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Bingo Night Live’ Proves Itself a Hit for ITV

ITV’s gamble on providing a free-to-play television bingo program has apparently paid off as rating surveys reveal a growing fan base. The large jackpots and no-risk game entry is a great opportunity for bingo devotees resulting in the overall success of “Bingo Night Live”.

Players have been flocking to their computers during the broadcast in hopes of getting lucky enough to take home one of the enormous prizes. Even without entry costs those who tune in to “
Bingo Night Live” receive cards for 90-Ball games which carry a £2,500 prize for a full house (within thirty-three or less calls) along with £1,000 for complete cards during other nightly events. The Magic Number and Minute to Win It offerings fully round out ITV’s substantial and wholly complementary fare and keep British players excited for each new airing.

With the addition of new week-night hosts,
Jayne Sharpe and Anthony Crank the show demonstrates no sign of losing steam. The high-tech system set up to keep the show running smoothly and easy play all come together to make “Bingo Night Live” a hit for ITV and game fans both. In a time when physical bingo halls are in great danger for continued survival the television program may be the winning ticket needed to keep the bingo industry alive.