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Danish Poker Players Given Hope by Supreme Court

The question of whether private clubs can host poker tournaments was once again brought before Danish Supreme Court by effect of the political body re-opening its case against gambling today. A group of Denmark’s fervent poker fans have organized and spoken out in defense of the game’s community to great effect.

Danish poker fans were disappointed as the nation’s second largest governing body at Landsretten shot down the bill the last time it was brought to popular attention. Now, after an appeal to the decision was brought forth by the Danish Poker Federation and Frederik Hostrup, the law banning poker tournaments is up for questioning again. With the temporary repeal of the Landsretten restrictions of December 18th 2007 Danish gambling law has reverted to the old legal status wherein players can join tournaments again at their favourite clubs.

Poker gamblers all across Europe should be glad to hear the news considering the enthusiasm and talent which Danish card players bring to the continental scene. If Denmark changes legislature to allow tournaments neighboring countries may follow and lead to a less restricted and more enjoyable environment for the game to flourish within. For now, European poker players can only wait and see what time brings but if nothing else, this recent move has at least provided hope for a brighter future.