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Poker Adviser Gives Advice to Insurance Professionals

In a strange bit of news this week, noted poker pro, Caspar Berry has been slated to give a speech regarding business lessons through cards to a group of insurance company risk management personnel.

Berry is perhaps best known for his work as a former poker star and adviser for the most recent James Bond film, “Casino Royale” but was also employed as a screenwriter and actor before pursuing poker as a full-time career, the career path which eventually led into public speaking. At the conference Berry will be the leader of seminars comparing the assessment of real-life risk taking to that of insurance policies.

The professionals attending are concerned with determining the necessary criteria for insurance companies in the business of car, home and life plans. Taking queues from the
poker world makes the subject colourful and allows Berry the ability to present big ideas within the framework of a well known game.

It is an interesting choice of speakers but
Berry has proven that his theories deserve note and may be of more value than mere novelty. The relationship between a professional poker player’s knowledge of risk assessment is a fascinating subject which the speaker is extremely well versed in. The Association of Insurance Risk Managers Conference will be held Tuesday June 17th and Wednesday June 18th in Edinburgh.