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Full Tilt Poker Nears American Payment Decision, Plans .eu Domain Launch

                Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the American group helping to guide disgruntled Full Tilt Poker players through the reimbursement process that followed 2011's Black Friday legal scandal, has reported some progress in its work with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The good news surrounding Full Tilt Poker continues with word of the company's plan to launch a new .eu domain.
                The PPA recently informed concerned players of the US DOJ's efforts to determine who would administer the payout reimbursement process. Once the American government has decided on who the best administrator may be it can then begin to process claims and end the Black Friday troubles that have seen Full Tilt's members left out in the cold while trying to cash out their bankroll. While Full Tilt players from other nations have been reimbursed following the company's PokerStars buyout, Americans continue to wait for the DOJ to find a way to return their funds. Now, the PPA forecasts an impending DOJ announcement that will help get the process moving.
                The upcoming launch of a new Full Tilt Poker domain may make the site more appealing for Europeans, too. Following in the footsteps of its owner, PokerStars, Full Tilt is working toward establishing a .eu platform that would provide players in nations such as Germany, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands with tax free winnings. The new .eu site will avoid certain European income tax laws and allow some Full Tilt Poker players to cash out their earnings without having to subtract a portion of their money.