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Bingo for Breakthrough Week Continues With National Game and Bingo Association Support

British bingo conglomerate the National Game has been supporting charitable donations for breast cancer research since 2003 and now plan to launch a continued effort along with the Bingo Association via the ‘Bingo for Breakthrough’ week slated for October.

The events are set to raise a substantial amount for research contributions as over four hundred
UK bingo halls participate in raising awareness and encouraging donations. Many of the biggest bingo companies have signed up in support including Gala, Mecca, Buckingham and Castle Bingo along with various others. As Britain’s favourite pastime rallies attention to their cause many celebrities have also pledged their assistance as well by offering donations such as autographed bingo cards. The National Game and Bingo Association’s partnership makes huge charitable action possible even in times of financial distress for the industry.

Bingo for Breakthrough’ will take place this October from the 19th through until the 25th and has the potential to raise a great deal of much needed money. Similar efforts resulting from the partnership of big bingo companies and breast cancer foundations have raised proceeds as large as £2.5 million with last year’s efforts alone amounting to an enormous £500,000 within the week.