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Recent Study Shows Bingo is Good for the Elderly

A report published through the University of Southampton has announced positive findings for elderly bingo players. The research sought to look into age and the mind with the curious byproduct of centering on finding a relationship between mental ability and the popular game. Work led to a discovery that elderly players often enjoyed the advantage of superior brain power over those peers who didn’t have the same hobby.

The study was carried out by Julie Winstone at the University of Southampton’s Centre for Visual Cognition. Winstone worked within the Centre’s Department of Psychology and used a sample group of 112 individuals across various ages and levels of bingo experience. Tests were administered which centred on brain function categories such as memory, selective environmental information gathering and mental agility. Elderly subjects who played regular bingo games were shown to have much better memories than similar participants who didn’t take interest in the pastime. As a result of the statistics gathered within her research, Winstone now argues that long-term bingo playing enhances brain functions into old age.

Winstone’s presentation in Winchester was met with a lot of excitement from fellow scholars and bingo players alike. Her work has given a lot of support to the immense popularity bingo enjoys among UK seniors, providing a reason for keeping at the game right into old age.