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Birmingham Gala Bingo Hall Closes Doors

Mounting troubles have seen the Gala bingo hall in Birmingham finally announcing plans to close up shop in yet another example of escalating trouble for land-based arenas. The Great Barr club will shut down on June 23rd leaving seventeen employees without their jobs and a community without the social impact provided by the venue.

The high number of
bingo players who have chosen online services over physical halls due to smoking bans has meant a drastic decrease in financial viability. Coupled with continuing double taxation laws and the removal of big jackpot machines the Birmingham Gala has had no choice but to plan a complete shut down. Bingo has been hit most intensely of all the gambling options in the UK and the popular pastime is quickly becoming impossible to maintain through physical halls. Although the internet is presenting a great alternative for fans, the British Chancellor’s refusal to rectify issues surrounding heavy bingo taxation is being blamed by many as the primary factor making halls lose business.

Candover, Cinven and Permira, the private equity firm which owns Gala have expressed concern over the lost jobs and plan to attempt relocation (to neighboring Gala bingo halls) of those left disenfranchised. Last year alone thirty-seven bingo halls were forced to stop business and even more have closed as 2008 continues.

However, the
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