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Full Tilt Poker Finally Set to Refund Members

                Good news has finally arrived for the many Full Tilt Poker members affected by the company's previous legal troubles. The Garden City Group, a settlement firm handling the online poker network's asset obligations, has told press that it believes player funds frozen since the Black Friday indictments will soon be paid out.
                Garden City Group has been working for the United States government since earlier this year, helping to keep players abreast of the latest developments in the Full Tilt Poker claims case. The group now states that, beginning on 16th September of this year, anyone who is waiting to receive their Full Tilt account refunds will be able to submit remission claims. Garden City will send emails to anyone believed to be anticipating the return of their funds (using information provided by Full Tilt Poker) with instructions that detail how to file for their refund. Petitions for fund remissions will remain open until 15th November, 2013 and, if all goes well, will ultimately see players being paid the full balance that was recorded in their Full Tilt accounts as of April 15, 2011.
      , a site set up by Garden City Group, has been an enormous help for anxious Full Tilt Poker members who are still awaiting the return of money stored in their accounts during the Black Friday freeze. If the remission process goes as planned it should be able to put to rest one of the messiest and most frustrating chapters in the history of the online poker industry.