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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Offices Find New Home in London owner and interactive gaming firm, NetPlay TV has spoken to press about a number of large decisions regarding the immediate fate of the popular platform, chief among them the future move of the company from Mallorca, Spain to corporate headquarters in London, England. The change is due to a number of different factors as management have recently dealt with redundancies and a need to consolidate all acquired businesses in one physical location. was purchased by NetPlay TV in March of this year for $10.63 million and has continued to function as a key asset for the firm as the year has gone on. The decision to move from Spain to England shouldn’t worry industry observers or fans of the popular online bingo site but rather give them hope for the future of the corporation. Martin Higginson, NetPlay TV’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman has even stated that the company on a whole has experienced significant growth within the last year but has felt a need to have all important staff in one centralized location.

With the London consolidation, NetPlay has also announced a greater concentration on their technical team for upcoming months. This change may ultimately result in further improvements to their existing bingo software and site functionality so fans should be excited toward what the future holds for their gaming service.