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Chris Parker Signs on With Gala Bingo

Chris Parker Signs on With Gala Bingo

September continues to be a landmark month for Gala Bingo as they offer up great promotions, special events and now, a new addition to their line-up of celebrity guests.
Chris Parker, the actor that rose to fame as part of the Eastenders cast has announced plans to join on with Gala in the launch of its brand new Gala Bingo TV show, “Soap Star Bingo Show”.

The former Eastender will be hosting a program specially designed to cater to bingo players that wish to combine their gaming with entertainment news from all of their favourite shows. Parker will host a weekly hour of programming wherein special guests from the world of soap will appear on the bingo show to be interviewed by the actor. Viewers will be able to send in text and emails to Parker and his weekly guest as well, meaning that aside from great bingo play, “Soap Star Bingo Show” will also provide an incomparable avenue for interacting with and resolving television questions from popular actors themselves.

Parker may have put his days playing Eastenders star Spencer Moon behind him but his celebrity should be enough of a reason for many interested viewers to tune into “Soap Star Bingo Show” this month. Gala will air the program every Friday of June at 8pm during Gala Bingo TV’s live broadcasting hours (from 6pm until 2am).