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Dealtoplay.Com Centers on Social Networking with Online Poker and Casinos

As online poker continues to grow in popularity, social networking sites (akin to the enormous hits, Facebook and MySpace) seem to be the next smart business opportunity for companies hoping to profit. Advertisers and players alike are right to be excited about this new venue as Dealtoplay represents one of the premier services which could ignite a brand new service for the poker industry to foster. has recently launched their social network targeted at fans of online poker and casinos. The site is unique in that it knows it’s demographic and offers news reels and event listings tailored to those who visit. Members of can create detailed profiles as well as add or otherwise manage friend lists; whether these are people they know in real life or have formed a relationship with from chatting at Internet tables.

Only time will tell how successful this recent venture toward cashing in on the
online gambling craze will be but as of now it looks hopeful. Already stories are popping up all over Internet poker message boards describing the great friends (and even partners) that players have found through Dealtoplay. If enough users flock to the service and leaders in the community give it their endorsement then we can expect to see poker and casino themed social sites to continue in partnership with gambling networks.