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BoylePoker’s International Poker Open Hosts €100,000+ Prize Pool

The prize pool for Dublin’s International Poker Open has now swelled to an excess of €100,000 through generous sponsorship and overwhelming fan support. BoylePoker devotees and global poker enthusiasts alike are swarming from across the globe to get a chance to play for the big prize, generating more support than the event has ever seen.

Although there are some 1,200 available seats for the enormous tournament, seven hundred have already been sold with the remaining entries projected to run out by the end of the month. Aside from BoylePoker’s sponsorship contribution, part of every registrant’s entry fee (twenty percent of the overall rake) has been added to the pot which has helped to generate much of the buzz surrounding the festivities. The International Poker Open is set to take place at the Regency Airport Hotel in Dublin, Ireland from October 17th to 19th and will be played out through €135 + €15 buy-ins to the No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em games. The prize pool is set to grow to an ultimate €200, 000 amount which is bound to create fierce, quality competition.

The event’s spokesperson, Paul Spillane told press that the event is exceeding expectations and should be a fantastic time for everyone involved. For those interested in grabbing up one of the few seats left, registration and qualification satellites are available at the lobby until October 16th (or upon being sold out).