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Thieves Steal £150, 000 to Fund Poker Spree

An odd bit of news sees the conclusion to a recent story regarding two brothers who managed to scam roughly £150,000 to fund a trip to Vegas poker tables. Mohammed Imran and Mohammed Ifran (both in their mid-30s) were top players in the international poker scene before their arrest for the crime, having played against enormously wealthy Microsoft chief, Bill Gates and entrepreneur, Kerry Packer in Las Vegas before and at such illustrious tables as in the Bellagio Hotel venue. The theft was carried out in order to enable a continuation of high-stakes play against the best players in Las Vegas.

The brothers were able to access an error made within the automated banking system from back around the time of the Halifax and Bank of Scotland’s merger. Using a single, expired Halifax Bank of Scotland card, large amounts of money were frequently withdrawn from various cash point machines until the captured sum was amounted. Imran and Ifran were caught once the bank became aware of the withdrawals, referenced surveillance footage and later raided their homes.

Before the theft, Mohammed Imran was ranked 32nd in the 2005 World Series of Poker and Ifran at 19th but after their capture the two have been banned from all UK casinos and it seems incredibly doubtful that visas will be granted for Imran and Ifran to travel to American poker tables.

The brothers plead guilty and now face jail time around two years for the perpetration of their crimes.