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DevilFish Switches to Entraction Platform for Re-launch

Paul Barnes, CEO of DevilFish Gaming has been making industry headlines as his internet poker service gears up for a second launch of the site through the Entraction network. The replaced software has changed the overall aesthetic of DevilFish greatly and will at least temporarily attract a lot of continued attention.

DevilFish is doing a lot to gain in popularity and with the revamped design of the site users can expect a wide array of extra promotions as well. The client was previously hosted through Excapsa software (the same network which hosts major industry leaders, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet) and is named after the famous UK poker player, Dave “DevilFish” Ulliott. With Ulliott’s continued support and enough controversy surrounding their recent business moves to keep DevilFish Poker in the headlines there should be plenty of interest surrounding the page in the near future. DevilFish seems to be interested in taking advantage of their situation by roping players in now and attempting to impress them enough to stick around.

Users will have to try the new version out for themselves in order to see exactly how well it stacks up to the former service. Only time will tell how successful
DevilFish manages to remain after the dust surrounding their move has settled but if their gamble pays off it could mean another serious competitor within the industry.