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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online is Updated

Well, I am happy to say that I have eventually updated the theme that I use for this website and fixed a major annoyance that the site had in Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0.

I use
RapidWeaver on the Mac to code this site. RapidWeaver takes care of the navigation and structure and leaves me with the nice HTML to do for the content. Some great plugins and a real quick way to rapidly deploy a nice looking website. The theme I had been using was limited to 800 pixels wide. I can see from my browser that over 95% of this sites viewers are running at 1024x768 or higher so I decided to manually hand crank the CSS of the site to increase the width to 900 pixels.

Along with this, I had to fix a really annoying bug with IE6 where the main content displayed below the left column, resulting in most users bouncing the site in IE6 as they could not see that content. 25% of my visitors use IE6 so I had to get this fixed. I still have a very slight issue with IE6, but it is one that is hard to notice and one I will fix another day.

I have some great things planned for the site now, with more content, up to date reviews, and regular blog postings giving all the news about
Poker, Casino, Bingo, and Sports Betting.

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