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UK Players Clean Up at the Devilfish Poker ‘Devilympics

Devilfish Poker’s recent ‘Devilympics’ were a promotional event intended to tie into Olympic fever as the 2008 Beijing games ran alongside and have only just concluded. The tournament results saw a large number of British poker players sweeping the standings, most notably, the Gold winning ‘olipizer’ who took home €5,000 and the championship in twelve of the seventy-five events.

UK poker fans truly have something to be proud of as the final results demonstrated an overwhelming victory. British players won 59 medals (21 Gold, 16 Silver and 22 Bronze) with Ireland coming in second with a significantly smaller 41 medals (18 Gold, 14 Silver and 9 Bronze). Canadian Devilympics competitors took third place overall with a total of 30 medals (12 Gold, 7 Silver and 11 Bronze). Devilfish creator, Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott took part in the events by playing in the opening and closing events where he had a €250 bounty placed on him. The UK poker star told press that he was delighted with his home nation’s showing in the tournament and was blown away by the impressive results.

Even though the Devilympics are finished now (along with the summer games), the final tally should give UK players a lot to talk about and encouragement for further growth in their regional poker field. British poker fans should be pleased with their showing at one of the premier summer tournaments and excited for the next big Devilympics when the actual games hit the UK in 2012.