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Billionairio.Com Lays Down a Challenge to the UK Based National Lotteries

The rising popularity of raffle-style number game at online casino Billionairio.Com is quickly overtaking national lotteries at what has long been their own exclusive practice. With competitive jackpots and better odds than mainstream physical lotteries the majority of betters are flocking to the site in question rather than traditional options.

UK National Lottery, Powerball and Euro Millions are all examples of enormous lottery corporations which are quickly becoming dwarfed by the fierce competition offered at Billionairio.Com. With odds set at 1:1,000,000 for a €1 million prize compared to the National Lottery odds of 1:13,983,816 for the same reward it isn’t surprising that so many gamblers are heading to internet options instead of state-sponsored jackpots. Even at the lower stakes scale of purchase Billionairo players are able to enjoy far greater chances at a win than if they spent their money through the above companies.

Managing Director of
Billionairio.Com, Joseph Crivici is happy that more betters are finding out about the superior odds system but maintains that national lotteries probably will not see a dramatic decrease in business due to their competition. The average lotto player thinks little of odds and shops for convenience but at least the die-hards and those who do a bit of research before buying a ticket now have many superior options available to them.