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Foxy Bingo Radio Broadcast Provides for UK Bingo Fans

Foxy Bingo is one of the best known online bingo clients available in the UK and has shown no sign of slowing down progress as aggressive marketing campaigns and continued improvements are added to their business strategy. With the Foxy Bingo Radio program, the company has shown marked determination to breach their audience even further by providing an entertaining accompaniment to the site for fans of the gaming client.

With celebrity guests such as “Albert Square” star, Leslie Grantham appearing on air alongside ongoing competitions it has become obvious that Foxy is concentrating on keeping fans at the site for more than just playing games. Karaoke nights (where listeners/members upload their own versions of popular songs) and short games are also available and provide listeners with reward opportunities ranging from £100 vouchers to supermarkets to £250 raffle prizes. Foxy’s radio offering is meant to accentuate the interests and needs of existing bingo fans and is being continuously developed as something much more than just a tacked-on service.

The company managers promise a continuation of solid, bingo-centered fare for their users which means that there should be no shortage of entertaining listening anytime soon. Foxy Bingo’s radio show can be listened to on Tuesday and Thursday nights through the official website.