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Good News Finally Arrives for UK Land-Based Bingo Industry

The troubles that have been plaguing British bingo halls may finally receive something of a reprieve in the near future due to a series of proposed changes to current legislature. After smoking bans, double-taxation laws and restrictions on the highly profitable jackpot machines combined to devastate the industry good news has been sparse for fledging bingo halls and the upcoming announcement at least holds some hope for the desperate.

Although full details of alleged alterations haven’t yet been revealed the
UK parliament has responded to cries for help from the Bingo Trade Association with the announcement that some positive change is on the way. Rumors are swirling regarding the possible lift of the current restrictions placed on the immensely profitable £500 Jackpot machines wherein limits will be based on venue size rather than an arbitrary number. This alone may be enough to keep the doors open on many halls across the UK and keep the business alive long enough for further planning.

Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe is set to reveal the extent of upcoming changes and industry observers are sure to be waiting for any news with bated breath. British government has promised help for land-based bingo halls and established that the official attitude is nearly unanimous regarding the game as an essential communal institution. Considering the grim situation currently facing the entire business practice any repeals to current laws may have arrived just in the nick of time.