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58 Year Old Man Wins Big at National Bingo

A fifty-eight year old man has recently won a life-changing £410,000 from National Bingo while playing at Camberwall’s Gala Bingo. The winner is married with two-children and wished to remain anonymous after taking home the enormous payout last Saturday.

His plans for the money are practical as his press quote lists paying off his mortgage and providing for his two son’s university education as the first orders of business for the new funds in his bank account. The man stated that he usually played
bingo at Gala Bingo in Crystal Palace and had made that hall his home since the 1970s but due to an extremely fortunate turn of events he went to the Camberwall venue after a day shopping in Brixton.

Through a combination of the
National Bingo game prizes and the Camberwall Gala Bingo’s house reward the winner was able to cash out for such a large prize after only forty-one numbers were called. His decision to call house with the number 90 won the most substantial portion of the earnings, the National Bingo attached Platinum prize of £343, 39. The courier driver and his family are lucky to have easy minds now in light of the UK-wide financial crises with their story set to inspire many more hopefuls toward online bingo halls.