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Infamous Poker Star Brandi Hawbaker Found Dead

Brandi Hawbaker was declared dead on Sunday, April 13th in a California residence. The twenty-six year old player has become famous in the worlds of both online and physical casino poker, in part aided by her good looks and wild personality. A Los Angeles County Coroner ruled Hawbaker’s death as a suicide while family and friends have since referenced an unidentified mental illness as the likely cause of her actions.

Hawbaker began to attract notice when she was chip leader for the first several weeks of the 2006
World Poker Tour Fiesta al Lago Classic and welcomed the spotlight with a unique brand of exhibitionism and spunk. Poker forums were abuzz with news and debate of the new player and Hawbaker was no stranger to her rising star often provoking and reacting to debate about her.

In the predominantly male world of
poker, Brandi Hawbaker emerged as an anomaly and showed that she was eager to stand as an equal among the biggest, loudest and most skilled players regardless of gender. Her attitude and looks garnered initial attention but her dedication to poker and success at the tables earned her staying power which was tragically cut short by her suicide. Hawbaker is survived by her three younger brothers, father and step-mother and the Nashville native’s ashes will be scatted in the sea as per her wishes.