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PlayingBingo.Com and Historian Seek to Question American Claim to Bingo Name

Die-hard bingo fans should be extremely pleased to know that historian, Dr. Carolyn Down has heavily researched and published an article detailing the ins-and-outs of the beloved game’s past. Among the information uncovered by Dr. Down and her commissioner, PlayingBingo.Com has come the difficult question of whether the name ‘bingo’ itself actually stems from British or American roots.

Dr. Down traces bingo from its earliest forms to the success it currently enjoys in contemporary Great Britain and Ireland in her article titled, “A History of Bingo in the UK”. Her research begins as far back as 16th century lotteries and extends all the way to the present day success of online bingo. Most interesting is Down’s questioning of whether Brits should accept the supposed American heritage of the name “bingo”. Usually attributed to Edwin Lowe, a Beano player who accidentally shouted ‘bingo!’ the article instead finds evidence that the term was already in use within the UK during the same time and may actually have originated in Western Europe.

Whatever your stance on the etymology of the game’s name the writing promises to be very entertaining for enthusiastic players. “A History of Bingo in the UK” should come as a welcome addition for fans of the game interested in learning more about the roots of their favourite pastime. The article represents the most current and in-depth study regarding bingo ever written and hosts a great amount of information for the avid player.