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Bodog Seeks Advice from Players in Improving Software

Bodog Poker is one of the network’s most popular services and they aim to keep it that way with new updates set to elevate the client above stiff competition. Bodog has always touted a devotion to their fan-base and they’re now set to prove this by using player feedback in the new design.

Users of Bodog Poker are currently being given the option to download the new beta version client and try out possible, upcoming features before giving the company their opinions. The service is attempting to address fan plea’s for a greater number of tabbed table-play (the site currently only allows three ongoing games), window re-sizing, a full-screen mode, embedded chat options along with more “quick tool” options. Those who try out the beta will be able to provide their comments and ultimately aid in shaping the future Bodog software.

Videogame and other software application designers have long relied on consumer feedback through beta testing and it’s definitely a welcome addition to the internet gambling industry as well. Giving the fans exactly what they want should ensure Bodog’s continued support and prevalence within the business and if the move proves successful we can hope to see this practice catch on as a commonplace feature. Those interested in participation should head to the website now to take part in beta play.