poker will be in no danger of coming to a halt anytime soon.